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King of Clantien
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<p>-----------------------------------------------------The beginning of the end-------------------------------------------</p>
<p>&nbsp;Tiberius was born an Aldrake together with his sister Jun. The last name of the powerful nordic clan that lived on the majestic island of Daikara far to the north in the great sea, one of two children of Darius and Mileena Aldrake, whom had ruled the island in peace and prosperity for many of their years. The couple had tried to get child for many years until Tiberius and Jun came along, the clan prospered and partied as it was a sign of good will from their northern gods. They were both born as healthy Alicorns. As Tiberius grew up he quickly started his academic studies and noble duties. Learning the ways of his native northern language, along with the common tongue of Equestria. The ways to act and carry out the will of a noble. Math, politics. Along with all the other academic teachings any young colt should know such as math. He took to it quite well, and quickly outdid most of the other ponies alongside him, only seeming to be outmatched by his sister, who took particularly well to intellectual studies, rather than the teachings of nobility and manners. Jun was always the most rebellious and snarky of the two, preferring to explore and disobey to do her own thing rather than to follow orders. As they both grew up they turned into tall, beautiful Alicorn teenagers, both of them taking on a girly form and a bright mind. As they grew further into young adults, easily towering above everyone else now as they were both reaching the end of studies. His father started to train Tiberius in the art of fighting, battle tactics, and using whatever means necessary to win. While their mother tutored Jun in using her charm and smarts to get ahead of her problems and solve them. Jun got taught well in the art of ruling under a King. Taking care of minor tasks and maid work. While Tiberius got taught larger scale ruling as the future ruler of their kingdom. The two siblings always got along, even if Jun got on his nerves every once in a while. They both had their individual troubles throughout their young life. But they always took care of each other. Many years passed as they developed into mature, independent adults to take over their island. At least a couple of generations of clansmen having passed away by now, while their offspring lived on happily, prospering. Although something seemed wrong with the island, it was like the magic was draining, and the ocean was angry, it was like the gods were dissatisfied at them. The ponies of the island were getting unhappy, their three rulers seemingly unable to keep appeasing the gods to leave them alone in their paradise, a recent event had happened that left many of the ponies living further down homeless as a massive wave had crashed into their homes, forcing them to move upwards for shelter. And it only seemed to get worse and worse from there.</p>
<p>------------------------------------------------------A new beginning---------------------------------------------------</p>
<p>One day Tiberius woke up from the loud sound of the main gate to the wooden fort breaking down, the sound of whistling arrows and stallions screaming and rumbling and cursing. He quickly got out of bed in panic and stormed out of the room and into the hall, only to see his father cutting down another stallion as Tiberius saw the first sight of real fighting and combat in his life, he stood there shocked, his father catching notice of him as he stormed over, the bulky stallion's heavy breath trying to calm itself as Darius tried to ignore the wounds. He took Tiberius to the far end of the castle and out onto the massive balcony overseeing the cliff side, looking down upon the main village down below, the sound of many angry stallions behind them as he told his son to fly, and fly as far away as he could, edging Tiberius off the side and turning around, preparing to make his final stand as he made peace with himself, giving a final look back at his now flying son, before charging into battle. Tiberius took a final look back at his father as he ran toward the rumbling of all the stallions inside, the stallion dissapearing as he ran back into trouble. He did the only thing he could do and went to look for his dear sister who were probably still sleeping heavily in her bed. He crashed into the window, getting pieces of glass stuck in his legs as he looked down at Jun who was whining and cowering in the corner, door to the room almost broken down. ''Come on sister we have to fly! Fly far away! Father told me to to go south!'' He exclaimed as he grabbed her sister and started to fly, fly far away from everything they had ever known and out into the vast ocean. They flew for hours. Maybe even days. All they could think about was the exhausting and hunger kicking in. ''I...I don't know how much longer I can fly, Tib..I'm so...'' Was all she could get out before starting to pass out. Tiberius swooping in under her so she'd land on his back as he flew onwards for both of them, eyes reinvigorated with hope as he saw land, finally. He flew as fast as he could towards it, letting out a satisfied sigh as he finally got to stand on the sand near the ocean, before he promptly passed out himself. Tiberius woke up with wide eyes and heavy breathing as he quickly got up, looking down at his sister who were cuddled up against him, worried. He took in the view of the ocean he knew so well, trying to cope with all the emotions passing through him. His belly rumbled as he sighed out and took a deep breath. Gently waking up his sister with a smile. ''We have to move on dear sister..We can't relax just yet..We have to move on'' He explained as he looked down into those soft eyes of hers when he started to trot onwards into the forest in an effort to find food, Jun quickly following suit. His mind was split, he was trying to get through it all with his father's teachings, using what he knew of survival and magic, while another side wanted to curl into a ball and mourn over his family and island, wishing for it all to be a bad dream. She seemed a little less affected by it all, not having to witness her father cut down in front of him, she just wanted the two of them to be safe, and for her brother to smile again. Somewhere in her heart she believed their parents was still alive. Alas, they continued on through the forest, Tiberius's ears heard the sound of running water, perking at the sounds of splashing water. Once again luck seemed to be on their side as he sprinted ahead of his sister toward the heavenly sound of running water, finally he gazed upon the sight of a large lake with a little waterfall running down into it, Jun following suit ''Wow...This place is beautiful, Tib...Can we please rest here for the night?'' She asked him with a smile. He stopped up and looked back at her, nodding with a slight smile. ''As you wish dear sister. Go get something to drink and eat, you must be starving. I will go rest...'' He ended with melancholy to his tone as he trotted over and got down to rest for the night, they had been trotting most of the day after all. She sighed out and looked at him with worry, before going over to get a drink and some food in her, trotting over to snooze off next to her brother. Tiberius was startled awake by the sound of bushes moving and the sound of a couple of ponies talking in the common tongue as he opened his eyes and got up, letting out a yawn and looking about to catch a glimpse of his surrounding, only to see a couple of patrolling guards taking notice of the massive Alicorns. He looked down at them in warily, stepping between them and his sister defensively, as they looked back, until a soft tone came from one of the two. ''What are you doing out here in the wild, friend? It's dangerous out here...Especially for two unarmed royals such as yourselves'' He questioned. Tiberius looked down into his eyes. ''I am...Lost. I have nowhere to go anymore..Me and my sister just barely survived'' He mumbled out in melancholy with a strange, almost indecipherable accent as he looked down into the ground. ''Where am I? Where do I find the nearest road?'' He spoke out once more in his soft voice, looking back into the guard's eyes. ''If you follow the tallest trees to the south you'll find a road. If you go east from that road you shall come upon a city after travelling for a bit...Are you sure you're alright?'' The guard spoke out with worry as Tiberius had already started to gently wake up his sister and nudging her along their long journey to restore both of their lives to proper royalty and peace again</p>
<p>-------------------------------------------------------Wandering soul, peace of mind------------------------------------</p>
<p>Tiberius and his dear sister Jun had been wandering for many years now, still not having lost hopes of achieving their goal as he gathered his small party of three ponies he had come across and helped over his long time wandering the land. They were all staying at a local inn in the small village they had wandered through to gather supplies for their long hike into the forest and toward the large mountains and undiscovered terrain behind them. Jun coming over to bring them all some drinks as she smiled warmly at them all. They were all quite good friends by now. The first of the three were Desmond. A tall and skinny white furred unicorn wearing a white coat and a pair of round, black glasses, always seeming paranoid, yet having a soft, happy attitude when talked to. He met Desmond after spotting a recently raided carriage with black smoke still coming from it, the caravan having been lit on fire while two bandits could be seen running into the forest. Tiberius ran over to check for survivors as he found an unconscious, bleeding Desmond inside, the inside filled with various sorts of potions and scrolls, he pulled the white stallion out of the caravan and dragged him over to his sister, who were the more magically capable of the two as he looked to her to do her things. She started to heal up his wounds. Taking extra care to put everything together properly and stop the bleeding. Once Desmond woke up from his long slumber, Tiberius quickly approached him and filled Desmond in on everything that had happened. ''Thank you very much...I don't know what I can do to repay you, kind strangers'' Desmond spoke out. Taking notice to the king crown of a cutiemark and the Alicorn features. ''I don't suppose you and your sister are royals..Sir?'' He remarked in curiosity. Tiberius giving a deep sigh and shaking his head. ''I am still looking for the right place to set one up...I was supposed to be one, one day. But that all changed when my family's reign got attacked...Eitherway. I must get going. Take care of yourself'' He ended with heavy words, turning around and starting to trot away. ''Wait, sir! Or uh...M'lord? I was wondering if I could travel with you for the time being...You seem to be able to take care of yourself!'' Desmond ended, Tiberius looking back at him, ears perking before looking over at Jun. ''What do you think sister, should we take him with us?'' He asked her, before she looked over at him with a smile, gesturing him to follow. ''Come with us! You seem like a nice stallion, we'd love to take you along'' The next pony Tiberius and Jun had stumbled upon was Kokoro. A tall and slender, yet very muscular earth pony with a grey fur coat and a greyed out right eye. He almost never speaks, and he tends to keep to himself, and always keeps a watchful gaze of his surroundings. Tiberius, his sister. And now Desmond as well was trotting down a little path in the forest chatting to get each other to know better, until the sound of a yell and clash of metal caught their attention. Tiberius's ears perked as he trotted swiftly up ahead to the sight of four bandits trying to ambush the green stallion for his belongings, he fought back valiantly, yet was slowly getting chased into a corner. Tiberius snarled with anger and charged in to help. Grey glow emitting from the long, pointy horn on his head, before a magic missile flew in front of him and struck one of the bandits, Jun already prepared as she had struck and killed one of the bandits, Tiberius looked back to the fight, charging in and stabbing one of the bandits with his long horn, skewering him and throwing him to the side, blood dripping from the tip of his horn. As battle subsided Desmond came over from hiding, looking over the area with curiosity, before noticing the two dead bodies and swiftly walking up ahead the road. ''I-I think i'll just uh. Scout ahead!'' Desmond spoke out before trotting ahead. Tiberius looked over at Kokoro who had luckily not received any injuries, before looking at the two dead they had left in their wake, giving a deep sigh and shaking his head. ''We should bury them. We wouldn't want anyone to see this...'' There was a sadness to his tone while we tried to cope with the fact he just killed someone for the first time. Jun dealing with it by going over behind a tree and throwing up. At least they both died a quick and painless deaths, he thought to himself, floating the two ponies over to a spot as he started to use his magic to dig a hole for them. Kokoro looked over at the Alicorn, head tilting as he let out a hum. ''I don't s'pose you mind if I follow along for the time being, eh? Least ah can do is show my gratitude and accompany ye. Thank ye for the rescue, m'lord'' He spoke out, looking up at Alicorn. Tiberius finished digging the holes as he floated them both in and covered it up once again. Looking over at the stallion with a nod, trotting along the road. ''You're very welcome, friend. Name is Tiberius. And the mare over there is my sister, Jun. You're very welcome to come with us. We could use a bodyguard'' He smiled warmly at him. Starting to trot along the road up to Desmond while he waited for Kokoro and Jun to finish what they're doing. The last pony of the party were a small, frail little mare with the name Zoeya. She had a soft, angelic voice and had purple fur, she was always quite lively and happy, and was never afraid to say her opinion. The three ponies were coming upon their final resting spot to make preparations for the mountains as they came upon a pretty, young mare inside of the village who was stocking up on supplies herself, looking at some drawn schematics of what appeared to be buildings as she stuffed them back into her backpack and turned around, the poor gal giving out a squeak as she stepped back a few steps, caught by surprise of the massive stallion and his three companions as Tiberius looked upon her with curiosity, tilting his head at the mare. ears perking. ''You must be an architect, hm? I have been looking for an architect to build my kingdom once I find the spot. I could use an architect. You'd receive all the payment you could ever wish for, of course'' He spoke out, taking a large bag of bits out of his saddle bag he had acquired over time. ''You could consider this a first time payment'' He mentioned, tossing the bag of bits over to the mare as he smiled. Zoeya looked up at him, then down at the bits, ears tilting as she thought to herself. She did need the money after all. ''Sure! Where are we heading?'' She questioned. Jun coming over with a smile as she spoke out. ''We're gathering for supplies, clothing for winter. Then heading toward the mountains north'' Jun responded, trotting along to the inn for supplies and rest with her brother and their companions as they rested for the night.&nbsp;</p>
<p>---------------------------------------------------------Finding paradise------------------------------------------------</p>
<p>The party of five had gathered their supplies for their long hike as they had taken the time to get each other to know a bit more. Tiberius had explained the entirety of his and his sister's plan to seek out a unique place and build a new kingdom as he lead the party out of the small village and into the forests, toward the tall mountains no one had gone past yet. The journey would be long, and arduous as wild animals and rough terrain would be there the entirety of the way there. But they set out anyway, having plenty of food and water, warm clothing, and friendly company. Tiberius had learnt some about the past of his companions. Kokoro was a former trainer of his homeland militia, until he suffered a brutal injury to his head and lost his sight in his right eye, the earth pony travelling the land in search of coin for protection. Desmond was an alchemist and leading researcher of magics whom had been travelling the land far north in search of undiscovered resting places of powerful magicians. And Zoeya was an architect who merely traveled around to design buildings and get some good coin out of it. As they went through with their journey, deeper and deeper into the thick forests further north they luckily reached the foot of the mountains without meeting trouble, they started to hike upwards, way up into the freezing winds and even colder temperatures as they scaled the massive mountain through a little passage they had found. It was nearing winter and it could easily be felt, the top side of the mountains covered in snow and being freezing as they all put on their winter coats and marched onward, they had been marching all day, and throughout some of the night as Zoeya was resting on Tiberius's back, too tired to continue walking. When they finally reached the top it was pitch black and everyone was freezing as they started to set up the large tent, everyone hurrying inside and cuddling up against each other to preserve warmth, hoping to survive through the night as everyone tried to get some sleep. Day time finally arrived, the sun granting it's warm touch this morning while the winds were calmer, making the colder weather a little bit more bearable as Tiberius woke up the others, getting out of the tent to take in the view. His jaw dropped as he took in the beautiful sight of the valley down below, a massive, frozen river leading through the mountains on the other side of the valley, leading into the great northern sea he knew so well, with plenty of forests and a large open plain in the middle of it all. He had already made his mind, this would be his new home. This would be his kingdom. As everyone got out of the tent, Tiberius started to pack it down while the others took in the same view. He hurried them along down a passage leading into the great valley, toward the plain in the middle as they carefully made their way down, and through the unknown forest, reaching the heart of the valley as they set up a simple camp. Tiberius taking the long lost flag of his homeland he managed to snatch from back then and carry along with him all this time as he wrapped it around a pole and stuck it into the ground.</p>
<p>----------------------------------------------------The Making of A kingdom</p>
<p>Tiberius had explored the land with Desmond, searching the forests, finding plenty of places to scrounge up food and a lovely passive on the other side of the river leading to a major city after about a week of travel. while Kokoro, Jun, and Zoeya made plans for building and securing a future city. Tiberius and his companion went back to the rest after finishing exploration as he left Desmond with the two, leaving them to the current planning as he went out to travel through the forest passage between two mountains to go gather ponies from the currently failing, neglected city a couple of weeks away on hoof with Jun. They flew most of the way which made it a lot easier as they began gathering ponies to work and populate their future kingdom. A couple of weeks had passed as they gathered up a rather large group of ponies whom were dissatisfied with their current living conditions, wished better for their children. Or merely had no home and were looking for work to make a living. He began leading them on their week long journey through the woods while Jun scouted ahead and toward their new paradise. Many of the ponies were tired of travelling, but they kept onward as they were already over halfway there, before finally reaching the massive valley, Tiberius's three loyal companions already having begun simple framework and gathering of food for the upcoming ponies and themselves. Over the course of the next few years as they started to build up his small city, they began small, simply residing to enough houses for everyone, a little wooden palisade for protection, and some paths around the forests to make it easier to keep track of where one is. Slowly moving toward making framework of a massive wood and stone bridge across the huge lake. The start of a castle, and even more houses. Tiberius always coming and going, leading more ponies whom had been neglected or simply wished for work toward his new home, which he had named Clantien. More years passed as the city merely grew bigger and more complete, the castle and large bridge becoming finished, the town more complete with a garden in the middle, shops for food, materials, and prized goods. A couple of mines up in the mountains for copper, iron, and coal. Along with a place to gather salt from the ocean. Tiberius was proud to call himself ruler of Clantien, and everything seemed nice and peaceful. He did his best to rule over the land fairly, with the help of his three appointed bodyguards, and loyal assistants whom had stuck with him for all these years, and continued to stick around. The city was complete, and filled with life.</p>
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