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Unicorn Pony
Cutie Mark:
Five pointed star, half black, half white
Researcher, Canterlot Archives
Content Rating:
Unicorn mare with a blue coat, dark brown eyes, and jet black mane and tail. Little bit heavier than the average mare. Wears glasses.
Misc Information:
This will be a VERY long spell list, as I'm using D&D 3.5/Pathfinder spells and rules for them. Descriptions will be provided in parentheses. The "Per Day" system means that is how many spells she can prepare every day. For example, since she has four 5th level spells per day, she can prepare two Baleful Polymorphs, one Polymorph, and a Break Enchantment, or any combination every day.

Datura, her pet snake, must be with her at all times to cast spells effectively. If he isn't present, her spellcasting may fail.

TOUCH spells require her to touch her target in order to take effect.
BEAM spells fire an actual beam, so one could be able to dodge it.
PERSONAL spells affect her or her python only.
-SR spells ignore any spell/magic resistance the target may have.

She has the ability to prepare a "Maximized" spell, which deals maximum damage to otherwise random damage values. Preparing a maximized spell counts that spell level as three higher, so she can prepare a Maximized Magic Missile, but not a Maximized Lightning Bolt. Casting a maximized spell takes six seconds to cast.

0th Level (AKA Cantrips) - Can prepare 4, but can cast prepared cantrips at any time
Resistance (Makes the target more resistant to spell effects, poisons, and traps. Lasts 1 minute) TOUCH
Acid Splash (Flings a glob of acid at the target. Doesn't hurt very much.) -SR Range: 50 feet
Detect Poison (Shows her nearby poison.) -SR Range: 50 feet
Read Magic (Allows her to decipher magical scripts in spellbooks, scrolls, and weapons. Lasts 1 hour and 40 minutes.) PERSONAL
Dancing Lights (Creates four balls of light that float around in a 10 foot radius. Lasts one minute and can move about 17 feet per second.) Range: 200 feet
Flare (Creates a sudden burst of light that could potentially dazzle others.) Range: 50 feet
Light (Causes an object to shine like a torch. Lasts 1 hour and 40 minutes.) -SR TOUCH
Ray of Frost (Fires a freezing cold ray. Doesn't hurt very much.) BEAM Range: 50 feet
Mage Hand (Telekinetically lifts objects 5 pounds or less.) -SR Range: 50 feet
Arcane Mark (Magically places her cutie mark on an object.) -SR TOUCH
Prestidigitation (Minor things like color change, hair length, taste of food, etc. Lasts 1 hour.) -SR Range: 10 feet
Read Magic (Allows her to read magical scrolls and books.) PERSONAL
Detect Magic (Shows her any nearby magic.) -SR Range: 60 foot cone
Mending (Partially restores damaged/broken items.) Range: 10 feet
Ghost Sound (Can create random sounds in a location. Cannot create speech. Lasts 1 minute.) -SR Range: 50 feet
Bleed (Causes an unconscious but stable creature, due to physical harm, to start dying.) Range: 50 feet
Disrupt Undead (Slightly harms an undead creature.) BEAM Range: 50 feet
Touch of Fatigue (Makes a creature tired for 1 minute.) TOUCH
Message (Her whispers can be heard by one she designates from 200 feet away. Lasts 1 hour and 40 minutes.) -SR
Open/Close (Opens and closes average doors.) Range: 50 feet
Spark (Causes a tiny unattended object to catch fire.) Range: 50 feet

1st Level - 7/day
Magic Missile (Five orange bolts of pure magical energy burst from her horn, and can hit up to five targets, two of which can't be more than 15 feet apart. These bolts never miss, but is negated by a shield spell.) Range: 200 feet
Enlarge Pony (Doubles a pony's size. Lasts 10 minutes.) Range: 50 feet
Reduce Pony (Halves a pony's size. Lasts 10 minutes) Range: 50 feet
Ray of Enfeeblement (Makes the target physically weaker for 1 minute.) BEAM Range: 50 feet
Endure Elements (Target isn't affected by the heat, cold, or other adverse weather. Lasts 24 hours.) TOUCH
Feather Fall (Falls at a rate of 10 feet per second, and isn't harmed by falling from heights.) Range: 50 feet
Shield (Creates an invisible shield of pure force in front of her. Deflects the Magic Missile spell. Lasts 10 minutes.) PERSONAL
Forced Quiet (Muffles the sounds of her target. Lasts 1 minute.) Range: 200 feet
Alarm (Wards a 20 foot radius to notify her if something enters said area. Lasts 24 hours.) -SR Range: 50 feet
Identify (As Detect Magic, but is easier to tell magical properties of an item.)
Touch of Gracelessness (Makes the target much less agile and prone to tripping on anything, including themselves. Flying creatures become more clumsy in flight. Lasts for 1 minute.) TOUCH
Secluded Grimoire (Teleports her spellbook to a random and safe place in another plane of existence. She can make it reappear at any time, but must cast the spell again to send it back to the plane.) -SR TOUCH

2nd Level - 6/day
Invisibility (Turns target invisible. Lasts 10 minutes, or until target makes a hostile action.) TOUCH
Knock (Unlocks any lock.) -SR Range: 200 feet
Darkvision (Allows target to see in total darkness, up to 60 feet. Cannot see in color. Lasts 10 hours) TOUCH
Fox's Cunning (Makes the target smarter for 10 minutes.) TOUCH
Spider Climb (Allows the target to walk on walls and ceilings. Lasts 1 hour and 40 minutes.) TOUCH
Blindness/Deafness (Permanently blinds or deafens a creature) Range: 200 feet
Shatter (Causes a hypersonic wave that shatters non-magical objects, either individually, or in a 5 foot radius.) Range: 50 feet
Lesser Passage (Allows her to phase through solid objects. Immune to physical attacks while in this state, whereas magic still affects her. Lasts for 6 seconds.) PERSONAL

3rd Level - 5/day
Dispel Magic (Cancels one magical effect of her choice. May or may not work. Also used for counterspells.) -SR Range: 200 feet
Haste (Doubles the speed of all movement, including swimming and climbing. Can affect up to 10 targets, no two can be more than 30 feet apart. Lasts for 1 minute.) Range: 50 feet
Slow (Halves the speed of the target, and can only move, cast a spell, or attack once every 6 seconds. Can affect up to 10 targets, as long as no two are more than 30 feet apart. Lasts for 1 minute) Range: 50 feet
Armor Lock (Causes all joints in any armor to stiffen, hindering movement or armored targets. Has no effect on non-metal armor. Armor type (Heavy, Medium, Light) determines how impaired the wearer is. Even with successful resistance, those in heavy armor are still slightly impaired. Lasts for 1 minute.) Range: 200 feet
Lightning Bolt (Creates a bolt of pure lightning that moves in a straight line.) Range: 120 feet
Arcane Sight (Allows her to see magical auras within 120 feet. Lasts for 10 minutes.) PERSONAL
Daylight (As the spell Light, but even brighter light illuminates a 60 foot radius. Lasts 1 hour and 40 minutes.) -SR TOUCH
Nondetection (Blocks most detection and scrying magic on the target. Lasts 10 hours.) TOUCH
Blink (Rapidly winks both in and out of an ethereal state, causing all physical contact to have a 50% chance of phasing through her, except for certain circumstances. Lasts for 1 minute) PERSONAL
Sands of Time (Causes her target to suddenly age, including all the drawbacks of their advanced age. Lasts for 1 hour and 40 minutes.) TOUCH

4th Level - 5/day
Dimension Door (Allows teleportation. Can also take up to 3 willing ponies. Can be cast while she's restrained, but not while silenced.) -SR Maximum Range: 800 feet
Obsidian Flow (Converts a thin layer of the ground into a 40 foot diameter circle of molten glass that cools instantly with jagged spikes, anchoring any ponies caught in it.) -SR Range: 50 feet
Dimensional Anchor (Blocks target's teleportation of any kind. Lasts 10 minutes.) BEAM Range: 200 feet
Enervation (Literally, and temporarily, drains the target's life. The spell is nonlethal, and target recovers after 10 hours. Undead creatures are bolstered by this spell rather than drained.) BEAM Range: 50 feet
Bestow Curse (Target permanently becomes either one of these: weaker, less agile, less hardy, dumber, not as wise, less charismatic, harder to attack things, less resistant to many things, less skillful, or a 50% chance to not do anything at all.) TOUCH
Greater Invisibility (As the Invisibility spell, but doesn't reveal herself with a hostile action. Lasts for 1 minute.) TOUCH
Shadow Step (Functions as Dimension Door. Stepping into a shadow can teleport her to another shadow within 200 feet. Not affected by Dimensional Anchor.) PERSONAL
Remove Curse (Removes any curses on the target. May not succeed, depending on curse complexity.) TOUCH
Stoneskin (Target becomes as hard as stone. Shrugs off a decent amount of weapon damage. Discharges after enough damage has been taken. Lasts for 1 hour and 40 minutes) TOUCH
Mass Reduce Pony (As Reduce Pony, but can affect up to 10 targets) Range: 50 feet
Mass Enlarge Pony (As Enlarge Pony, but can affect up to 10 targets) Range: 50 feet
Eyes of the Void (Functions like Darkvision, but allows the target to see into magical darkness as well. Target's eyes turn completely black for the duration, but appear white to those with Darkvision. Lasts for 10 minutes.) TOUCH
Illusory Wall (Creates a permanent 1x10x10 ft. surface that looks entirely real until interacted with, in which case physical objects merely pass through. Only Mint could see through the illusory wall, even if one knows it's fake or touches it.) -SR
Shout (Creates an ear splitting yell in a 30 foot cone in front of her. Anyone who fails to resist the spell becomes deaf for 1 minute and 12 seconds maximum.)

5th Level - 4/day
Baleful Polymorph (Changes target into a small and harmless animal of her choice, e.g. a rabbit, a squirrel, or a turtle.) Range: 50 feet
Passage (Allows her to phase through solid objects. Immune to physical attacks while in this state, whereas magic still affects her. Can hold the spell for a maximum of 30 seconds.) PERSONAL
Wall of Force (Creates an invisible wall of pure force. Very hard to break and cannot be dispelled. Lasts for 1 minute.) -SR Range: 50 feet
Polymorph (Allows her or another willing subject to transform into various animals, ponies, or even an elemental being. Cannot transform into dragons or plants. Lasts 10 minutes, or until the target wishes it to end.) TOUCH
Permanency (Causes some spells to be permanent.) -SR
Break Enchantment (Frees victims from enchantments, transmutations, and curses.) -SR Range: 50 feet
Teleport (Allows for teleportation up to 1,000 miles away. Depending on how familiar she is with the destination, the chance of failure could be anywhere between 3-25%. She can take 3 other creatures along.) TOUCH
Duplicate Familiar (Crates an exact copy of Datura, acting just like him and following orders. Shrivels away after 1 hour and 40 minutes) -SR TOUCH
History and Details:
<p>Mint Petal is the only child of an earth pony father and a unicorn mother. Before she could even have any memories of her father, he vanished from her life. Since that event, her mother became depressed and very controlling, using magic to make Mint obey whatever she said. She was the third pony in her class to earn her cutie mark, by accidentally changing the color of her mane and tail from a cool, minty green to jet black. She was constantly bullied throughout school leading to her distrust and avoidance of every pony possible. Her first large incident was when she asked another filly to a school dance, unaware of social customs. She has been ridiculed for that event, and many other aspects, until her graduation. Almost immediately after graduating, she left for Ponyville for some peace and quiet, as well as independent magic study. After a few years of staying in Ponyville, she received a letter from the Canterlot Archives, offering her a job as an arcane researcher. She immediately took the job and moved back to Canterlot, where she now resides in an apartment complex about 15 minutes away from the Archives. Now, however, she's been able to manage her mental disorder much better, with help from her therapist. Since then, she's been more social, though elements or her disorders will still remain, even at the best of times.</p>
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