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Unicorn Pony
Cutie Mark:
Three brown stars
Ponyville, Equestria
Bronze works for the town of Ponyville as a Magic Teacher. He teaches magic to young Unicorn foals that need to be taught how to harness and control their magical abilities. Needless to say, some are easier than others.
Content Rating:
Mature (NSFW)
This stallion is a pretty normal one, so don't expect anything too interesting about him. His mane, tail, and eyes are all dark brown and his coat is tan, plain and simple. He is somewhat shy, kind, caring, and gentle. He can get a bit of a temper, but he knows how to control it. Bronze is quite happy with his current life and relationship status, but that can always change if he finds the right stallion for him.
Bronze could talk for hours and hours on books, spells, and magic in general. He is quite the nerd when it comes to that kind of stuff. He can easily get carried away with one topic or another, so be prepared to listen. He also likes music, the night sky, swimming, teaching and helping others, and time with his family and friends.
Misc Information:
I'm an easy-going kind of person. I do my best to keep up with RPs and keeping in touch, but I'm nowhere near perfect. There are only a few rules that I go by, so go ahead and read them below, please.

1) I prefer 1st, 3rd, or Narrative, however, that doesn't mean I won't at least attempt at other types. I also like to RP in the Private Messages. I'm just not into the whole thread thing of this site.

2) Grammar. It is one of my pet peeves that really irritate me about an RP. If you cannot use proper grammar or spelling, I most likely will ignore you.

3) ERP. I can do this as long as other participants are fine with it. I don't do random walk-ups and flat out non-descriptive RPs because they tend to bore me and end up causing me to drop them. So, if you want to attempt it, at least make it interesting and entertaining.

4) Relationships. I just don't want to deal with that, no matter what the status is. I usually have the hardest time finding someone else that is as active and into the RP as I am, so I don't want any part of the whole relationship deal.

5) RPs in general. I'm not one for ridiculously lengthy RPs, but I at least like them to be able to lay out the scene and give me a good description of the character and what they may be doing. I mean, come on. At least attempt to give details. If you friend me first, you should start the RP. I usually like to discuss it before we start, but still, it seems fair.

6) Staying in touch. This is something that really gets to me. I don't want to be another number to your friend's list, I'm actually here to RP and make friends. If you do not stay in touch with me and don't contact me for a few days, I'll ask. But, if it's more than a week, I will unfriend you. I'm not clingy and I'm not trying to be mean, I'm just sick of being just another number.

And that's basically all that I require. Hopefully, you at least see that I'm not trying to be mean or anything. I would just like to enjoy RP and have some fun.
History and Details:
This is more of a brief history of Bronze's life. I'm not going to go into ridiculous detail.

Bronze was born late at night in the month of February. His mother, Spring Rhyme, and his father, Metal Cast, were overjoyed that they had given birth to a healthy male foal. Of course, they didn't care which gender it was. They just wanted one child to carry on the family name that skips a generation: Star. Thus, his name was Bronze Star.

As young Bronze grew up, his parents began to realize that, as he began to learn to read, he was taking to it much faster than the other foals in his classes. So, they encouraged it. As the years of his foalhood passed, he read harder and harder books. Then, when he was able to cast his first spell after just reading it, he gained his cutie mark: Three brown stars. It was obvious that he was born to learn and study magic, so his parents sent him to be tested at Celestia's School for Gifted Unicorns. As the entrance exam was to hatch an egg of some creature, he knew just the spell. Bronze cast it flawlessly and he was admitted into the wonderous school, parents overjoyed, of course.

Skipping through most of his school life with him making friends and other things, he graduated the school and was completely happy with how his life was going. He kept studying magic and books no matter what until it was time for him to get out on his own. His parents helped him purchase his first house in Ponyville and get a job as the local magic teacher.

And that is the brief summary of his life. If any questions, ask Bronze or his admin Thanks for reading if you made it this far!
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