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The Stone-Cold Forge of Hel, Achrome Sol

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Full-time Blacksmith
It's Complicated
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Mature & Violent
Character Image:
She's a Unicorn that measures out tall enough to be a horse with a physique of a nice and fit Earth Pony mare. Her coat can be likened to the color of stone, her flank barren as a child's, no cutiemark to call her talent. Her head contained a pair of vibrant, amber eyes and a short-cut mane tinted an alabaster white.
Misc Information:
While I can work with the site's canon, I should post a disclaimer and say that this character is typically an Altverse that was meant to work as a headcanon expansion of the base mlp-verse. Most Altverse details are based in a version of Tartarus a friend created while I simply expanded upon his ideas.
History and Details:
<p>Achrome is a simple, practical unicorn that has a simple aspiration of living a standard life as a Blacksmith in Ponyville. Three years after moving to Equestria, working up from poverty to a humble abode, her plain wish for peace slowly began to evolve as she took up motherhood quite unexpectedly, fostering a young changeling abandoned in the Everfree. She was left with no memory of her life, her confusement and bewilderment lead the smith to search for who their original parents were, but it was to no avail. Achrome, in a sympathetic gesture, was quick to take the poor child in wholely as her own, leaving a marked improvement on the domestic life of both ponies. Two years later, the both of their lives have been slowly going up hill, living with family, friends, and trying to find happines in their lives together through all the hectic life that comes with living in Equestria.</p>
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