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Free Form Ex-King of Coristis, The Shadhavar Reborn, Butcher of Pups, Remnant of Arabia, Mirage of Sakakah, The Undying, Echo Walker, Owner of Rose Tavern, and Grand Master of the Coristian Order

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Unicorn Pony
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Ink Well and Quill Surrounded by Magic
White Tail Woods
(Current) Self Employed - Rose Tavern
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Mature & Violent
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[b]Appearance:[/b] Free Form has a slender frame. He stands at an average about two feet above most ponies, almost reaching the size of the Deer of Equestria, as well as the Royal Princesses. He has faintly visible muscles, that look taut and compact within his frame, and although he has thinner muscles, they are very dense, and he fights far better than he would seem to. Peppered across Free Form's body are scars. They litter his body like a worn battlefield, each one telling its own story of a fight won or lost. Moving up to his face, Free is known for carrying a warm, compassionate look, caring eye, a smile known to warm the hearts of the innocent, and just that overall look of a pony that somepony might like, or perhaps love. He has a light grey beard, this is not shown in any of Free's art due to (my) laziness, but it is there, and his eyes are glow with the same colour that his eyes are coloured, a dark saturated amber with tiny sprinkles of white shining every so faintly. He has a messy, but well-kept mane mixed with abyssal and greyish-blue, these colours also apply to his tail, which is kept in the same exact order as his mane. Moving down to his legs. Free has a steel leg that shines brilliantly in the sunlight as well as the moonlight. It's slightly larger than his left foreleg, which is made of flesh and bone, and this is due to the fact that the metal used to create his right foreleg is lighter than his actual body, so he had to spread out and use more metal to weight it correctly without causing him to lose balance.

[b]Personality:[/b] Free's personality over the years has changed, he's gone from being a sweet and innocent colt to a stone-cold killer for the city of Riyadh as he finished his training in King Neighad's Policing College, to becoming a skittish soldier with severe PTSD as he left the Saddle Arabian Military ten years after the Hejaz Raid. It goes on and on just as somepony who's lived for over a hundred years would go. As of recently, facing his new position as King of Coristis, Free has been maturing as a diplomat, learning how to get what he wants, learning how to negotiate without putting himself or his subjects at risk. Free, however, keeps his respect of all life, as well as his thoughts on Honor, remaining as honourable as he possibly can as ruler of a nation.
Single Malt Whisky, Swords, Crossbows, Lunar Guards, Changelings, War Hero's (Of a good cause), Ancient Artifacts, Lore, Royal Families, Blood, Cooked Meat, Fish, Light Armor, Mithril Armor, Large Lakes, Boats, Alchemy, Reading, Writing, Studying, Fighting, Martial Arts, Saddle Arabian Culture, Helping Ponies, Princess Luna.

[b]Dislikes:[/b] Swimming, Diamond Dogs, Wars,
Misc Information:
[b]Special Announcement:[/b] A lot of the stuff I used to make my profile page as large as it is partly because of the amazing minds of Shank and Master Plan Thank you two! Your profile designs are phenomenal!

[b]Second Announcement:[/b] To some of you, my profile might seem a little intimidating, and perhaps I may have designed it to be that way, but it really is a good read, and when you Roleplay with Free Form, it will let you in on a lot of stuff about him that will further your understanding of what exactly Free Form is, and why he does certain things he does. So if you ever get a moment, brew yourself some tea, get cozy in a warm blanket, or strip down naked if your living in South Carolina or something like that, and take an hour or so to read everything in my profile, I think your come out pleasantly surprised to find that it really isn't that bad of a read. ~ Free Form's Admin

I should first let you all know everything that happens to Free Form stays canon, if you attack him, he will remember it. If he gains a wound capable of leaving a scar it will stay, though I most likely won't mention it. And yes, if you kill Free; he is dead, he won't come back and I will delete the account. I will not, however, let someone kill Free if they are impossibly strong, Free Form must be killed fair and square.

1. Let's keep OOC to a minimum. If you wish to speak to me, use IM.

2. Use proper grammar, the occasional mistake is alright, I tend to do it as well sometimes.

3. I like to stick with canon Equestria mixed with a bit of Arcano Magic and Steampunk.

4. Speaking of canon Equestria, I use a different map than most in terms of what Equestria and beyond looks like. All the places in the show still exist even if they don't show up on the map.

5. I will not RP with Red and Black OC's or Alicorns aside from a few that actually interest me.

6. I mostly do Narrative, I expect at least more than two sentences from you in an RP.

7. ERP is allowed as long as it relates to the story of the Roleplay, well...most of the time anyway.

8. Free Form is single, feel free to flirt with him and try to capture his heart.

[b]Current Rp's (PM only)[/b]
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[b]Free's Theme Song:[/b] La Caution - Thé à la Menthe Instrumental

[b]Art Commissions (Open)[/b]
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Profile Picture belongs to Me
History and Details:
<p><strong>FREE FORM</strong></p>
<p><strong>Dossier No. F-1</strong></p>
<p><strong>ROYAL COURT OF CORISTIS</strong></p>
<p><strong>Full Name:</strong> Free Form/Azad Saadiq</p>
<p><strong>Nationality:</strong> Saddle Arabia/Alssuraj Alearabia</p>
<p><strong>P.O.B:</strong> Sakakah <strong>TERMINATED</strong></p>
<p><strong>Sex:</strong> Male</p>
<p><strong>Race:</strong> Shadhavar (Arabian Unicorn)</p>
<p><strong>Mane/Tail:</strong> Abyssal Blue/Pale Blue<br /><br /><strong>Education:</strong> King Neighad's Policing College and School of Magics for Gifted Shadhavars<br /><br /><strong>Eyes:</strong> Amber<br /><br /><strong>Cutie Mark:</strong> Ink Well and Quill Surrounded by Magic<br /><br /><strong>D.O.B:</strong> 1672 AA<br /><br /><strong>Last Known Address:</strong> 7121 Coristian Lane. Royal Hive of Coristis<br /><br /><strong>Super Quick History:</strong> (Made by Silver Shield) Free Form was a nice dude that is not as nice of a dude now. He used to not be a king but now he is King of some city/country thing. He also has a metal leg made out of a special metal. His Admin has an affinity for similes, just like he has an affinity for blood. Also he is old.<br /><br /><strong>Quick History:</strong></p>
<p>June 8th, 1672 AA&nbsp; (Anno Astrum)- Born in Sakakah, Saddle Arabia to Crimson Form <strong>DECEASED</strong> and Silk Form <strong>DECEASED</strong></p>
<p>September 2nd, 1684 AA - The sole survivor of the Sand Wyrm Incident in Sakakah, taken in by Blacksmith in Hedeb; becomes an apprentice to a blacksmith</p>
<p>July 16th, 1689 AA - Enrolls Saddle Arabian Policing Forces in Riyadh; joins King Neighad's Policing College</p>
<p>December 5th, 1691 AA - Graduates from King Neighad's Policing College, graduates as 2nd Lieutenant</p>
<p>March 16th, 1695 AA - Promoted to 1st Lieutenant; executes infamous outlaw, 'Crossboned' Joan</p>
<p>January 2nd, 1698 AA - Is enlisted in the Saddle Arabian Military; immediately promoted to Corporal for bravery in action</p>
<p>1699 AA - Sent off on Raid towards Hejaz Mountain; Canine Clash begins (later recognized as the Diamond Dog Massacre); commandeers Ammon Squadron</p>
<p>1703 AA - Free Form is captured by Diamond Dogs, Ammon Squadron slaughtered</p>
<p>1704 AA - Killed in Action after an attempted escape</p>
<p>1705 AA- Mysteriously returns, joining up with the Arvio Squadron; helps fight off Diamond Dog reinforcements</p>
<p>1705 AA- Canine Clash ends; Free Form awarded a visit with King Crimson Form (Unbeknownst to Free, Crimson was his father); awarded Hejaz Raid Medal as well as Arabian Medal of Valor; Promoted to Sergeant</p>
<p>1710 AA- Retires from Arabian Military with three more medals of Valor; Joins diplomats in Saddle Arabia</p>
<p>1710 AA- Marries into Mufti Family; Becomes a Saddle Arabian Official</p>
<p>1715 AA- Free takes an expedition out to the cold and harsh lands known as 'The Echo'; Free Form receives his crystal sword 'Cristallum Lux Orbisque'</p>
<p>1717 AA- Free returned from his expedition with nothing to give back to the ponies of Saddle Arabia; Free loses some of his popularity</p>
<p>1730 AA- Free Form is found guilty of corruption; pleads for a new trial, has information on a possible setup.</p>
<p>1731 AA- Free Form is imprisoned in 'Ulaysha Prison</p>
<p>1739 AA- Free Form, and several other members of the Mufti Family escape from 'Ulaysha Prison; Free is labelled as an outlaw</p>
<p>1746 AA- Free takes a ship to Equestria where he is greeted by a cult of changeling worshipers</p>
<p>1746 AA- Free joins this cult and begins collecting changeling artefacts, storing them under his tiny cabin in the Everfree Forest</p>
<p>1769 AA- Free Form find his Damascus Steel Sword, 'Tenbris Salvator' within an abandoned changeling cave.</p>
<p>1772 AA- Free attempts to save the grand master of the 'Keepers of the Changeling Order'; Grand Master dies; Free Form is injured but becomes new Grand Master due to his bravery and loyalty to the cult</p>
<p>1788 AA- Shot and killed by a stray arrow; Free Form vanishes for several years; Keepers of the Changeling Order disassemble and the cult crumbles</p>
<p>1794 AA- The Shadhavar returned, starting up a simple Alchemy shop at the edge of Ponyville near the Everfree</p>
<p>1800 AA- Free's Alchemy Shop burns down; builds an Inn in Ponyville</p>
<p>1810 AA- Free Form helps with Winter Wrap Up</p>
<p>1812 AA- Free helps fight off the changeling invaders in Canterlot during the Changeling Invasion</p>
<p>1815 AA- Free Form meets ***** *******; makes way towards San Palomino Hive after Inn burns down, suspected arson</p>
<p>1815 AA- The Queen of The San Palomino Hive is killed, Free Form is made King of Coristis Hive by his Queen, ***** *******</p>
<p>1815 AA- Coristis is <strong>REDACTED INFO</strong> by Free Form; Free vanishes for nearly a year</p>
<p>1816 AA- Coristis is rebuilt; Free sets alliances with Enigma of the Mountain Hive</p>
<p>1816 AA- Free Form attends in the 'Court of Changelings' and helps to form the 'Treaty of the Everfree' with Skarlet Page, Enigma, and Golden Radiance</p>
<p>1816 AA- Free Form and Skarlet Page form a trade agreement</p>
<p>1816 AA- Free Form sets trade and Alliance between Coristis and Saddle Arabia</p>
<p>1816 AA- Skarlet and Free Form start a long trade, Coristis begins bringing in Bits</p>
<p>1816 AA- Free gains his first retainer and the second member of the Coristian Order, Iron Roots</p>
<p>1817 AA- Iron Root and Free Form discover an aggressive Silver Dragon infected with black magic</p>
<p>1817 AA- Free sends out 417 changelings to establish the town of V&auml;xa so that Damascus could start bringing in some food due to the food shortage in Damascus.</p>
<p>1817 AA- The Appleloosan Mercenary Guard declares war against Coristis and marches for the capital, Damascus</p>
<p>1817 AA- The Appleloosan Mercenary Guard attempt siege on Damascus and end up loosing their entire army; dragon attacks Damascus and gets shot down by cannon fire</p>
<p>1817 AA- Free Form sails to Saddle Arabia to clear his name and admits to his crimes, killing the old king of Saddle Arabia, Crimson Form</p>
<p>1817 AA- Free's right foreleg is ripped off by a forest dweller in the nearby Damascus forest</p>
<p>1817 AA- Free finishes his metal foreleg to replace his lost limb.</p>
<p>1817 AA - Free declares war on the Eirish.</p>
<p>1817 AA - Free Form and his army lose The Battle of East Port</p>
<p>1817 AA - Free Form and his Army win The Battle of Port ans la Falaise</p>
<p>1817 AA - Free Form and his Army win The Battle of the City of Liberty</p>
<p>1817 AA - Free Form is shot in the chest with Ice Javelins and is taken out of active duty until he recovers from his wounds</p>
<p>1817 AA - Free Form recovers from his previous battle wounds and takes part in the victorious battle of Gladewater Port</p>
<p>February 24th, 1818 AA - The nation of Coristis falls into debt, causing Free Form to flee from the war in a desperate attempt to repair the broken economy</p>
<p>February 25th, 1818 AA - The HMS Exodus, the worlds largest wooden ship is finished</p>
<p>February 28th, 1818 AA - Free Form discovers the lost whereabouts of Molten Stone, previously known as Rusty Rose and brings him along to Enigma, King of the Mountain Hive.</p>
<p>March 8th, 1818 AA - Free Form's engineers finish Free's new metal prosthetic design and put Free under surgery to install it.</p>
<p>August 2nd, 1818 AA - Overburdened by his depression and inability to control his emotions and hold the strength to care for a nation without his Queen. Free Form makes his last act as King, banishing himself from Coristis, shutting down the nation and sending the Changelings back into the depths of the hive to hibernate until a new Ruler comes through and establishes their dominance over the San Palomino Changelings. Coristis has ended...</p>
<p>September 2nd, 1818 AA - Free Form, having given up his life as King moves to White Tail Woods where he has a cabin built and begins business as a Tavern owner along the road to Cloudsdale.&nbsp;</p>
<p><br /><strong>Detailed History:</strong> Born in Sakakah, Saddle Arabia to Crimson Form and Silk Form in the year 1672, Azad Saadiq spent the first few years of his life at home living only with his mother. Learning the basics of living. At age six Free Form was accepted into the School of Magic for Gifted Shadhavars. For the first few years of school there, he excelled and was an all A student, this changed when he turned ten Free began developing issues, not attending school and other small things which led him to trouble. In 1684, tragedy struck when a massive Sandworm passed through the small village of Sakakah, it was during this time Free&rsquo;s mother was killed, as well as everyone else in the village leaving Free Form alone, scared for his life and unsure of what to do. Remembering his training, he used the sun and moon to help guide him to the mining village of Hedeb where Free then became an apprentice to a local blacksmith, who taught him how to shape metal, and which metals went well together along with several other things which would prove to be useful later in life. Spending nearly five years with the blacksmith, one day Free came home to find that his mentor had passed away of natural causes, seeing himself doing things better than shaping metal for his whole life, Free paid his respects to the blacksmith, spreading his ashes in the Hejaz Mountains then head off towards Riyadh.</p>
<p>Once finally arriving in Riyadh, Free joined King Neighad&rsquo;s Policing College and began training as hard as he possibly could, little did Free know doing this would lead to an amazing discovery, but also lead him to several years of pain, and ending any chance of him truly regaining his old self back. In the year 1691, Free graduated from King Neighad&rsquo;s Policing College, receiving his rank as a Second Lieutenant in the Saddle Arabian Police Force, during this time Free would begin taking out petty criminals, and eventually, in 1693, start searching for the criminal known as &lsquo;Crossboned&rsquo; Joan. Two years later in 1695, Free Form successfully captured Joan and was asked to do the honours of executing her. After the execution, Free Form was promoted to 1st Lieutenant for taking out the outlaw who previously had pillaged hundreds, if not thousands of towns and villages throughout the years. Free Form had three more years of small jobs, taking out petty criminals and defending against small rebellions before Crimson Form, the king of Saddle Arabia at the time declared war against the Diamond Dogs within the Hejaz Mountains. Free Form and thousands of other ponies were enlisted into the Saddle Arabian Military. Free Form was immediately promoted to Corporal for standing up to a superior officer who was against the war and tried to destroy the military rations that had been saved up. After a year of training for cave warfare, Free Form was given a small squadron to commandeer. The Ammon Squadron contained a very small amount of ponies, but they were elites, veterans of warfare, deadly vipers; striking from the shadows. The raid was beginning and Free Form was right in the middle of it all, two months later, after Free had finished his training, he was camped outside what would become known as the Well of Blood. The entrance to the caves within the Hejaz Mountain Range. For three years Free Form and his squadron fought, and within that time they managed to kill off a large majority of the Diamond Dogs, leaving very few left in Equestria sadly. With their morals weak, and their supplies nearly nonexistent the Ammon Squadron was killed, and their leader was taken hostage by the remaining Diamond Dogs. Free was questioned several times and tortured each time he refused to answer their questions, eventually in the year 1704, Free was killed in action after an attempted escape when he was able to trick one of the gatekeepers into thinking he was sick. It was at this time that Free Form fell into the relaxing place known as the Medium where he met with a certain Manticore for the first time. Nothing at this point mattered to Free Form, he stayed within the rooms of the Medium for several days, discussing various topics with the reaper Manticore, learning everything there ever was to exist. Free being the greedy mortal he was asked for more knowledge, and the Manticore accepted, giving him a fate worse than death itself.</p>
<p>Thrown back into the Canine Clash in the year 1705, Free joins up with the Arvio Squadron and helps fight off the rest of the Diamond Dogs. Just that same year the Canine Clash ended, and Free finally got to go back home to the capital city of Saddle Arabia where something unexpected happened. The King of Saddle Arabia wished to speak with Free, unable to decline the offer Free spoke with King Crimson and accepted two medals given in his honour. The Hejaz Raid Medal and the Arabian Medal of Valor. As Free thanked King Crimson, he had yet another surprise awaiting him, once returning to his quarters, Free&rsquo;s commander once again promoted him, making him a Sergeant. Five years would pass of serving in the Arabian Military, and with each dragging year Free would find himself growing tired of all the fighting, and finally in 1710 Free Form officially retired from the Arabian Military with three more medals of Valor and a massive horde of supporters following his every step. Free would take advantage of his popularity and join Politics, marrying into the Mufti Family to become a Saddle Arabian Official just the same year. Five years of changes within Saddle Arabia happened. The economy was booming, ponies were thriving. And ponies altogether, poor, and rich were living in complete harmony. It was during this time that Free felt a strange need for adventure, to discover something amazing and add new things to his already popular list of names. In 1715 Free declared he would bring back items of great and holy value when he returned from the cold and harsh lands of the Echo, and in early January he set out reaching the cold and icy shores four months later. Nearly a year had past and the majority of his crew had died of starvation, the last eight stallion's had taken shelter inside of a small cavern. One night Free heard voices and followed them to a grand temple atop an icy cliff. Free climbed this cliff and allowed himself into the temple where he was greeted by a massive race of Hippogriffs. Free was terrified at first, but with the or soothing voices he quickly calmed down and took hold of the cursed crystal sword known as 'Cristallum Lux Orbisque'. They all made a deal and went their separate ways. Free went back to his crew, armed with his new weapon, Free lead his crew back to their ship and sailed back to Saddle Arabia. In the year 1717, Free and what was now only 3 crew members returned back home, exhausted and immediately bored Free never quite returned to his glory years in Saddle Arabia. And with each passing day the supporters who had loved Free so very much found their loyalty fading and the age of Free had come to an end.</p>
<p>In 1730 Free Form was arrested for the murder of several members of multiple royal families, Free was labelled a traitor and found guilty of corruption and murder of royal families. Free Form pleaded for a fair trial after he discovered he was being used to cover for the true murders but it was no use. 3 months later in 1731 Free found himself and several other members of the Mufti Family imprisoned in Saddle Arabia&rsquo;s worst prison, &lsquo;Ulaysha Prison. For 8 years Free would suffer through massive beatings, painful tortures, and unethical means of interrogation, Free was broken over and over again until his eventual escape in 1739. Armed with a large rock that had come off of his cell wall. Free beat in the heads of hundreds of guards and helped other framed Mufti Family members escape. After discovering what had happened in &lsquo;Ulaysha Prison, King Crimson labelled Free Form as an outlaw and put a massive bounty on his head. In the year 1746 Free Form celebrated his 74th birthday in a small fishing ship just a day before arriving in Equestria. The first thing Free did was go to a small Pub and down an entire salad. After of which he started asking around for jobs and adventures. An offer that interested him was helping to collect artefacts made by a species of equine called changelings. Before then Free had never once heard of a changeling and it interested him. He took the job and began helping a cult of changeling worshipers collect the artefact. They ranged from small little necklace beads to massive <strong>REDACTED INFO</strong> machines. Free was amazed by them all and even built his own cabin along with a massive underground to store all of the artefacts in the Everfree Forest. In 1769 Free found his Damascus Steel Sword, &lsquo;Tenbris Savaltor&rsquo; within an abandoned changeling cave. It proved to be an effective weapon in combat, and the cult members allowed him to keep the longsword sword. Free Form joined the cult later in the years and proved himself to be worthy of the hard trials he faced. Going as far as to impress the other members from his skills as an artefact hunter, little did they know he was using a special spell to find objects around him. More years would pass and a large incident would occur. In 1772, the Keeper of the Changeling Order was killed by an arrow. Free attempted to save the Keepers life but sadly failed. The cult looked past this though and made Free the new keeper. The time would be short though as in 1788 Free Form found himself dead once again.</p>
<p>Free tumbled back into the Medium and once again met with the reaping Manticore who he spoke with Free and taught him powerful spells and hundreds of other things. Back up on the surface in Equestria. With Free Form, the cult crumbled and the members went their own ways, eventually living out the rest of their days in peace. Free though kept learning and learning until finally in 1794 Free returned from the dead. He started up a basic Alchemy shop outside the Everfree and began to compete against Zecora. He may or may not have spread a rumour or two about her leading to ponies fearing her within Ponyville which boosted his business, this was short lived though as in 1800 his Alchemy shop burned down. Free then built an Inn and lived peacefully up until 1815, during those fifteen years he took part in several activities ranging from Winter Wrap Up to helping fight off the changelings in Canterlot. Then finally in 1815, a Brass coloured mare came into Free Form&rsquo;s life and changed everything. This mare's name was Brass Lantern and Free immediately fell in love with her. He spent the next few days speaking with her, learning of her past, and eventually coming to learn that she was a changeling. The two became even closer, and in a few weeks time, the two were admitting their love for each other. Free did, however, have to show her what the emotion love was though. Six days later a unicorn came into the Inn and burned it down. Free and Brass barely escaped, then set out to Free&rsquo;s cabin where he promised her the Throne in the San Palomino Hive, the hive that she was from. With a couple weeks of training, Free Form taught the mare to fight and aid in helping Equestria&rsquo;s Council where he befriended a unicorn named Lock On. Eventually Free and Brass made their way to the San Palomino Hive and defeated the Queen. Brass took control of the hivemind and became the new Queen. She made Free her King and the two began ruling together as the monarchs of the San Palomino Hive. Slowly Free Form began to change things about the hive and help it evolve into a civilized hive where ponies and changelings could live without fear of each other. Things were going well up until early 1816 when an incident happened. Maddened by Pure magic poisoning, Free Form went on a massive killing spree, eventually causing a fault to slide nearly a mile causing a massive earthquake to destroy Coristis. Free passed away and was quickly brought back to life where he took back power in Coristis and began establishing a full-blown government.</p>
<p>Free set up alliances with the Mountain Hive and later attended the Court of Changelings where he helped Form the Treaty of the Everfree along with Enigma, Skarlet Page, and Golden Radiance. Free then created trade agreements with Skarlet Page of the Shard Hive and an official of Saddle Arabia. Only a few days later Free Form would meet a stallion by the name of Iron Root. Interested in this stallion Free Form invited him back to Coristis and tested his will and courage. After a few fights against some foe within Coristis, Free would declare Iron eligible for becoming a Coristian Retainer for Free and Brass. Fast forward a few months and Iron would become Free's full retainer, and most trusted one at that. In the beginning of 1817, Free Form invited his retainer Iron Root to help him take care of some creatures inside of a cave and discover what happened to a group of miners who have vanished two weeks before that. As they headed out to the cave they came across some Appleloosan Mercenaries who had set camp not far outside of the city of Damascus. Free and Iron murdered these mercenaries and headed towards the cave. Once reaching it they came across two cave-dwelling creatures, discovering the corpse of one of the miners. This was short lived when Free and Iron were met by a Silver Dragon with deep, dark purple eyes that shot a burst of purple fire out at the two. Free teleported Iron and himself towards the exit of the cave and made their way back towards Damascus to find out what caused those mercenaries to come all the way from Appleloosa to Free's city. Free and Iron would find that a mare named Gear Strong had foalnapped nearly a hundred soon to be mercenaries from the Appleloosan Mercenary Guard, stallions that had been falsely accused by the leader, Danger Free in order to increase the size of their army. Danger Free contacted Free Form asking for the stallions back, Free Form declined causing Danger Free to declare war on Coristis. The A.P.G (Appleloosan Mercenary Guard) prepared their army and head out towards Damascus two weeks later. A war broke out as the A.P.G attempted a siege on Damascus. Enigma, lord of the Mountain Hive joined Free Form and Iron Roots in the battle. Halfway through the battle, Free called for the floodgates to be opened and a torrent of water poured out on what as left of the A.P.G. As this happened the Silver Dragon Free and Iron had found escaped from its stony prison and attacked Damascus. Free Form and fourteen others shot at the dragon with cannons and eventually did take it down after nearly a twelve-hour battle of switching between cannons. The battle had ended and Coristis had come out victorious, winning it's first battle since the Civil War back in 1815.</p>
<p>As the war passed, and things turned back to normal within Coristis, and the city of Damascus. Coristis would begin building upon it's defenses as well as it's crops. Reforming for crops to grow without the need for magic due to the complexity of the soil. One day, as Free was hunting down a creature that had been slaughtering a band of ponies travelling through the lands, Free was pinned by the creature and had his right foreleg ripped off and ripped to shreds before he was able to slay it. Free Form went into a state of depression as he took in the realization that he had lost a limb, and for nearly a month he would remain in his room, tinkering, and keeping to himself before finally coming out with a metal limb which he could use to walk around. With time he shall be improving upon it and making it more resistant to magic, finding that it is it's greatest weakness.</p>
<p>With the threat overcome in the city of Damascus, and Free Form finally moving again, new threats began plaguing the world of Equus. A new threat had arrived, this time in the Gryphon Lands. Free allies, the Razorclaw Clan, a flightless clan of Gryphons were attacked by a faction known as the Eirish. Due to this attack, Free Form and Iron Root headed to the location of this clan and discovered that these ponies were ransacking the entire continent, leaving a wake of destruction in their path, much to Free and Iron's dismay. Free declared war on the Eirish after an attack with their leader, their King, Dair and so began the start of all-out war. Free mustered all the soldiers he could. Nearly 1,600,000 soldiers to help fight in this war, called for the help of his Changeling ally, Skarlet Page and with her ships, set out to destroy all the controlled port cities now owned by the Eirish.&nbsp;</p>
<p>As the battle drew on and battles were won and lost. It soon came to Free's attention that Coristis had run out of money and could no longer pay to take part in the war. Terrified of the idea of Coristis having no money. Free made a decision to pull back from the war and attempt to mend the damage that had been done in his absence. Iron was angered by Free's decision. Free was quickly gone from the war, leaving Iron and his few mercenaries to fight the war by himself, along with the Griffin Warrior, Gris.&nbsp;</p>
<p>Free could not seem to repair the damage that had been done and coupled with a growing depression from the war and all the horrors he had witnessed and caused. Free made his final decision as King of Coristis. It was time to step down from his position. He did not see himself fit for such a position, not without his Queen, Brass Lantern. Free Form made a final announcement speech explaining what he was going to do. A massive stone relief was chiselled into the plateau where Free and Brass had freed the San Palomino Changelings from their wicked Queen and started anew. The relief was akin to those events. With a final apology for how Free could've done things better and made decisions that weren't in his self-interest. Free Form, now Ex-King of Coristis stepped down and called for the Changelings to enter the great hibernation until a better ruler came. Each and every Changeling of the once great San Palomino Hive thanked him for his rule and wished him a life of success, kissed him upon his forehead and held him within their embrace before making their way into the depths of the Hive to sleep. Coristis had shut down, and was no more.&nbsp;</p>
<p>Free would spend a time wandering about. He had not a clue what he was to do with his life. It felt as though everything he had worked towards had come to an end at his own hoof. Had he made the right decision, he often asked himself. Free made his way to his new home in White Tail Woods and started up a business known as Rose Tavern just on the road beside White Tail woods, leading to Cloudsdale. There he sits, serving drinks to strangers who come by, keeping the life he has led to himself to protect those around him.</p>
<p><strong>Awards and Citations:</strong></p>
<p>Vanquisher of Outlaws (1695 AA)- Executed 'Crossboned' Joan</p>
<p>Medal of Valor (1705 AA)- Bravely fought Diamond Dogs within Hejaz Mountains.</p>
<p>Medal of Valor (1707 AA)- Defended King Crimson using nothing but the point of his horn as a weapon.</p>
<p>Medal of Valor (1709 AA)- Killed Blue Dragon by himself by drowning it in an oasis.</p>
<p>Medal of Valor (1710 AA)- Fought off the rogue group of Diamond Dogs attacking Jilah, protecting Princess Jahenqqe.</p>
<p>Medal of Coristis (1816 AA)- Given to Free Form as an honorary gift from his subjects, Free Form was the first to receive this Medal, it is a gift of peace.</p>
<p><strong>Notable Injuries:</strong></p>
<p>Half of Right Ear Cut Off (1686 AA)</p>
<p>Stab to Chest (1704 AA)</p>
<p>Fractured Skull (1705 AA)</p>
<p>Broken Left Foreleg (1705 AA)</p>
<p>Major Internal Hemorrhage in Lungs (1709 AA)</p>
<p>Fractured Ribs (1716 AA)</p>
<p>Cracked Horn (1716 AA)</p>
<p>Fractured Left Foreleg (1716 AA)</p>
<p>Stabbed in Left Shoulder blade (1720 AA)</p>
<p>Poisoned with Arsenic (1726 AA)</p>
<p>Sword Slices Left Foreleg (1730 AA)</p>
<p>Beaten Daily (1731-1739 AA)</p>
<p>Ruptured Liver (1732 AA)</p>
<p>Broken Ribs (1733 AA)</p>
<p>Fractured Spine (1733 AA)</p>
<p>Hooves Drilled Into (1738 AA)</p>
<p>Jaw Broken (1739 AA)</p>
<p>Bitten by Rattlesnake (1744 AA)</p>
<p>Mind is 'Rattled' by Changeling Vibrations (1755 AA)</p>
<p>Cut in several locations by Shrapnel Bomb in Hive (1763 AA)</p>
<p>Shot in the Neck with an Arrow (1772 AA) Shot in side of the head with an Arrow (1788 AA)</p>
<p>Free suffers 3rd degree burns on his right flank (1800 AA)</p>
<p>Bitten in the neck by three changelings (1812 AA)</p>
<p>Broken Right Foreleg (1815 AA)</p>
<p>Black Magic Poisoning (1815 AA)</p>
<p>Pure Magic Poisoning (1816 AA)</p>
<p>Black Magic Poisoning (1816 AA)</p>
<p>Slashed on flank near Cutiemark (1817 AA)</p>
<p>Shot in the chest with two Ice Javelins causing a Broken Rib (1817 AA)</p>
<p><strong>Mental Disorders:</strong></p>
<p>Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD)- Formed during his time in the Diamond Dog Clash, Free Form now suffers from PTSD. Whenever Free Form even looks at a Diamond Dog, his mind shuts down, and he pretty much goes blank.</p>
<p>Borderline Personality Disorder (BPD)- Free was born with this disorder, while the changes are small, a few might notice how he can go from being happy all of a sudden, to becoming sad. This might also explain why he is 'triggered' as quickly as he is.</p>
<p><strong>Weapons and Tools: </strong></p>
<p>Cristallum Lux Orbisque- 1d20 This sword stands at a total height of 122 centimeters and has a width of 3.6 centimeters. The hilt of the blade is made of tempered Mithril and has designs of smooth tentacles wrapping around it. The blade itself is made of a light blue almost transparent crystal, it reflects light making it easily visible at night when around a light source.</p>
<p>Tenbris Savaltor- 1d15+1 Savage Damage A Damascus Steel Sword found by Free Form during one of his adventures, this sword has served him since his last death, said death occurring during his time in one of the many changeling caves surrounding Equestria, the sword is made of real Damascus steel, it's edges never dull due to the special cleaning liquid Free uses on it, and it's overall strength, this weapon can slice through leather with ease, and can easily penetrate some types of soft metal armor.</p>
<p>Clothing and Armor:</p>
<p>White Cotton Scarf +1 Cold/Heat Resistance Protection Kept throughout the ages, Free Form wears this scarf to protect his face in the harsh Arabian Desert from both sunburn and sandstorms.</p>
<p>Royal Palomino Steel Breastplate- +5 Armor +2 Magic Resistance A breastplate fit for a king, built by a king, and owned by a king to protect him against the harshest of blows. Whether it be bashes, or deadly pinpointed stabs to the chest. This armor is sure to handle it. Built from an experimental smelting method as well as new mixtures, this armor makes metals bounce off of it and causes it to barely bend despite having such high amounts of carbon in the mixture. This armor, all together is almost as light as Aluminum, and being only about 2 mm thick, underneath that is a thin layer of leather for extra protection.</p>
<p>Royal Palomino Steel Pauldrons- +3 Armor Pauldrons fit for a king, built by a king, and owned by a king to protect him against the harshest of blows. Whether it be bashes, or deadly pinpointed stabs to the shoulders or neck. This armor is sure to handle it. Built from an experimental smelting method as well as new mixtures, this armor makes metals bounce off of it and causes it to barely bend despite having such high amounts of carbon in the mixture. This armor, all together is almost as light as Aluminum, and being only about 2 mm thick, underneath that is a thin layer of leather for extra protection.</p>
<p>Royal Palomino Steel Front Gauntlets +3 Armor Gauntlets fit for a king, built by a king, and owned by a king to protect him against the harshest of blows. Whether it be bashes, or deadly pinpointed stabs to the forelegs. This armor is sure to handle it. Built from an experimental smelting method as well as new mixtures, this armor makes metals bounce off of it and causes it to barely bend despite having such high amounts of carbon in the mixture. This armor, all together is almost as light as Aluminum, and being only about 2 mm thick, underneath that is a thin layer of leather for extra protection.</p>
<p>Royal Palomino Steel Back Gauntlets +3 Armor Gauntlets fit for a king, built by a king, and owned by a king to protect him against the harshest of blows. Whether it be bashes, or deadly pinpointed stabs to the back legs. This armor is sure to handle it. Built from an experimental smelting method as well as new mixtures, this armor makes metals bounce off of it and causes it to barely bend despite having such high amounts of carbon in the mixture. This armor, all together is almost as light as Aluminum, and being only about 2 mm thick, underneath that is a thin layer of leather for extra protection.</p>
<p>Royal Palomino Steel Sideplates +4 Armor +1 Magic Resistance Sideplates fit for a king, built by a king, and owned by a king to protect him against the harshest of blows. Whether it be bashes, or deadly pinpointed stabs to the sides. This armor is sure to handle it, while knocking the breath out of the stallion of course. Built from an experimental smelting method as well as new mixtures, this armor makes metals bounce off of it and causes it to barely bend despite having such high amounts of carbon in the mixture. This armor, all together is almost as light as Aluminum, and being only about 2 mm thick, underneath that is a thin layer of leather for extra protection.</p>
<p>Royal Palomino Steel Backplate +5 Armor +2 Magic Resistance A breastplate fit for a king, built by a king, and owned by a king to protect him against the harshest of blows. Whether it be bashes, or deadly pinpointed stabs to the back. This armor is sure to handle it. Built from an experimental smelting method as well as new mixtures, this armor makes metals bounce off of it and causes it to barely bend despite having such high amounts of carbon in the mixture. This armor, all together is almost as light as Aluminum, and being only about 2 mm thick, underneath that is a thin layer of leather for extra protection.</p>
<p>Misc. Items:</p>
<p>Varied Herbs</p>
<p>4 Health Potions</p>
<p>5 Smelling Salt Packets</p>
<p>18 Meters of Rope</p>
<p>Black Powder Filled Capsules (Firecrackers)</p>
<p style="text-align: center;"><strong>Alteration</strong></p>
<p>Longstride - This spell allows Free Form to walk and sneak at a far faster speed than he could before.</p>
<p>Drop Zone - This spell creates a large glowing sphere that allows somepony to fall into from far distances, and survive. Free has tinkered with this spell to allow him better control where the circle is and has even added 'tugging' forces to it to pull the casting pony towards it in the case they jump too far or too little.</p>
<p>Raise Wall - This spell does just as it says, it takes whatever material is on the ground, or the wall near and forms a wall out of the material. This does not work on materials with advances molecule structures. (Ex. Diamond, Steel)</p>
<p>Reynos' Fins - This spell allows Free Form to swim faster than he could before.</p>
<p>Locate Object - This spell allows Free Form to find an object as long as he knows what it looks like, it does, however, have limits though, there is a chance that this spell could pick up another object that looks similar to what Free is looking for, when it finds the object it glows with a beautiful red hue.</p>
<p>Spell Twine - This spell allows Free Form to mix multiple spells at once with a small cost of magic. It can lead to deadly results or marvellous healing capabilities.</p>
<p>Strength of Earth - Free's favourite spell to mix with Long Stride, this spell allows Free Form to gain extra strength for fighting. With this strength, Free could probably cut through a body with ease. This affects his magic too.</p>
<p>Thundering Hooves - This spell causes Free's hoof steps to sound like thundering booms, it could be used to scare away ponies who attempt to lurk in the shadows, looking for trouble. :p</p>
<p>Dancing Stones - This spell will cause any stones Free has touched to fire at a selected target. This is good for killing weak opponents, or distracting strong ones.</p>
<p>Deep Storage - This spell can turn Free's saddlebags into deep pits to store objects. The spell can last for up to a month, but if the spell is linked to a spell rune, it can run for up to a year, when the spell wears off, all the stuff in the 'pocket dimension' are kept within it until the seal is opened again.</p>
<p>Detonate Lock - This spell allows Free Form to blow up the lock mechanism within a locked door, this however will not work on doors with complicated locks, or locks built with strong materials. (Ex. Alloy Steel, Cold Forged Iron)</p>
<p>Entomb - This spell allows Free to create material suits around ponies as long as they don't struggle enough, or run. The material depends on what is on the ground, or to the side of the pony.</p>
<p>Fabricate Object - Free doesn't understand how to use this spell very well yet. But what it does is allow Free to take elements from around him and form it into objects he could use.</p>
<p>Acceleration Rune - Another spell that allows Free Form to move faster. This one cost far more magic but allows Free's entire body to move faster, it also helps him to see things better, as the spell gives him heightened vision, touch, and hearing. This spell wears off after five minutes, or when the rune on Free's body is found, and broken by hitting it.</p>
<p>Battletide - This spell allows Free Form to manipulate the wind on the ocean allowing a boat that he is on to move faster if it has sails.</p>
<p>Control Weather - Another weather controlling spell. This allows Free to manipulate weather and create things from storms, to even violent tornadoes. In the Season 3 Finale, part 1, Rarity was seen using this spell to manipulate clouds in a checker formation.</p>
<p>Milestones - This is a break crumb spell. Should Free need to mark his way, he can activate this spell to leave a number of stones made up of whatever is on the ground beneath him.</p>
<p>Talons of Equus - This spell sends down a volley of sharp ice particles from the clouds, when they land, instead of just falling to the ground and melting. They slice at the selected target, or group, then curve back up towards the sky going in for another slice, these particles keep doing this until the ice melts.</p>
<p>Thrumming Stone - When Free Form activates this spell on a stone, the inside of it turns to molten rock. Free can throw this stone at a target, and when it hits. The rock explodes from the pressure inside that had been building up. This also causes the rock to emits a loud booming sound that echoes for kilometers.</p>
<p>Wind Running - This spell allows Free Form to use the wind to his advantage, and run with the wind pushing against his back to help him run faster.</p>
<p style="text-align: center;"><strong>Conjuration</strong></p>
<p>Conjure Avenging Wraith (Black Magic) - This spell is used as a failsafe in the case that Free Form is downed, it conjures a ghost-like creature that will fight for Free Form and attempt to save him given the chance.</p>
<p>Consuming Power (Black Magic) - This spell allows Free Form to call back his familiars, restoring some of his magic used for conjuring it.</p>
<p>Flesh of My Flesh (Black Magic) - This spell allows Free Form to share his lifeforce with any of his familiars, this will increase the familiar's lifeforce, but it will also damage Free's if the familiar take too much damage.</p>
<p>Conjure Deadeye Captain (Black Magic) - This familiar is a unicorn trained in the ways of the bow.</p>
<p>Conjure Gremdora Churl (Black Magic) - This familiar is a snake-like spirit that tries to strangle it's target, if possible it will use it's sharp incisor teeth to slice at flesh and leather armour.</p>
<p>Power of the Master (Black Magic) - This spell will increase the strength of one of Free's familiars, while it uses a lot of magic, it increases the fighting time of his familiars, allowing him to escape if need be.</p>
<p>Soul Cloak (Black Magic) - This spell allows Free to take the soul of a recently deceased enemy and form a soul cloak over himself to look like that pony. This last until the cloak is damaged.</p>
<p>Conjure Xivilai Sorcerer (Black Magic) - This familiar is a unicorn sorcerer who specializes in black magic. He can use special attacks that leave ponies with black magic poisoning.</p>
<p>Corpse Explosion (Black Magic) - This spell places a run within a dead body, when members of the same group go near it, the body explodes into a torrent of flames, usually burning the surrounding ponies.</p>
<p>Summoning Rune (Black Magic) - This spell is to be used with a spell rune. Depending on what spells Free binds to the summoning rune, Free can spawn a large number of familiars at once as long as a steady supply of magic powers the Summoning Rune, hence the Spell Rune.</p>
<p>Conjure Herne (Black Magic) - Herne is a special griffon who can be summoned as a familiar. Born to the Razorclaws, a small group of wingless griffons. He attacks using a sharp short sword and wears strong light scale armour to move around quickly and dispose of enemies.</p>
<p>Conjure Xivilai Lord (Black Magic) - The Xivilai Lord is a strong familiar who wears armour made from granite. Killing him takes a lot of effort or a really big hammer.</p>
<p>Oathbound Guardian - The only familiar who isn't conjured using black magic. The Oathbound Guardian isn't actually a familiar. But to call for him requires using the spell. Free learned this spell within The Echoic temple when he visited The Echo for the first time. The Oathbound Guardian is a hippogriff that quickly pulls enemies up into the air, then drops them down. He can only be called for once every month.</p>
<p>Conjure Battlemage (Black Magic) - Another unicorn who uses a steel mace as well as magic, nothing special about him.</p>
<p>Conjure Gremdora Assassin (Black Magic) - The Gremdora Assassin is a familiar who can use an ethereal spell to sneak in certain places and kill guards, and selected targets quietly.</p>
<p>Conjure Lord of Bindings (Black Magic) - This evil familiar binds a selected target or group in chains and brings them down to Tartarus. He can only be used once every four months.</p>
<p>Necrowitch (Black Magic) - The Necrowitch is an undead unicorn mare that uses lightning magic to stun enemies.</p>
<p style="text-align: center;"><strong>Destruction</strong></p>
<p>Crackle - Crackle is a spell that sends a large fireball out from Free's horn towards an enemy. While the control over it is horrible, Free Form can use his levitation spell to grab hold of fireball and move its position.</p>
<p>Hailstone - Hailstone is a spell that takes water vapour from the air and clouds, then brings it down to earth as golf ball sized pieces of ice that can be focused on a certain area to rain down on. Perfect for taking out large groups of ponies.</p>
<p>Unbound Fire - Unbound Fire heats up the air around a selected area and pushes away all molecules that aren't flammable. And with a simple electrical spark a massive hell fire forms in the selected area, burning everything in its path.</p>
<p>Creeping Cold - Creeping Cold is a rune spell that slowly freezes everything around it. Even going as far as to form an ice wall given enough time.</p>
<p>Fracture - This spell allows Free Form to create vibrations within the ground and cause to fracture, when and if a pony falls into this hole, he can quickly close it, crushing and killing the pony in the process.</p>
<p>Inferno - Inferno is like Unbound Fire, except it is on a much grander scale, and Free Form has control over where this fire goes. This is a very strong spell and requires a massive amount of magic, usually, ponies pass out after using a spell like this.</p>
<p>Rift Bolt - This spell creates a very powerful lightning bolt which strikes wherever the caster points at. This won't electrocute an enemy, but it will burn them.</p>
<p>Thundercrack - This is a much stronger version of Rift bolt, though it focuses on the electricity side of things. This spell will stun a target and cause light burns to their body.</p>
<p>Electrosphere - This spell is activated by placing a rune on a small stone, or any other object that can withstand some amount of heat. Then you throw it at the intended target. The stone becomes a core for a large sphere of electricity that reaches out to anypony within range. It causes the target to be stunned, and burned horribly.</p>
<p>Frost Nova - Frost Nova is a small gust of ice filled wind that freezes a target's body some. It also yanks them around violently possibly causing bones to break, or to be pulled out of place.</p>
<p>Ice Shiv - This spell creates a large ice shard which can be shot at an enemy, when it hits an object, small spikes shove out and cause extra bleeding. This is a very deadly spell.</p>
<p>Meltdown - Meltdown is used by selecting a large area of rock and heating it up. By doing this, it will slowly make the rock melt into a large puddle of lava, this spell is best planned ahead of time and can be placed on a Magic Rune.</p>
<p>Scattershock - Scattershock is like Electrosphere, except it can be concealed using a magic rune, and form that rune when the bolts hit targets, it can bounce off that target and create a chain to others, causing burns to multiple enemies at once from just a single bolt.</p>
<p>Shockboom - Shockboom is the most powerful electric spell Free Form has. Not only does this bolt of electricity cause serious burns, both internally and externally, but it also has a force of a bullet, pushing straight through a body not wearing armor. In the case that the pony being shot at is wearing armor, if the armor is made of steel, then a large dent would be made most likely, and also spread throughout the metal casing, electrocuting and burning the pony.</p>
<p>Frozen Orb - To create this orb, the caster must first find a small stone, and once found, the pony can cast a small rune on it and watch as ice quickly covers it's surface and expands out, once done the orb can be thrown at an enemy, or a group of enemies. When it comes it contact with it's target, large, sharp points which tear into flesh, metal, leather. Anything really.</p>
<p>Howling Blast - Howling Blast is a spell created by sending a burst of pure magic towards an enemy. It creates a deafening blast that is comparable to the sound barrier breaking and will decimate anything within a 16-foot radius.</p>
<p>Static Dome - The Static Dome Spell is used to gather electricity from everything around it, and with one burst, it will shock an enemy, knocking them out cold usually.</p>
<p>Tornado - The Tornado spell is used by taking wind and spinning it around at great speeds, this spell does it automatically and is used to throw a body around, breaking bones and hopefully killing the target too.</p>
<p style="text-align: center;"><strong>Illusion </strong></p>
<p>Alarm - A rune that can be placed down, when something walks through it Free is alerted with a light ringing noise that sounds like a reverberating bell.</p>
<p>Dispel Magic - A spell that drains the magic from a unicorns magic pools into thin air, leaving them weak. This can only be used on weak magic users.</p>
<p>Ghostwalk - Allows Free Form to become ethereal for six seconds, allowing him to walk through organic objects, anything else, however, is forbidden.</p>
<p>Pale Shadow - An alternative to Free's invisibility spell, it creates a pale, white cloak over Free allowing him to blend in with icy backdrops, perfect for travelling to the Frozen North.</p>
<p>Backlash - A spell that is cast onto other ponies, whenever Free Form is hurt in combat, the pony attacking him feels the same wounds, they do not gain battle wounds though.</p>
<p>Curse of the Silent - A spell that cuts off a ponies hearing, rendering them deaf for nearly two hours, the spell is reversible.</p>
<p>Illusory Flames - A spell that causes the pony cast on to see their bodies engulfed in flames, as well as feeling the flames burning their skin and flesh, very useful for making distractions.</p>
<p>Mind Vision - Allows a pony to see through another ponies perspective. Free Form has messed with this spell to allow ponies to see certain memories from his past. Shared</p>
<p>Trauma - This spell is used as a failsafe when losing a fight. As soon as an enemy tries to take the finishing attack on you, firing this spell at them will convert all the pain you've suffered over to their body in one single blow at the very least stunning your enemy to give you enough time to attack.</p>
<p>Thoughtsteal - A hard spell to use, this spell allows you to dig your way into someponies mind to steal information from them. This is best to be used on weaker ponies or else it might fail.</p>
<p>Compelling Whispers - This spell is used to create a sense of warmth and safety with a pony sending them into a sort of trance, where you can easily pick them off, this is also useful for picking up mares in bars.</p>
<p>Evil Twin - This spell creating an illusionary version of the pony who has been cast upon. This version will shout insults and prepare to attack the pony cast upon, this makes a great distraction spell.</p>
<p>Figment of Pain - This spell caused the pony cast upon to feel like there are bullet ants crawling across their body, stinging them with immense pain.</p>
<p>Illusory Pyre - This spell sends an image into a ponies head, making them see their own body being burned on a pyre with their head on a stick.</p>
<p>Shadowbound - This spell is (totally not based off of Stranger Things) an evil spell. It creates the illusion of the pony cast upon to be stuck in a sort of 'shadow world' in the distance, they can hear things running around them, horrible, grey faceless creatures, slowly getting closer, then they are returned to Equus, where they are shocked by what they saw.</p>
<p>Empathic Agony - This spell allows Free Form to feel what the pony cast upon feels, this is not limited to pain.</p>
<p>Enslave the Weak - This spell does exactly what it says it does. Depending on how weak the enemy depends on how long they will stay a slave.</p>
<p>Mimic's Cloak - This spell allows Free Form to mimic a selected target. This could range from a guard standing still, to a dead guard lying in a corner. As soon as Free Form moves enough, the cloak is abandoned and Free Form is once again visible to the target. This is useful for ambushes.</p>
<p>Mind Control - Just as the spell says, this spell allows Free Form to control of the mind of low to mid strength creatures. This, however, will not work on powerful magic users.</p>
<p>Vanish - This spell makes the pony cast on by Free Form invisible, this can be used to freak a pony out to allow him to quickly get past them and it uses a small amount of magic if used on a unicorn because the spell carries over to their magic supply.</p>
<p>Last Word - This spell sends the last words of an enemies comrade over to their allies, this spell is also wonderful for distractions.</p>
<p>Mirror Entity - This spell allows you to create a moving mirror entity of the pony cast upon. Doing this will gain the attention of said pony when they look at the mirror. The entity within the mirror has the ability to move on its own.</p>
<p>Scream of Pain - This spell sends out a shrill scream of pain into the sky near a group of ponies. This is used for distracting and inducing paranoia into enemies.</p>
<p style="text-align: center;"><strong>Restoration</strong></p>
<p>Blood for Blood - Blood Magic, this spell allows you to pilfer small amounts of blood from the enemy, converting it to the casters blood type.</p>
<p>Circle of Strength - This spell forms a massive circle around the healer, anypony who steps in is granted</p>
<p>Wild Healing - This spell heals anypony in the surrounding area, the only catch to the spell is that it will heal a random pony. It is best used when under constant attack.</p>
<p>Leech Seed (Black Magic) - This is a rather odd spell. When using this spell, this will suck the life out of eggs, whether it be bird eggs, changeling eggs, or anything else registered by the spell as an egg, it will suck the life out of it. This also applies to anything held within a womb, so a foal could have its life force sucked out of it while it is in the womb, killing it in the process. This is a black magic spell.</p>
<p>Necroplague Slay Living (Black Magic) - This spell allows Free Form to suck the life force out of a dying creature. This spell will not work on creatures with magical resistance or strong willpower.</p>
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