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<p>To begin life, we imagine our first breath, our eyes fluttering open to look at the brightness of the world and all it holds, all you know is fear, and joy, and cold. How dare they tear you from such warmth? We are born believing we are privileged, crying out when we are hungry, bored, tired, and in pain, and someone will come and fix your problem. This is the birth some know, but it isn't mine. My existence did, however began very similar. I was born to Ashes Morte, an earth pony, a submissive slave to several rulers. All fake, until one. Enigma. Her loyalty to her leader slipped away when she witnessed true power radiating from the changeling Lord, her knees couldn't help to buckle before him into a bow. That is how my mother met him, how she fell into submission, a dedicated follower of his. And so I was born, a small runt. My father, Doran, was appalled by my fragile form and left my mother. My mother raised me with great kindness in her heart, she continuously attempted to raise me, but with her health declining, she couldn't bare the burden despite her love for me. Knowing this, I as a newborn, a pound of flesh, was offered up as a sacrifice to Enigma as a sign of my mothers raw dedication to him. She didn't know what would happen to me, certainly not that this Lord would take me under his wing and raising me to be a servant to his hive, well that is what we thought. Mother was tragically killed, and I was taken in by the hive to be raised. Members such as Golden Radiance took me in, but she pinned me against her daughter in a competition I couldn't tear from. I was raised a competitive soul, momma didn't raise no quitter. However within the stress and feeling of unworthiness against a the other daughter who was a stronger, wonderful species, a changeling. How could I win... So I unraveled. I lost sight of what was important, and that was to be a loyal subject to my ruler. I trained day and night, both mind and body. And through my books and strength, I saw the light, I pulled through my madness and recovered. That is when I met... Her. The light of my life, my queen, my Goddess. Her gentle hoof could stroke my cheek so gently and yet could smite all Equestria in one blow. She was my calling, she was my life, my everything. I dedicate everything to my Queen and King, I would lay at Celessa's hooves with the obedience of a dog, crying out silent prayers to her. She took me in, she became my mother and Enigma my Father. Life. I was reborn of Celessa, truly her daughter, I was hers. I was a changeling. This powerful species that I lowered my nose to the ground for so many years. She made me. She loved me. She taught me. And to this day, if one was to lay a hoof upon her or her King, I'll be there with fangs bared and prepared to give my life for my Gods. So just try it. I'm hungry and you look like a snack.</p>
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