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Cutie Mark:
Five diamonds
Imperial Palace, Tokyoat-To, Neighpon
The 38th Yamato Emperor of Neighpon.
Content Rating:
Mature (NSFW)

Diamond an alicorn a few inches taller than Princess Celestia, though having a athletic and a trim build, similar to that of Shining Armor's physique. Bearing a snowy hued pelt with thistle toned mane and tail, with eyes that are a shade of turquoise. He is known to wear quite the large wardrobe. His outfits varying on the occasion.

Personality: The embodiment of bravery and loyalty he is. Diamond is fiercely loyal and protective of those who are his family and those he deems worthy to be his friends. Willing to take an arrow for them! Mostly pragmatic and serious when he's dealing with royal matters, when not so tight on duties. He's more relaxed and playful, occasionally resorting to pull a harmless and silly prank.
Likes: Tea, spending time with his family, a good alcoholic drink, training, cold weather, winter, fall, rainy days, snow, grand lavish parties, friends, apples, peaches, lemons, apricots, cherries, strawberries, traveling the world, gardening, poetry.

Dislikes: Seeing his family and friends in danger, any threats to Neighpon, bananas, hot weather, summer, mangos, pineapples.
Misc Information:

[New Update: 4/18/2019: I am no longer into roleplays. Don't even ask me, the answer you'll get is no. Sorry, I just no longer have the energy to commit to one.]

[Important Update: 5/27/2018. Roleplaying with me is currently closed off, don't even ask me for one. I'm just going to flat out turn it down. Don't take it personal...I'm just in a rut and find no luster in roleplaying at the moment.]

Unlike how strict I was on Ponysquares, I have decided with a new RP site that's now my home. I will be a tad lenient on some of my standards.

1. Mandatory: You ask, you start. I ask, I start. No exceptions on this, period!

2. Now, Diamond might be an alicorn who has great knowledge of magic and combat training...but that does NOT, I repeat NOT make him unstoppable and OP, he has flaws and weaknesses that can really bring him down on his hooves. I ask that you return this sentiment by making your OC reasonable, trust me...who wants to RP with an unbeatable character who cannot die and is perfect in every way?

3. Don't kill Diamond, injuring him is fine though. I promise I will return the favor, meaning I will not do autohits or stupid shit where your character dies.

4. Diamond will not date your OC, he's a married stallion with foals!

5. Do have fun! These are pastel colored horses in a world of imagination after all! Don't take it seriously, and if you're not satisfied with how a RP is going. Do say something to me!

6. Please no absurd and silly crossovers! I will not do them, seek someone else for that!

7. Proper grammar is not required but will be greatly appreciated!

Small Details on Diamond Shine:

Born 5/3/3348 NA @ 1:29 AM EOTZ (Eastern Orient Time Zone)

Place of Birth: Kkum Ui Seong(Dream Castle), Kkum-Ui Seom, Foalseon

Diamond's Family
Silver Jolt-Paternal Grandfather(Deceased)
Hoshi Lux-Paternal Grandmother(Deceased)
Ghost Crystal-Paternal Great Grandfather(Deceased)
Midori Meadow-Paternal Great Grandmother(Deceased)
Diamond Mist-Maternal Grandfather
Sakura Breeze-Maternal Grandmother
Diamond Yari-Maternal Great Grandfather(Deceased)
Peony Kkoch-Maternal Great Grandmother(Deceased)
Rising Taiyo-Father(Deceased)
Diamond Moon-Mother
Lavender Dawn-Paternal Aunt(Deceased)
Azure Blade-Paternal Uncle
Diamond Saihai-Brother(Deceased)
Diamond Song-Sister(Deceased)
Rhinestone Kodachi-Brother(Deceased)
Numerous Cousins
Peony Charm-Sister
Dawning Daisho-Brother
Ssangsudo Slice-Brother in Law
Gzhel Craft-Sister in Law
Nebula Cloud-Father in Law
Art Nouveau-Mother in Law
Celadon Rose-Betrothed(Deceased)
Star Dream-Wife
Aurora Relic-Son
Diamond Dust-Daughter
Sakura Hoshi-Daughter
Quasar Storm-Son

Favorite Food: Carrot and seaweed udon noodle stew.

Favorite Drinks:

1. Matcha Neighponese Green Tea
2. Lavender and Chamomile Tea
3. Black Coffee

Top 10 Favorite Alcoholic Drinks:

1. Penderyn, Bales.
2. Plum flavored Soju, Foalseon
3. White Sparkling Champagne, Crystal Empire
4. Coconut Sombai, Srok Khmare
5. Lakkalikööri Cloudberry Spirits, Leapland
6. Raspberry flavored Sake, Neighpon
7. Burgundy Pinot Noir, Prance
8. Añejo Tequila, Mexicolt
9. Griffish Rum, Griffonstone
10. Pale Blueberry Ale, Småreland

Favorite Sweets:

1. Lemon Meringue Pie
2. Sweet Lemon and Saffron bread
3. Mint chocolate biscuits
4. Strawberrry shortcake delight
5. Apple strudel

Extended Information on Diamond's Parentage:

Maternal Side:

Lady Diamond Moon was born into the prosperous and incredibly wealthy House of Diamond who governs Neighpon to the Central West, governing the region known as Brightstone. They are the wealthiest and most powerful of the nineteen houses of Neighpon. Lady Diamond Moon was born on 10/17/3313 to Lord Diamond Mist and Lady Sakura Breeze of House Diamond in Brightstone. For many years of fillyhood, she enjoyed a sumptuous and lavish lifestyle due to her family's great wealth and noble status, her father showered her in the best and most expensive gifts, ranging from fine silks and spices imported from Ponjab, perfumes from Saddle Arabia, Mexicoltan teas, Germane chocolates, even getting a pet tiger cub at the age of three from the Sukholthai Kingdom. Although she spent most her early foalhood confined within the family castle grounds, being taught how to be a proper mare for a worthy stallion from lessons from Růžový Růže and Bbongip Cha. Her father spent most of his time away as he was The High Advisor to the Emperor Silver Jolt, serving as his Second-in-Command. When the filly of wealthy and noble status was only two years old, her father Lord Diamond Mist had her betrothed to Rising Taiyo, the crown prince at the time, Rising Taiyo on his seventh birthday in the summer of 3317. An arraignment made so House Diamond can now finally have Imperial connections, and to merge the Imperial House and House Diamond. A decision that House Diamond had long desired. During her foalhood years, her parents had her sent off to prestigious schools in Central Europa so the chosen princess can be given a proper and expensive education, first attending Universität Saltzburg in Öatsterreich from ages 5 to 9 in the years 3318-3322 and then to Uniwersytet Gdańskolt in Pońska from ages 10 to 14 from the years 3323-3327. In the former is where she was taught in the classics and foreign languages, the latter she continued foreign language study as well as cryomancy, being taught by none other than Arctique Lumiere who would one day, many years come to teach her son in the same subject in Prance, here she made friends with a mare four years older than her named Pięć Gwiazda, it was thanks to Moon's encouragement that Pięć goes on to become a world famous chef. Also here, Diamond Moon gets her first crush despite being betrothed to Crown Prince Rising Taiyo, her first crush being fellow cryomancy student named Frost Żarliwość, unfortunately it didn't come to last as they had to go separate ways. However for the wealthy filly, Moon as a teenager at the age of 15 in 11/3328 at first didn't show feelings for Rising Taiyo the prince. She was deeply infatuated with a handsome and well sought out unicorn stallion aged 21, going by the name Nocturne Serenade of House Nocturne, a batpony unicorn House in the Neighponese Arctic. Nocturne was more of a romantic and poet who in turn was in love with Diamond Moon, however because of this, Rising Taiyo made a fierce rivalry with the young bat stallion. Unfortunately, Nocturne met his demise when the Meadow Rebellion broke out and he was killed in the battlefield on 4/18/3329, slain by a House Nyssa samurai, House Nyssa being a Vassal to House Meadow. Diamond Moon was devastated and heartbroken by his death, Rising Taiyo saw how much she really loved him and sought out to avenge the fallen Nocturne for her, Diamond Moon came to appreciate what length Taiyo was willing to go to make her safe and happy when the Diamond heiress herself was taken hostage late in the night of 6/9/3330, by another Vassel House to Meadow. House Feverfew soldiers infiltrated the castle belonging to House Diamond and abducted her to Castle Meadow where she was soon freed on 10/5/3330 thanks to the determination of Rising Taiyo. As a result of this, she agreed to marry him, moved by his bravery, courage and willfulness. After the Meadow Rebellion had finished, Diamond Moon along with her engaged were sent to Oatsford University across the world in Britanneia during their college years, there Rising Taiyo studied International Law and Policy, Moon herself studied a more relaxed field of study, Prench Literature. After obtaining their Masters degrees in such fields, Moon got a long wanted wish as she wanted a wedding in Snæyland, a country she imagined as beautiful, almost like a fairy tale storybook. Taiyo had the wedding arraigned in the Northern country, making them the first Neighponese royals to have a foreign wedding. They fully consummated their marriage on the evening of 10/17/3333, for Moon's 20th birthday. A few years pass and their first attempt to conceive a foal for their future bloodline was a failure as Moon unfortunately has a miscarriage to both twins, one colt and filly she was pregnant with and named Diamond Saihai and Diamond Song. They make another attempt four years later for another foal named Rhinestone Kodachi. Sadly, this one ended up being stillborn at halfway through pregnancy. The loss of three foals before their birth took a serious toll on Diamond Moon's mental wellbeing and happiness, she entered a long term depression as she refused to leave the palace. This depression finally came to an end in the year 3348 when she learned she was pregnant again, taking great care for herself to ensure she didn't lose another foal that she yearned to mother and nurture, finally smiling for the first time in nearly a decade when her wish came true that the foal she wanted for so long was born a healthy foal colt, she and Taiyo name him Diamond Shine. As the years pass on, Diamond Moon was a strong supporter of his husband despite having a slight disagreement with her son's harsh education. But feeling she had little authority in that regard, she remained silent on the matter. Her happiness made a serious decline when she too like her husband was highly disappointed with her son for marrying a commoner and a foreigner as he found his true love in Canterlot. She was greatly distressed the day Taiyo had collapsed late fall of 3371, being really upset that his condition, his hindlegs were completely numb and paralyzed, leaving him bedridden until his death shortly months later. Ever since her son taking the crown, she has become reclusive, managing a life within the palace walls. Never going out into the public. Enjoying her elderly years being a grandmother to the next in line to the throne and taking up her old hobby of crochet and still life painting.

Mother's Personality:

Diamond Moon being from a powerful and incredibly wealthy noble house of Neighpon enjoyed a lavish and luxurious foalhood herself. Despite her riches and assumption that she's a snobbish socialite, she was graced with a gentle, kind, motherly, and loving heart. Something her son, Diamond Shine and daughter, Peony Charm inherit. Always showing concern for her family and great loyalty and devotion to them, sometimes to the point she can be very much coddling and overprotective of her son and daughter. In this sense, she's seen as a worrywart. She is also happy and proud of how her children turned out to be, as the current Emperor of Neighpon and Crown Princess of Foalseon for Diamond Shine and Peony Charmy respectively. Her interests are classical literature and poetry, mainly those of the Prench variety.

Mother's Appearance:

Diamond Moon looks much like her son Diamond Shine, bearing a snow colored coat, thistle toned mane and tail and icy blue eyes. These traits being predominant and the pride of House Diamond. For royal ceremonys, such as royal banquets, coronations and royal weddings. She is seen wearing burgundy or red wine colored gowns adorned with golden accents and emeralds. In her youth, she let her long silky thistle hued mane hang out over her shoulders, but in her current age, she wears her mane often in a bun style with, also due to age, she has a few streaks of dark grey hairs. Her most distinguished feature that makes her stand out is her pearl necklace which has been a heirloom of House Diamond for many centuries.

Paternal Side:

Diamond Shine's father, Rising Taiyo was born on 6/1/3310 as the middle foal of three foals to then Emperor Silver Jolt and Empress Hoshi Lux. Because he is the first born male to them, he was chosen to be next in line to the throne of Neighpon. His foalhood consisted of vigorous and morning to night studies, during this time, he was sent to a military academy in Sotrotskÿ Soyuz, being the first Neighponese prince to receive a foreign education, between the ages of 3 and 7. When he reached this age in the year 3317. He was given alicorn status as per Imperial tradition since he was next in line and therefore betrothed to Lady Diamond Moon who was only a toddler at the age of three years old. During this period of time, Rising Taiyo was quick to warm up to two young colts under Silver Jolt's apprenticeship, Prince Ssangsudo Strike of Foalseon son of King Ssangsudo Slash and Queen Sijo Psalm and Nyx Spear of House Nyx. When not studying or practicing martial arts under the brutal tutelage of Cheol Topjang, a kirin stallion from Foalseon who was their ambassador to Neighpon, which the Crown Prince certainly had a mistrust of him as the Lord and General was deep down plotting to overthrow both Silver Jolt and King Ssangsudo Slash and usurp both thrones especially since Silver Jolt agreed to have Cheol wed his eldest foal, Princess Lavender Dawn who instantly had a dislike for the kirin lord as he was both seventeen years older than her and that he was obsessed with her. Rising Taiyo and his mother Empress Hoshi Lux both disagreed with this match as they had correct suspicious that he was power-hungry and lustful. Sometime later, Taiyo was terribly shaken by Lavender's untimely death when she was only sixteen on 10/17/3320. Died in some sort of accident in the forests of Southern Hayxia where she spent a month long trip with her boyfriend at the time, a well known Hayxian poet named Sanqu Melody. Silver Jolt forbade the celebrity from ever contacting his family ever again as he believed he was responsible for his only daughter's death. However, it's believed Nagas were actually responsible for Princess Lavender's death as Naga raids on villages was at a high peak in Southern Hayxia at the time. This tragedy devastated Azure Blade, the youngest foal of Silver Jolt and Hoshi Lux, as he always looked up to his elder sister. As a teen, Rising Taiyo was sent to Brightstone to be an apprentice under his future father-in-law, Lord Diamond Mist. Rising spent more and more time with the young teen Diamond Moon as he indeed become infatuated with her personality, charm and also her family's wealth and status, Moon at first didn't return the feeling as he was to arrogant and pushy towards her. She gave in when she was deeply touched by how much he really loved her, and agreed to be his future Empress as she was taken hostage during a bloody civil war known as the Meadow Rebellion, whereas a cervine noble house in the southeast reaches of Neighpon tried to declare independence and their banner houses joined in the skirmish. Rising Taiyo was very determined to rescue his engaged from their hooves took up arms and led the Imperial Army against the Meadow Troops, although he did take on some injuries in the heat of battle, thanks to his military strategies and those of his brother Azure Blade, the Imperialists were victorious and the Meadows conceded defeat, though committing treason, Emperor Silver Jolt pardoned Lord Alyxia, despite his future brother in law and High Advisor, Lord Diamond Mist was against this notion, as he believed all the Meadows should lose their lands and exiled for their treason against the Crown. Rising Taiyo and Diamond Moon did not consummate their marriage until Taiyo had reached the age of twenty four, and after a few years of university study in Britanneia two years after the Meadow Rebellion, as he waited for his engaged to become a young mare at least. They unfortunately had difficulty bearing some foals at first, Diamond Moon had a pair of twins she was excited for, but she suffered a miscarriage in the year 3335, both twins were lost as a result. Four years in 3339 later after a second attempt to have another, this one was born still-born. Losing three foals before birth, Diamond Moon entered a long term depression and finally nine years after two attempts for their heir to the throne. She had finally given birth to a healthy foal colt on 5/3/3348, they named him Diamond Shine. Rising Taiyo, along with his younger brother, Azure Blade and former chairpony of the military, close friend and advisor to his father, Lord Nyx Spear tutored the young foal with vigorous studies and martial arts in his first five years of life. Taiyo kept on overseeing his son's education to groom him to be the next Emperor when his own father, Emperor Silver Jolt passed away on 9/21/3352 after being bedridden for seven months. With Taiyo being coronated as the 37th Emperor of Neighpon after his father's death. Shortly after ascending the throne, A traitorous general named Cheol Topjang in Foalseon usurps the throne by killing the rightful king Ssangsudo Strike in his coup that occurred on 10/12/3352, which lead to his wife, Queen Mugungwha and their son Prince Ssangsudo Slice into hiding. Taiyo was furious with one of his dear friends slain that and his beloved wife Diamond Moon was taken by him whom Cheol has a strong lust to make her his queen and wife, Rising Taiyo and a loyal general, Turtle Sails, to the overthrown and slain king go over in Foalseon and lead a rebellion against the vile usurper kirin monarch. Eventually succeeding with Cheol fleeing and going into hiding on 6/14/3353. A few years later, Rising Taiyo made wedding arraignments for his son Diamond Shine on his seventh birthday, an agreement he made with a northern warlord, Celadon Hymn to have his daughter Celadon Rose marry the Crown Prince, when his first daughter Peony Charm was born, he made an arraignment to have her married to Prince Ssangsudo Slice of Foalseon to tie the neighboring kingdoms and have family bonds with them eventhough Prince Ssangsudo was twelve years older than his betrothed, a decision Empress Diamond Moon was not entirely pleased with at first since Peony Charm was just recently born. When Diamond was fifteen years of age and wanted to lead Neighponese forces in Ponjab against another war Neighpon took part in called the Naga Uprising II, Rising was reluctant to allow his only son take up arms against the enemy forces as Taiyo himself nearly lost his life in the Meadow Rebellion some thirty years ago, he eventually consented and hearing Diamond's movements were crushed by Naga tribes joining forces, Rising Taiyo himself went back into the field of battle to only regain his dear son. In the Sukholthai Kingdom. this is where Taiyo had his fate carved in stone, he took part in a battle against King Ratri of the local Naga tribe there, Ratri though eventually slain by Taiyo, not without him taking serious injuries and Naga venom being injected into him. Because of this and years of without proper treatment since antidotes for Naga venom were very rare to find and a very exhausting task to do. Rising Taiyo himself finally was declining in health when Diamond entered his 20s. The old Emperor collapsed one afternoon in the late fall of 3371, he like his father was bedridden until his death. Azure Blade assumed the title of Acting Emperor on his elder brother's orders. Rising Taiyo finally passed away in the middle of the night on 2/4/3372, attended to by his empress, son and brother. As per royal demands and tradition, he was buried with the other emperors of the past in the catacombs far beyond the back gardens where past Emperors and Empresses are eternally laid to rest.

Father's Personality:

Rising Taiyo was a chip off the old block from his father, former Emperor Silver Jolt. Often stubborn and cold hearted and arrogant, with some ruthlessness. Because of being forced under a strict education at a very young age, he was molded into a cold and tactical stallion. Despite that, he had a strong devotion to his family, and despite being strict with his foals, he cared deeply for them while hoping Diamond would be a great Emperor and Peony would be a kind and loving lady to a stallion of high status. In his last months of living, he suffered some sort of dementia, to the point he could not recognize anypony, not even his own wife and children, thus he was rendered unfit to rule the last moments in his life.

Father's Appearance:

Rising Taiyo was a tall brass colored stallion with a hunter green mane and tail, pale grey eyes, a long silky goatee running down his chin. Having a cutiemark of a red sun behind a silhouetted hill. In royal garb, he was depicted in a royal blue suit with a red cape at his shoulder, a golden crown with silver and jade accents, often carrying a silver scepter with amethyst encrusted in it and a golden cherry blossom on the top. In his elder years up to his death and because of being terminally ill, he looked rather frail and weak due to the severity of his condition, his lush hunter green mane and tail now looking a paler complexion due to age, somewhat a greyish green color.


Vast wealth(estimated net worth of 850 billion bits)
Grand silver chalice with amethyst embedded in it. His favorite cup to drink out of.
Pet Ninetailed vixen named Shiro
Private Island belonging to the Imperial Family in Foalseon.
Old ajaeng that was passed down from his mother's side of the family. First belonging to Empress Dowager Diamond Moon's great grandfather Ajaeng Melody.
The Mnemonic Riddle. The Royal Ferry that takes the Imperial Family overseas when needed. Named after the 31st Emperor of Neighpon.
The Sorrel Scroll. The Royal Train that travels across the continent of Haysia to transport the royal family. Named after the 23rd Emperor of Neighpon.
The Sapphire Arrow. The Royal Zeppelin that transports the royal family over the sky to far and hard to reach destinations. Named after the 28th Emperor of Neighpon.
A Wakizashi crafted from a tooth given by Yoluskriid.
Two Yaris and four tantos also crafted from an additional tooth given to him by Yoluskriid.

Property 1.5: The Imperial Palace

The Imperial Palace of Neighpon sits on a massive land situated about a 1 to 2 hours gallop to the capital city of Tokyoat-To. Sitting on a great expanse of land measured to be 8,276 acres of land which slowly stretch out onto a forest. The property itself boasts a large vast backyard gardens which reach out to the said forest. A small teahouse in the middle of a lake connected by a bridge. Within the palace itself is a expansive library stretching four stories, 2,089 bedrooms and 2,111 bathrooms, a servants housing building, a large ballroom where royal banquets, parties and dances are held. The interior of the Palace is a mixture of traditional Neighponese and classical Prench and Germane designs, mostly borrowed from when the first Westerners who were of Germane and Prench emissaries first happened upon the Far Eastern Realm in the year 3073 NA. Underneath the Imperial Palace is a massive underground shelter used in the events of major weather hazards, and war. The underground shelter consists of an extensive network of 5 stories underground for the safety of the Imperial Palace and Staff. Also included here is a large wine cellar that boasts a grand collection of imported Prench, Equestrian, Mexicoltan, Germane, Tuscaneyan, and Saddle Arabian wines in addition to domesticated Neighponese plum, peach and cherry blossom wines. The Palace perimeters is heavily fortified by sentry towers, a massive wall surrounding the front of the Palace and a patrol of 2,880 guards. 1,440 Daytime Guards composes of normal ponies, and 1,440 Night Patrol which composes of thestrals.

Ranks among the Neighpon Imperial Guard:

Day Guard:

Commander-Aoi Sora
Lieutenant-Bright Yari

Night Guard:
Commander-Nyx Aether

Spells Known:

Diamond is a very proficient practitioner in the art of Cryomancy. Very experienced in ice related magicks.

Basic Unicorn level spells-Levitation, teleport to short distances.

Icicle Rain-Diamond can summon a large range of icicles to rain down on any opponent.

Arctic Fire-Diamond can emit purple but icy flames that can heal to some extent.

Arctic Delusion-Diamond can induce a illusion upon a opponent that they are trapped in a seemingly endless blizzard, this spell is only temporary as it lasts 2 to 4 hours.

Icewater Delusion-Diamond can induce a illusion upon a opponent, also giving them the sensation that they are trapped in a seemingly endless frozen body of water. A very potent and lethal spell that can send the recipient in serious shock or even cause death. This spell lasts a good twenty minutes.

Ice Armor-Diamond casts a encasement of ice upon himself to protect himself from most attacks, but it can be taken down with very experienced pyromancers.

Frost Wind-Diamond can fire a wide ranged icy torrent of cold wind that can inflict severe frost numbing pain that can last for days on end.

Snow Shiruken-Diamond can call upon razor sharp snowflake shaped shirukens and fire them at his opponents.

Snow Globe-Diamond can make his opponent shrink and encase them in a glass sphere.

Snow Squall-Diamond can summon a large snowstorm that brings about heavy snowfall and a series of blizzards that can cover up to several miles.

White Tornado-Diamond can conjure a massive tornado of snow and cold wind and send it after his opponents.

Dry Ice Field-Diamond can chill the area around him, and cool it to a temperature of -110F.

Sakura Combust-Although not an ice related spell. Diamond can burst into cherry blossom petals and blow away with the wind when he is outnumbered or outmatched by opponents. Only used as a last resort in battle.

Dry Ice Bomb-Diamond can fire a series of spheres composed of dry ice that explode upon impact.

Memory Display-Diamond can play out actual events that happened in the past on a projectile screen to show others. Only works with his own memories though.

Freeze Breath-Diamond gains the ability to lower the temperature of his breath, lasts one hour.

Mouse Size-Diamond has the ability to shrink to the size of a small mouse, useful in hiding.

Mammoth Size-Diamond has the ability to increase to the size of a full grown mammoth.

Song of Xtabay-Diamond doesn't know the truth behind this. But once coming across a tainted Mare'yan artifact, he was cursed with a dark magic. This spell allows him to sing an alluring melody which brings weak and feeble souls in a trance and at his command. Spell lasts two days.

Object Morph-He can change one object into another, such as an orange to a lemon, a pebble into a sandstone.

Translate- Diamond casts a spell on himself and one other who speaks a language that Diamond doesn't speak. Making it where they both comprehend one another to each other's ears.

Rabbit Hole-Diamond can cast a spell upon himself and one other to enter a storybook. So they could both experience the great, wonderful stories written in said book.

Warg-Diamond has the ability to enter the mind of any non sapient creature, such as a wolf, hawk, tiger, etc. But can only be used when he's in a slumber.

Shadow Travel-Diamond has the ability to hide within one's shadow and move from shadow to shadow. Very effective spell in hiding.

Frostbite-This is the most potent and magic consuming of his spells. Diamond can only use this when overcome with a heavy magnitude of negative emotions like jealousy, hate, anger, and despair. Akin to Nightmare Moon, he is in a dark form with great powers. However, since his inferior to Celestia and Luna, this spell only lasts an entire day at most.


Diamond is very intelligent and political, making the decisions he believes will suit the wellbeing of his ponies. He can speak a plethora of foreign languages he studied as a colt.

Neighponese-Native tounge.
Haếng Việt-Almost Fluent
Belsh-Almost Fluent

Aside from having a incredible knowledge of foreign tounges. He is also a very skilled combatant in various forms of martial arts:

Ba Ying Quan


As a mere toddler, Diamond was quick to be trained in hoof to hoof combat and weaponry. Over the years, because his father insisted on a strict, vigorous education. He was sent abroad to prestigious private schools in Prance, Foalseon and Germaney.

List of Schools Attended:

Université d'Aix-Mare'seille-7/18/3353-4/7/3355
Trotsø School for Cryomancers-10/10/3354-2/9/3355
Yonnei University-6/10/3356-6/15/3359
Universität Tröttingen-10/3/3360-11/4/3361
Bale University-1/12/3366-6/20/3367
History and Details:
<p style="text-align: center;"><strong>Foalhood-Age: Birth to Four </strong></p>
<p style="text-align: center;">&nbsp;</p>
<p style="text-align: center;"><img style="max-width: 100%; max-height: 100%;" src="wall_uploads/621_1547008842.png" alt="" /></p>
<p style="text-align: center;">&nbsp;</p>
<p style="text-align: center;">Prince Diamond Shine was born as a unicorn on 5/3/3348 NA(Novus Aetate) to the Imperial Family of Neighpon, to Crown Prince at the time Rising Taiyo and Lady Diamond Moon, of Brightstone. As the only foal, born in Foalseon whilst his parents made a tour of the nearby kingdom with several family members and family friends in attendance to his birth, namely, King Ssangsudo Strike, Queen Mugunghwa, their five year old son, Prince Ssangsudo Slice of Foalseon, King Dha Dance and Queen Lacquer Lotus of Patrot Lao, Minister of Culture to Foalseon Pungmul Chime,&nbsp; Emperor Silver Jolt and Empress Hoshi Lux of Neighpon, were present when the new Neighponese prince was born. He lived in Foalseon at his family's private resort island called Kkum-Ui Seom for the first five months of his life, raised by his mother and a Imperial servant who managed the Imperial Family vacation spot, Bbongip Cha. Diamond Shine left the Kkum-Ui Seom Islands on 10/14/3348 when he was five months old. His grooming to be the next in line for the throne commenced almost immediately. At only age two, he was taken under the wing of his Grandfather Emperor Silver Jolt's second in command and third in command military officers, Lord Nyx Spear of House Nyx and Lord Perennial of House Evergreen. Training from sunrise to sunset in many forms of martial arts and weaponry. Befriending his mentor's daughter, Nyx Aether. Nights consisted of studying under the Court Sorcerer, Ghost Lantern. Nighttime studies consisiting of books, being personally taught in the fine arts, magic, mathematics, and foreign languages by the empire's best scholars and professors, during these studies of non-combatant subjects, Diamond made friends with Lord Perennial's second oldest son, Sorrel and his only daughter Amaryllis.</p>
<p style="text-align: center;"><strong>Colthood-Age Four to Twelve:</strong></p>
<p style="text-align: center;">&nbsp;</p>
<p style="text-align: center;"><img style="max-width: 100%; max-height: 100%;" src="wall_uploads/621_1516838576.png" alt="" /></p>
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<p style="text-align: center;">Already possessing impressive combat skills and a incredible intellect. His education still persisted as he now advanced. He attended a private university in Prance from 7/3353 to 4/3355 under his uncle Azure Blade and his old friend Arctique Lumi&egrave;re where he was trained in military stragety by Azure during day and training in cryomancy by Lumi&egrave;re in the evenings. It was also during this period in time where Diamond was elevated from Prince to The Crown Prince as his grandfather, Emperor Silver Jolt passed away early in the morning of 9/21/3352. Making way for his father Rising Taiyo and mother Diamond Moon to be coronated as the new Emperor and Empress of Neighpon. At 6 years old in 10/3354, he had an extensive stay of four months from 10/3354 to 2/3355 in the Northern Kingdom of Norwhinny in the city of Trots&oslash; at the Trots&oslash; School for Cryomancy. There, making friends with a young filly by the name Princess Sn&oslash;hjerte, the daughter of King Midnight Sun and Queen Arctic Frost of Norwhinny. Sn&oslash;hjerte was quick to be infatuated with Diamond's kind gentle heart, bravery and good looks for a young colt. Because of this, she was his first true marefriend. Especially after they strayed away from ice magic school one night. Entering the Sm&aring;relandish countryside, they ran into the savage and vicious wolf monstrosity known as Fenrir, they escaped but not without Diamond taking on a injured hindleg. Sn&oslash;hjerte, who hid in a cave from the wolf beast who swore revenge, tended to his twisted leg and fell in love for his bravery. It was here that Diamond had his first ever kiss. Sadly, their relationship was short termed, Sn&oslash;hjerte was heart broken when Diamond was ordered back to Neighpon on 4/15/3355. This is when he also was given the royal birthright to become an alicorn. In the year 3355, on his seventh birthday and his 除幕式 (Traditional Royal Family revealing as a alicorn to the public), his father also hoofpicked his future bride and empress Celadon Rose, daughter of a warlord in the north of the empire. A few months after this, he was given a major shock when he learned that he will be having a foal sister soon, named Peony Charm, born on 11/16/3355, a couple of years later he was presented with a foal brother named Dawning Daisho, born 1/12/3358. When Diamond the Crown Prince reached the age of eight in 3356, He was sent abroad for a second time, this time being closer to home in the neighboring kingdom, Foalseon where was trained by a well known grandmaster in martial arts named Kim Ja Sae. Celadon Rose, his chosen Empress was sent there with him as well in hopes they would be drawn to one another, and indeed they were. There he also befriended 2 students under this old grandmaster, Ssang Geom and Taekyun. Whilst abroad in the Foalseon Kingdom, he was again pushed down under more books, weaponry and martial arts. To ease his mind under the hefty studies, his mother enforced that he too take up a leisurely activity to make him more enlightened in the fine arts, therefore former Minister of Culture to Foalseon, Pungmul Chime taught the colt along with his own grandson, Pungmul Ballad in the field of music and poetry during the elder stallion's last few years of life before passing away on 3/8/3360. He left Foalseon when he turned eleven in the summer in the year 3359.</p>
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<p style="text-align: center;"><strong> Teen Years-Age Twelve to Eighteen:</strong></p>
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<p style="text-align: center;"><strong><img style="max-width: 100%; max-height: 100%;" src="wall_uploads/621_1516838697.jpg" alt="" /></strong></p>
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<p style="text-align: center;">On 10/3360, at age twelve. Diamond was sent to yet another foreign university, this time along with foalhood friend, Sorrel are taken under the wing of Taiyo's second in command. General Nyx Spear, attending a university in Germaney. During his time in the southern Germane country side, he trained along with two colts his age, Zweih&auml;nder and Hussar Stride of Pońska who both became best friends with the colt and buck. During his time in Germaney, a old foe returns to exact revenge on Diamond as he had sworn several years prior. Fenrir severely injures Diamond, but Zweih&auml;nder jumps at his rescue before the wolf demon could finish off the Neighponese Prince, he driving his sword right through the Fenrir's head, killing him instantly, Diamond thanked his friend and months later returned back to Neighpon. An unfortunate event struck Diamond shortly, just two months shy of his thirteeth birthday. His hoofpicked bride, Princess Celadon Rose was diagnosed with a fatal and uncurable illness which eventually claimed her life a year later. Passing away on 10/18/3362. A few months later on 1/6/3363, the underground rebels in Foalseon who were secretly funded by Rising Taiyo and Diamond's materal grandfather Lord Diamond Mist have managed to take a good majority of Foalseon, liberating it from the wicked usurper king Cheol Topjang. As a result of the kirin's impending defeat, he has Diamond and his mother captured threatning to kill them if he is overthrown. However before he could execute them, Rising Taiyo breached the Foalseonese palace, dueling with Cheol and emerging victorious as he ran his sword through the vile kirin usurper's heart. A few months later when Diamond now fifteen on 6/3363, very well honed and having an IQ of 160. He gets his first taste of warfare and combat, persuading his reluctant father to allow him to take command in war effort in Ponjab against a naga insurgency occurring in the region in which Ponjab along with Neighpon, Patrot Lao, Sukholthai, and Srok Khmare declare war on the union of local naga clans striving to conquer the entire South and Southeast regions of Haysia. After some effort to try and defeat them, the nagas proved to be a much more potent enemy for the crown prince. As such, he was defeated and beaten in a battle, afterwords he was taken prisoner again, but this time for the next two years. Being sold off like a slave that was considered property by King Viper to another naga clan in Srok Khmare to Queen Thnapoul. Hearing his son was defeated in battle, and taken a prisoner or war. Rising Taiyo took up arms and sought out a fiery vengeance for Diamond, demanding his colt be freed. But instead, Taiyo was fatally wounded in the Sukholthai Kingdom in the aftermath of a fierce clash between the Imperial Neighponese Army and a union of Sukholthaian Naga Clans. Taiyo taking fatal dosages of Naga venom from the regional Naga King, Ratri. Taiyo did manage to slay Ratri on the battlefield, but not without enduring his injuries. However for Diamond, once there in Srok Khmare and at Queen Thnapoul's Naga tribe, he endured alot of mental and physical torment for her sadistic pleasure for the next eight months, during this time a fellow inmate who is at the vile monarch's mercy as well is a young mare going by the name Qeej Aria, they were an item for the duration of their imprisonment. On the summer night of 7/10/3364 was when Diamond had lost his virginity with the Patrot Laotian mare, albeit they never did concieve a foal. Eventually he broke out with the mass captives, thanks to a fellow prisoner going by the name Khanjar Jhoka, with this event occuring late in the night of 7/15/3365 the prisoners revolt and fight back against their Naga captors and tormentors. Diamond Shine then set out on a quest for revenge against the wicked serpents. Starting with Queen Thnapoul who he slew in her sleep, then making his way back to Ponjab, against Viper's tribe, the two of them went head on in a one on on battle. Diamond emerged victorious despite a lot of fight from King Viper, which exhausted the young alicorn prince. As gratitude of killing the evil Naga King and effectively bring an end to the Naga Conflict II, Diamond was praised as a hero among the Ponjabi ponies. However given the severity of his treament, being malnourished those long brutal two and a half years, and briefly reuniting with Qeej Aria, Diamond was contained within the Srok Khmare capital city of Siem Leap as he underwent treatment to help him heal for the next few months. He returned to Neighpon in 11/7/3365 at seventeen years old, even more mentally strong.</p>
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<p style="text-align: center;"><strong> University Years-Age Eighteen to Twenty One:</strong></p>
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<p style="text-align: center;"><strong><img style="max-width: 100%; max-height: 100%;" src="wall_uploads/621_1516838838.png" alt="" /></strong></p>
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<p style="text-align: center;">The year was 3366, upon reaching stallionhood . Diamond set out to Bale University in Canterlot in 1/3366, where he studied political science and foreign languages, and was a member of the hoofball team. Once landing at the dormitories for the students, he was given a big wave of bizarre and strange looks, mainly because it was he was an alicorn stallion of foreign upbringing. It was also here he met fellow student Star Dream. The mare who later becomes his wife and empress, he was lovestruck by just first laying eyes on her in their first lecture in a magic class. Becoming study partners shortly after, soon their friendship blossoming to a relationship, to the point they were inseparable. It was also here that he reunited with a few old foalhood friends, Sn&oslash;hjerte, Zweih&auml;nder, Pungmul Ballad, and Taekyun. However seeing Diamond was truly in love with Star Cluster, this broke Sn&oslash;hjerte's heart at first but eventually came to accept them. She soon fell for Zweih&auml;nder instead who in turn returned her feelings. However, this didn't sit well with Hussar Stride who was Star's coltfriend and Diamond's foalhood friend back in Germaney now a recruit to the Canterlot Guard, albeit he was possessive and abusive towards her, a stark contrast to Diamond's gentle and caring nature, something that Star came to love in him. Deeming his former friend now a fierce rival for her affection, he challenged Diamond to a brutal fight which the larger and huskier Hussar nearly won, but Diamond eventually defeated his former friend despite being battered and rammed at repeatedly by the large draft pegasus something that resulted in cracked ribs and a broken foreleg, despite all that, Diamond manages to throw down Hussar over a shallow waterfall outside Canterlot city limits. Star from then on never left Diamond's side as she treated his injuries and firmly decided he's the prince of her dreams. They married within just months of knowing one another. The wedding was a very private ceremony with only Taekyun, Zweih&auml;nder, Pungmul Ballad, and Sn&oslash;hjerte in attendance on the evening of 7/16/3366. She soon became pregnant with her very first foal, bearing him a son who was born 8/3367. After completing their short term education in Equestria, Diamond with his new wife were met with scorn from both his parents that he married a commoner, despite the fact Star Dream's own father, Nebula Cloud was a highly respected professor at Canterlot University and her mother Art Nouveau was a well known interior designer in the Equestrian capital city and both being members among the high class. Rising Taiyo's frustration on the matter was ever since Celadon Rose, Diamond's first betrothed died, Taiyo made another marriage arraignment with another Noble House in Neighpon. He and Lord Nyx Spear of House Nyx had arraigned for Spear's daughter, Nyx Aether to wed with Diamond, a pact now that cannot be completed due The Crown Prince already having a wife. They later attend the funeral of Diamond's grandmother, Empress Dowager Hoshi Lux who passed away on the 8/11/3367, just only ten days before her great grandson, Prince Aurora Relic was born on 8/24/3367.</p>
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<p style="text-align: center;"><strong> Emperor Years-Age Twenty One to Twenty Seven:</strong></p>
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<p style="text-align: center;"><strong><img style="max-width: 100%; max-height: 100%;" src="wall_uploads/621_1516838990.png" alt="" /></strong></p>
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<p style="text-align: center;">Diamond finally returned from Canterlot with his new wife in 6/3367, who was heavy with their first foal, Aurora Relic who was born three months after Diamond's nineteenth birthday. Taiyo did not take well to having a daughter in law of non noble blood, eventually he gave in and gave his blessing for Diamond and Star to take the throne when he goes At the age of twenty, shortly after his first son Aurora Relic was born. Diamond decided to resume his education, first heading off to Bodh Chen Ponh, where he studied some more of the mystic arts under one named Chakra Stone between 4/17/3368 to 1/9/3369. Then afterwards, heading further west into Sireland where he attended the School of Dead Languages as he studied languages that are no longer spoken from 6/15/3369 to 10/2/3370. Upon the year 3371 in the summer Diamond at the age of twenty three, Taiyo had fallen terminally ill, mainly due to the fatal injuries he recieved in the War of the Nagas years ago, something he never truly recovered from as his condition worsened, his hindlegs becoming paralyzed, thus limiting him to being confined to his bed. Rendering the old emperor unfit to rule. Rising Taiyo passed away on a cold night 2/3372, Diamond was coronated as the 38th Emperor in his royal lineage after his father's death. One of his first emergency actions as Emperor was close off trade and flow of imports and exports between Neighpon and Equestria, along with closing off the entire eastern kingdom when he got word that the demon centaur, Tirek had escaped Tartarus. Reopening the trades, and travel once he was defeated and banished to the underworld. Several months after this, Star Dream gave birth to his daughter, Princess Diamond Dust on a cold snowy winter night in 3372. Since then, he's been a just and kind ruler, popular amongst the ponies. Within the second year of his reign, his second daughter named Princess Sakura Hoshi was born on a early summer morning in 3374. The remaining days of the year went by with a much relaxed summer, autumn and winter. Along with the first few months of the new year, but Diamond got word upon the last week in 3/3375, a ancient Oni king named Lavan has broken out of his prison after five thousand years. Currently the fire golem's whereabouts are unknown, so Diamond is presently on the search for Lavan on the loose who poses a threat to the world. The two went head on, Diamond suffered a major defeat at the lava golem's hands at first, but soon got back up and with all his strength cast the wretched demon lord in stone for all eternity. Not long after that, as summer starts to turn to fall, another threat was starting to make its way to Diamond and his family. Queen Silk of the violent and treacherous Gossamer Clan, a rogue clan of changelings once again trying to claim all of Neighpon for themselves, first by seeking out to drive madness and distrust among the other warlords and Imperial Family in the hopes they will wipe eachother out so the wicked Queen Silk can be the only one left standing also, helping her is the resurrected Lord Cheol Topjang who was killed by Diamond's father years ago. Neighpon fell under her reign for a short time, she ruled with an iron hoof. Diamond was banished to Drakke Yuul, which are on very bad terms with Neighpon due to some tension caused by his father when he was only a toddler. The ironhoofed ruler of Drakke Yuul, Druk Gyalpo was hellbent on having Diamond executed not worrying over the threat and possibility of waging war with Neighpon, as he was completely unaware of Queen Silk usurping the throne. One night in the prison on 11/1/3375, Diamond had broken out of the Druk Gyalpo's Mountain Palace and fled to restore order to Neighpon, the Druk Gyalpo was hot on his hooves and after a brief fight, Diamond convinces the Dragon Monarch to look past his old grudge with his parents and look to a positive future with newly established relations with Neighpon, which the Druk Gyalpo agrees to, also agreeing to help assist in helping Diamond regain his throne. Diamond arrived back in Neighpon with his new ally the Druk Gyalpo as they storm the Imperial Palace where a fierce battle occurs between Diamond and the wretched Queen Silk, eventually resulting in her utter and final defeat. Diamond spares her life, but orders her to live the rest of her life in exile to the Haysian Arctic Tundra where she will never be seen or heard from again, thus bringing a final demise to House Gossamer in Neighpon After Queen Silk's defeat, Diamond finds out Cheol was the mastermind behind it all, but upon discovering that Silk was poisoning him, having an affect that drove him into a mindless beast. Diamond slew Cheol Topjang once and for all, having his corpse destroyed. The last month of 3375 went on peacefully. On 11/16/3375, Diamond was present at his sister, Princess Peony Charm's wedding in Foalseon as she married the Prince to the nearby kingdom and close allies to Neighpon, he escorted his little sister while having waterfalls of liquid pride down the aisle and to her newly wedded husband, Prince Ssangsudo Slice of Foalseon. Diamond sat at the front aisle alongside his very proud and tearful mother and mother of his new brother in law, Queen Mugunghwa as the two royals said their vows and pronounced husband and wife.</p>
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<p style="text-align: center;"><strong>Emperor Years II-Age Twenty Eight to Forty Nine<br /></strong></p>
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<p style="text-align: center;"><img style="max-width: 100%; max-height: 100%;" src="wall_uploads/621_1516871110.png" alt="" /></p>
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<p style="text-align: center;">The remainder of 3375 had gone peacefully as was the first two months of the new year of 3376. Diamond and Star welcome their fourth foal into the world on 1/28/3376 and name him Quasar Storm. Afterwards they made a promise to have no more as they both believe they have more than enough offspring. 4/3376, an incident had occured in Neighponese waters and Lord Cascade Wave of House Cascade has requested Imperial aid as the half kraken half mare witch named Akkorokamui has usurped control of the Northern Neighponese Arctic waters and Cascade holdings. Diamond goes to investigate, taking a seapony form for the first time and is initially captured by the sea witch with the heir to the lands Lord Cascade Wave, thanks to her using her sorcery to conjure forth a dark version of Diamond, calling it Onyx Shade, his doppleganger being equal in his physical ability, mind and magic prowess. Regaining some strength, Diamond breaks free and slays the monstrosity and thus saving the Cascade Situation and finally defeating Onyx though he does escape and swear he'll be back one day. Months 5/3376 and 6/3376 go on without any incident but however for 7/18/3376 upon a diplomatic mission to the Qholtjar Kingdom, he is taken by surprise again as Onyx Shade indeed returned for revenge from a few months back in the Neighponse maritime territories. This time seeking help from a disgraced Qholtjarian sorcerer named Mystic Noctis who sicks a ancient demon which he summoned called the Alu which nearly overpowers the young Emperor. After a fierce battle, Diamond proves triumphant with depowering Mystic who flees the scene but not without the dark sorcerer swearing vengeance. Onyx Shade too is defeated again and does the same promising to Diamond that their next meeting will be their last as he will kill him for two utter defeats as he sees himself superior to his good counterpart. Diamond returned to Neighpon 7/22/3376. Months in 9/12/3376 later seeing another world problem and Diamond having his usual need to fix it next heads out to Norwhinny where a conflict had broken out between of 20 foot ponies and common ponyfolk all really a spiel of chaos caused by the dark wizard known as Odin with his worm-dragon beast, N&iacute;&eth;h&ouml;ggr, which the oily black gigantic worm-snake made a meal of Diamond by swallowing him whole, though Diamond escapes the insides of the foul putrid beast and slaying it. Setting out to sort out the problem, he is nearly killed by the giant king, Ymir. After fighting with the misunderstood giants, and Ymir. An injured Diamond is able to scout out that Odin is the cause of the discord between the Norwhinnygian ponyfolk and the giants, ousting Odin from the region for good and into the underworld. Diamond returned to Neighpon afterwards after solving that situation on 10/2/3376 and the remainder of that year went on peacefully. Following the start of the new year of 3377, Diamond and his family get the news from foalhood friends Sorrel and Amaryllis who are now retainers to Peony Charm that his sister Crown Princess had given birth to twins, a healthy baby colt and filly on 1/2/3377. She and her husband, Prince Ssangsudo Slice name him Ssangsudo Mulyeog and their daughter Jade Bujeog and designate Ssangsudo Mulyeog as the future king to Foalseon. With their foals being born, Queen Mugunghwa, mother to Ssangsudo steps down as Queen of Foalseon thus allowing him and Peony to become the new King and Queen. Diamond and his mother who both smiled proudly to see their foal sister and daughter ascend the throne of Foalseon, being the first Foalseonese queen of Neighponese ancestry. Peace was thriving until early spring of 3377 however. War comes to Neighpon again as A ship from the Quzcolt Empire was dealing illegal operations. Several Neighponese troops see this and in their vain attempt to cease it, they are slain. Diamond demands answers, so he wages a war on the criminal elements coming from the Quzcolt Empire along with a nearby kingdoms, Q'anjob'ale, with their dictator and director of the illegal goods, Jaguar Axe being sent to deal with Diamond. Diamond battling him and winning though taking a serious gash to his shoulder blade. Then going to the Quzcoltan Emperor Golden Goblet, this wicked emperor flaunts his corrupt nature by revealing he's in cahoots with the Underworld Bosses. Diamond and Golden Goblet duel which leads to Diamond taking a few more injuries and Golden Goblet's head. Afterwords, the daughter of Jaguar Axe, Princess Tiger Lily takes rule of Q'anjob'ale and wishes to be courted by Diamond as she finds him brave and handsome, though Diamond declines as he is already married. While here, Diamond comes to realize treachery from the small Noble House Shadow who is also secretly alligned with the slain Quzcoltan and Q'anjob'ale tyrants and the criminal Neighpon Underground, an empire criminal orgainization dedictated to illegal good shipments to the lands south of Equestria. Returning to Neighpon back in 4/8/3377, Diamond first takes great measures to capture every Crime Boss in Neighpon Underground, then afterwards, marches his army down to the territory held by House Shadow. Taking hold of it and seizing Lord Shadow Lyric who admits to his corrupt nature. Shadow Lyric is taken prisoner then executed for his crimes on 4/28/3377, the day House Shadow has been made extinct. The remainder of that month and the month of Diamond's 29th birthday was met with relative peace. One week after this, Diamond attends the wedding of his younger brother Prince Dawning Daisho and Gzhel Craft, a commonmare from a poor village in The Sotrotsk&yuml; Soyuzan Far East. But with 6/3377, Diamond was forced to come to the land of Sm&aring;reland, his wife, Empress Star Dream was captured and taken prisoner by an old foe. Mystic Noctis from the Qholtjar Kingdom joined forces with a elder woodswitch named Sei&eth;r Arts, who was a priestess to the dark banished wizard god Odin. They intended to sacrifice the Neighponese Empress consort in an effort to bring back the dark lord. Though they failed in sacrificing Star Dream, they were able to use some of her blood to revive Fenrir who was quick for vengeance on Diamond. But with the help of Sn&oslash;hjerte and her husband Zweih&auml;nder along with his new friend, Prince R&oslash;d Ulfbehrt to defeat the demonic wolf once again and slay Sei&eth;r. Mystic was able to escape and once more swore revenge. With her departure and Diamond coming back to Neighpon with his wife, Zweih&auml;nder, Sn&oslash;hjerte and their five year old daughter Sn&oslash; Ballad. Zweih&auml;nder takes on a position with Diamond's personal guard and for Sn&oslash;hjerte to take on a job in the Royal Library to manage the royal archives. It is here that Hussar Stride returns to meet with Diamond and Star Dream and asks for forgiveness. To which Diamond accepts his apology and he too joins Diamond's personal guard. Only a month later in 7/19/3377 is when Diamond's maternal grandfather, Lord Diamond Mist passes away at the age of 87 and just a few days after his birthday. His funeral attended by Diamond, his mother, Diamond Moon and few other family members. His maternal grandmother, Lady Sakura Breeze goes along later to join her husband two years later in 9/2/3379. Two years pass without incident and the time is now 6/3381, Diamond being at the age of thirty three. Queen Silk returns after spending nearly six years banished in the Great Arctic Tundra, she spent one year rebuilding her hive in the wilderness of the borders of Hayxia and The Achemaneid Empire. It is here she comes across an ancient and forgotten tomb containing a past Emperor to Hayxia and his army of terracotta stallions, using a charm to awake him and his forces. She convinces him, Emperor D&igrave; Yī Xīng to conquer the entire region as it did belong to him thousands of years ago. Which he does, swiftly causing the entire country of Hayxia and Foalseon under his iron hoof, in the process he takes Peony Charm, Ssangsudo Slice and their two foals Ssangsudo Mulyeog and Jade Bujeog hostage, Queen Mother Mugunghwa dying in the process as she openly defied D&igrave; Yī Xīng, therefore he had her executed. Following this, Queen Silk and her changeling arachnid hive launch a second invasion on Neighpon on 7/12/3381, which she succeeds with her hive and some terracotta warriors supplied by D&igrave; Yī Xīng. Feeling sadistic and vengeful she has the Empress Dowager Diamond Moon slain on 8/7/3381 and Diamond's uncle Azure Blade falls in battle on 8/11/3381 as he tries to get Diamond and his family out to safety. After hiding out for four months in the Achemaneid Empire where Di Yi Xing is coming to launch his conquest west of the continet. Convincing the local rulers of Patrot Lao, Sukholthai, Ponjab, Neighpal, Srok Khmare, and N'guyen Domain of the threat coming from the east. They lay siege to Hayxia and come to overthrow the evil ancient emperor. Di Yi Xing was finally overthrown and defeated as Diamond then goes back to Neighpon on 12/6/3381 where he makes audience with Queen Silk and thus defeats her a second time. But the wretched changeling queen is instead sentenced to death which is carried out months later on 5/29/3382. Two months later, Diamond returns to Foalseon in 8/10/3382 where his sister Peony Charm had given birth to her third foal. A filly having her late grandmother and uncle's looks. She is named Diamond Kkoch. A decade of peace passes as it's 10/3393 now, Diamond is now in his middle ages as he happily attends the wedding of his son Prince Aurora Relic now a stallion of 26 years of age as he marries Sn&oslash; Ballad, making her a Princess of Neighpon. Not long after, they have their first foal Sn&oslash; Relic born on 2/20/3395. A few years later, Diamond Dust, his daughter gets married to a foreign stallion she met while schooling in Brittanneia, Frost Amulet. They too have their own foal two years later, a colt named Diamond Frost born on 12/9/3397.</p>
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<p style="text-align: center;"><strong>The Bittersweet Ending-Age Fourty Nine to Sixty Four</strong></p>
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<p style="text-align: center;">The rest of the 3300's comes to a peaceful ending. It is now 3400, Diamond although much aged but in his prime years had to come to the rescue when his sister and daughter Sakura Hoshi were abducted by none other than Onyx Shade in the summer of 3400 to Hayxia. There Diamond with his brother-in-law, Ssangsudo Slice make duel with his dark counterpart again, but is nearly defeated and Ssangsudo being killed with a fatal spell fired by Onyx. As for 26 year old Sakura Hoshi, Onyx had given her away to the Nagas. Again they try and lay conquest to the entire region of Southeast Haysia, led by King Venom. A fierce war breaks out when Queen Lacquer Lotus of Patrot Lao, widowed wife of King Dha Dance who died in 3/3395 due to age. Queen Lacquer declares war on all the nagas and with Diamond, Zweih&auml;nder, and his second in command, Captain Nyx Aether convince the regional monarchs to join the fray. In a heated battle in Srok Khmare occurring on 7/20/3400, Nyx Aether is slain in battle and dies in Diamond's hooves. Later on, despite Diamond's great efforts, he is mortally wounded by Venom in a one on one fight and unfortantely failed to save his daughter Sakura Hoshi as she is brutally mauled by the naga savages before his eyes on 8/3/3400. Diamond is also able to finally locate his sister but is stunned to see Peony's spirit and body broken as Onyx Shade had kept her a prisoner and subjected her to daily brutal rape and making her witness her daughter, Jade Bujeog's death. Diamond and Onyx then have one last fight, this time to the death, which ends in a wounded Diamond finally killing his shadow counterpart once and for all. Right after that, he tearfully delivers a mercy death to his catatonic sister by snapping her neck.&nbsp; With one of his foals, niece and sister dead before him and returning back to Neighpon, the 52 year old emperor has decided he's done with fighting given how he just lost his sister and youngest daughter and failed to save them. The naga uprising came to an end this time and for good as all nagas have officially gone extinct, albeit not without Queen Lacquer Lotus and his foalhood friend Zweih&auml;nder being causualties of the war as well. Peace comes to Neighpon for another twelve years until Yuki Onna, the Queen of Winter for Neighpon ushers in a very cold and brutal winter that devastates most of the world in 10/3412. Diamond despite claiming he's done with fighting goes out to solve the problem. The elder emperor goes out into the Neighponese Arctic to deal with the Winter Queen, A fierce battle of ice breaks out to a stalement. The Yuki Onna states she has been Winter's Bringer for the last 1,700 years, and it is time for her to be replaced. Diamond is hesitant to comply but he eventually gives in as it's the only way to stop her rampage. With that deal sealed, Diamond bids his tearful wife Star Dream farewell, they share one last kiss as Diamond transforms into the new Yuki Onna. His story coming to a bittersweet conclusion on 12/16/3412. Diamond now forever being the new personification of Winter for the rest of time, only being active during the winter months and in a deep sleep for the rest of the year. With this, Diamond's Empress Star Dream dies of heartbreak upon Diamond's change. His eldest son, Aurora Relic, now age 45 is coronated as the 39th Emperor of the Yamato Dynasty, his son Sn&oslash; Relic now 17 is made his heir to the throne. His uncle, Dawning Daisho is appointed the Head of the Military Command to replace Nyx Aether. Quasar Storm is made Minister of Magic. Diamond Dust and her husband Frost Amulet settle into a nice quiet life in Scoltland where they become magic teachers with their son Diamond Frost named Lord to Brightstone and revives House Diamond when he became of age. With Aurora Relic's Council chosen, they work together, ushering in an era of peace and prosperity as they rebuild.</p>
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