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Rainbow galaxy
Captain of the Project Phoenix ship Night Spirit, tasked with the recovery of ancient arcanotech devices.
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Mature & Violent
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Sky is a mixed breed, mostly dragon with pony and kirin tied for second.

Sky is quite large being between Celestia and Luna in height on all fours, and due to his dense bones and scales he's also quite heavy. His wings are also quite large, having a wingspan about 3 times that of the average pegasus and twice that of a griffon and having small talons on his wings too. His tail is also very long, just over 7 feet. His back legs are digitigrade, meaning he basically walks on his toes giving him an extra joint. His eyes are turquoise and cat like and can seem to glow if he's looking at a light. His scales are very large and thick giving him the appearance of a pinecone or pangolin, and colored a dark iridescent blue. His mane is very natural looking having a wind swept look to it, being black with silver stripes. Sky has 3 horns on his head, two are pointing backwards, and the third resembles that of a kirin but shorter and swept back, all three are black in color. There is also a ridge of fluff that matches the appearance of his mane. He has feathers on both the base and tip of his tail along with his wingtips, they are black in color with silver tips, the ones on his tail forming fins when in flight, four at the base and two more at the tip. His underside is more or less bare, having a dark grey or black color. He has prehensile claws on both his front and back legs, both are a dark grey or black. And yes he does have teeth, they more closely resemble that of a shark more than anything else.

His outfit usually consists of an overcoat with a dark blue, dark grey, and black camo scheme, or an oceanic camo scheme usually paired with a matching cap and dark red/orange tinted sunglasses.
Misc Information:
For those asking I have mainly shifted to Canterlot Avenue or Discord for RPing. Keep in mind that the character I use on the other sites isn't meant for show canon RPs, (or at least not this site) so yeah....
Discord: Sky#0892

I have the feeling that the vast majority of people on this site know the general rules of being good RP partner so for that reason I shall be skipping the general rules section. Hopefully I will not have to edit that part in.

I will admit I am not the best at starting RPs, or when I do its not exactly my best work...usually. I have surprised myself in the past however.

It would be greatly appreciated if we discuss RPs before just jumping in.

I will not always be able to type out a whole paragraph, please understand that I can only put so much detail into something, my post length depends more on what needs to be said rather than any specified length.

As far as grammar goes, I'm not exactly picky, especially considering my keyboard often causes quite a few typos.,however I really need to know whats OOC, whats action, and whats being said.

I do have other characters I can use however many of them are meant for AU/sci-fi type RPs and thus probably won't have their own accounts, being secondary characters on this one.

Obviously an alt-verse character....
History and Details:
<p>Sky is from an area which is full of what remained from an ancient advanced civilization, a collection of islands and offshore structures in the middle of the ocean.&nbsp;<br />&nbsp;<br />Half of his family is military, the other half is dragon tribe turned guardians off the ancient cities. Sky grew up in the ancient cities his "tribe" had mostly restored to former glory, as a result he is very knowledgeable in such things. While being a hybrid did get him a bit of teasing the high status off his dragon half kept it to a minimum, at least among the smart ones. Sky got away with way too much as a kid, however the many skills he learned would later come in handy when he was chosen as a candidate to lead an unprecedented recovery operation from sites across the globe. He eventually gained the position during his mid teens and spent the next few years preparing himself for the new job.&nbsp;<br />&nbsp;<br />Currently Sky is still flying around the world and recovering artifacts and tech, although now with a considerable amount of downtime.</p>
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