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Unicorn Pony
Cutie Mark:
Black Crescent Moon
A member of the Secret Protectors of the Canterlot Royalty (SPOCR) or the Guardians, a group that fights the more malevolent forces that want to destroy Equestria
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Character Art:
NAME: Newmoon Winter
AGE: 19 (June 19)
SEX: Female
SPECIES: Unicorn
HEIGHT: 4'3"
BUILD : Athletic, and strong
COAT COLOUR: Earthy brown
MANE AND TAIL: Long dark green with a green stripe
CUTIE MARK: Black crescent moon
SKILLS: Reading, writing, mathematics, science, stitching up wounds, work a forge, magic, can read ancient ponairan, enchantments, herbology, hoof-to-hoof combat, and can gallop like lightning (slightly slower than Rainbow Dash). She can communicate with the Tree of Harmony
EMBLEM: Eclipsing Moon
LIKES: Green tea, apple crumb pie, helping others.
FAULTS: Shy (much like Fluttershy), skittish during thunderstorms, a bit competitive when it comes to hoof races.
PERSONALITY: Well I guess you could say I'm Shy, generous, sort of a natural born leader, book smart and a little bit nerdy, like twilight, but less socially inept- but still someone that you'd want to hang out with. I won’t hesitate to give it my all when it comes to protecting those whom I care for, even to the point of sacrificing my own life.
WEARING: I normally wear an enchanted hooded cloak (the hood is always down) when going out, using the cloak to carry things, instead of saddlebags. Although I do tend to wear a shoulder bag instead of saddlebags. It allows me to carry stuff, yet have more mobility. I heard once that gramps was working on something that would help Equestria in it's time of need.
Misc Information:
Hey everypony, for those who've RPed with me on everypony or ponysquare, I'm continuing this tale with a new arc. "Newmoon's Adventure" - Three years after The Devourer of Worlds and Absolute Chaos, Newmoon Winter returns home to Equestria trying to restart her life. However, she didn't return alone. What will arise from her return? What happened to her group of friends?

Everypony is welcome to join in my chatroom, assuming they ask to join in first, and then providing a starter first. The starter doesn't have to be long. Unless I've been RPing with you for a while, I don't want you to be like, "Hey Newmoon, how are you doing?" or any of that. The only acceptation I will allow, are the Canon Characters. I mostly ad-lib or improvise as I RP. Depending on what everypony wants, I can do long narratives to short and sweet intros, setups... I mainly try to be grammatically correct, tho sometimes I do make the odd mistake, which I will correct out of character.

Now, there are going to be a few rules you must abide by.

1)Respect everypony in the chatroom, and have fun.
2) Keep it PG13 - I would like to keep profanity, and blood and gore to a minimum as much as possible, so we don't scare off those who can't handle that sort of stuff.
3) NO ERP - It's fine if you want to do that sort of stuff, but keep it in the IM chat or private messages.
4) No Spamming - This time round, I'm going to stick to my guns about this rule, as it annoys everypony, and ruins the mood of the RP. Those caught, will be kicked off without warning.
5) Cannon Characters Welcome - Yes, those who are characters from the show, weather you're a background pony, or main cast, all are welcome to join. All I ask is that everypony just be polite and ask to join and inquire about the location.
History and Details:
<p>DESCRIPTION: I'll just give you the reader digest version... *ahem* Hello. My name is Newmoon Winter, but most ponies call me Newmoon, Moon, or even Moony. I'm a 19 year old Unicorn, and the fifth seat Lady of the Noble Court in my hometown of Canterlot. I'm also a member of the Secret Protectors of the Canterlot Royalty (SPOCR), a group that fights the more malevolent forces that want to destroy Equestria.</p>
<p>Let&rsquo;s start with the time before the Ancient Alicorn War that almost wiped out the Alicorns. I&rsquo;ll start with my mother&rsquo;s side of the family. Queen Solar Winds, you could say this is where the connection to the royal family starts. She was in the same league as King Nebula and Queen Solaria, being a Celestial Alicorn and all&hellip; anyways, she married somepony named Thundering Blitz, where my mother&rsquo;s maiden name comes from. They had twins. Grandblade, who for some reason had the same cutie mark as me, he was a wizard at magic, and could use swords most ponies would only dream of wielding. His sister, Glimmering Hope, could sense when a pony needed to be uplifted or moral support; she also was masterful at magic, first discovering void magic at a young age. Then came the Ancient Alicorn War, see what started it all was this invention Grandblade created to make more land for everypony, what he called the Terranova, it shot a beam into a volcanic fisher making under water volcanoes erupt forming new islands&hellip; it sort of went haywire and started teleporting around destroying one section after another&hellip; his sister was amongst the countless who were lost. It came down to Grandblade&rsquo;s son, Prince Hurricane Blitz, and his nephew, Lunar Blizzard to stop the awful machine from causing any more damage. While the many factions fought amongst each other, the three of them did all they could to slow down the machine. Near the climax of the war, Blizzard&rsquo;s dear friend, Elementis, tore open a portal, blizzard took it up on himself to push the weapon into the portal as it closed. The Blitz family went into hiding to escape from persecution. On that day they lost their royal title, becoming fifth seat nobility to the royal family.</p>
<p>Many Alicorns were lost during that war, making their race almost non-existent except for the few who were in hiding, or being protected by the 'Guardians'. Many long years later Lord Hurricane Blitz had a daughter, Crescent, my mother, who showed potential in the use of magic, like Solar Winds, which I guess has been passed down to me&hellip;</p>
<p>Now, onto my father&rsquo;s side of the family&hellip; You see my grandfather, Black winter was 2527 years old. and was one of the original elites who protected Celestia and Luna when they were foals alongside his third cousin eight times removed, Starswirl the Bearded. He befriended a young colt by the name of Elementis, and taught him many skills. Anyways, he was one of the medical unicorns who tended the injured during the tail end of the Great Alicorn War. Witnessed Luna being banished to the moon, and wants to see her return. He married a rather well off, mare who went by the name of Amethyst Rose. They soon had three colts, Silver, my father, Ember, Comet&rsquo;s father, and my well off uncle Maximillion.</p>
<p>Now onto my history... I was born into a noble family, my Pegasus mother, Lady Crescent Blitz; my unicorn father, Silver Winter; my pegacorn brother, Silvertongue Winter &ndash; who left after I was born; my unicorn grandfather, Black Winter; and lastly there&rsquo;s me, Newmoon Winter, the most talented in my family since my mother's great great aunt, Solar Winds. They say that it's a rare occurence to have a pegacorn born, I guess my brother's lucky in that respect. Then there were my two cousins, Sub-bass Blitz, an upbeat, turntable loving DJ unicorn; and Comet Winter, a talented pegasus who, for some reason, could use magic... I mean like a unicorn, but instead of a horn to focus the magic, she would flare her wings out and focus on a spell. A-anyways, we lived in a nice estate close to the Canterlot Palace, my grandfather had been part of a secret group of elite wizards, fighters, enchanters and blacksmiths, to battle the most dangerous creatures and keep all of Equestria safe. My life, you could say was pretty normal, that is, until I moved to Whitetail Wood.</p>
<p>Five years passed since my parents met their end in the Everfree Forest, it was the one and only time in a hundred years that anypony was killed by a Timberwolf. It was also the day when I got my cutie mark, and when I discovered my true potential.</p>
<p>From that point on, my grandfather took care of me, teaching me how to read, write, mathematics, science, stitching up wounds, work a forge, magic, enchantments, herbology, and hoof-to-hoof combat. Growing in confidence, Black enrolled me into Celestia&rsquo;s School for gifted unicorns, but alas I couldn't pass the entrance exam. Even though I didn&rsquo;t pass the entrance exam, I showed enough talent to be mentored by Princess Celestia. You see, every day I got to go see her for private magic lessons, which made some of my old classmates jealous. There, I was taught the more shall we say advanced forms of magic.</p>
<p>Though, during magic kindergarten, I was mostly paired up with an equally bookish purple unicorn, Twilight Sparkle. Being both bookworms, Twilight and I were like two peas in a pod, always learning new things, hate being tardy for anything, but I was more of a wallflower. Twilight had a great group of friends like Lemon Hearts, Minuet, Lyra Heartstring, and Moondancer... We sort of lost track of each other when Twilight got accepted to Celestia's school as her protoge... The bullies continued teasing me because my cutie mark was strikingly similar to somepony named Nightmare Moon.</p>
<p>With my grandfather dead, and my studies reaching their peak, Princess Celestia sent me to White Tail Wood to, "continue my studies on my own." It was probably because of the fact I nearly collapsed the great hall while learning to control my more "hightened" abilities. From that moment in time, everything changed. No matter what, adventure always finds it's way to me... It's either a family curse, or it's pure luck.</p>
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