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Earth Pony
Cutie Mark:
3 Balloons with strings hanging down. Yellow and blue in colour.
Element of Laughter, Baker, Manager, Party Planner, Official Friendship Ambassador to the Yaks, Honorary Yak, Professor of Friendship.
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Pinkie Pie is a pink Earth pony with a overly wild dark Pink mane and tail. Her mane and hair often defy the laws of gravity but that's something the Pink one would just put to "my special fizzy curly locks!" yes.. calm down Pinkie.
Fun! and even more fun! nah I'm not going to be that boring! though where to be begin?! I love everything! My main interest though, ever since I was a filly, was to Party and make ponies smile! I've been doing it ever since I saw RD do her super duper Rainboom! If I can make you smile and make your life worthwhile then I will do my very best!
History and Details:
<p>Pinkie Pie was born, Pinkamena Diane Pie and was raised upon a Rock farm along with her 3 sisters. Marble being the youngest with Maud being the oldest. From an early age, Pinkie, like her family would learn how to effectively farm and collect all manners of stone and in rare cases, rare gems down the mine.</p>
<p>Though Pinkamena would grow bored of the Rock farming and longed for something more. Until that time came though, Pinkamena would confide in one pony that made her laugh and smile more than she could ever dream off whilst at the farm.</p>
<p>Granny Pie who unlike the rest of her family was a joyful one, always loved to bake treats for the Pink one and even introducing Pinkamena to cupcakes, something she would fall in love with. Granny Pie was with Pinkamena most of her early life until one day, she was no more. Pinkamena only at a young age could bot understand the meaning of death and would try everything to bring back Granny Pie. She had given up and just returned to the rock, a empty shell that had lost hope in finding something better with her self until that one fateful day.</p>
<p>We all know what happened when the rainboom was set off and from that day, Pinkamena would become Pinkie Pie. Though not really known to her friends, she still suffers with the loss and so Pinkamena tends to show in her saddened times. After the Rainboom though, Pinkie would go on to make many more parties for her family, every occasion was time for a party. Then she started cheering the nearby neighbours up and throwing them parties and making everypony in a wide area happy and of course her friends. Proudest moment was creating a party for the nearby Town of Ponyville, a place she came to love and adore. she never wanted to leave and even helped out at a new upcoming bakery, Sugar Cube Corner. Whenever she returned home to the rock farm, all she could do was talk and even begin to bounce around but her parents knew she couldn't truly flourish within their rockfarm. A hard decision was made by Pinkie, an offer she couldn't refuse. The Cakes were long time family friends and after Pinkies help with the bakery, offered her an apprenticeship at the Bakery. Pinkie would be able to go to school, continue her love and make the best of a world that she could.</p>
<p>After a long talk with her parents, they decided it was best she went though would have to Visit every month which she did with no hesitation. From there, Pinkie would go on to be one of the most Known Ponies in Ponyville and by time Twilight came, Pinkie was atop of her game, albeit unstable when it came to somethings.</p>
<p>Full title (thanks to Jozlyn)<br />Lady Pinkamena Diane Pie, Element of Laughter, Protector of the world, thrower of grand gatherings, and Teacher of love, tolerance, and Friendship</p>
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"We may be divided
But of you all, I beg
To remember we're all hoofed
At the end of each leg"

-Pinkie Pie