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Earth Pony
Cutie Mark:
Wolf paw, Red Horseshoe inside.
As an Excavating Contractor, He is paid upon each project that is given, Rather directed by the Princesses of their respected kingdoms or under Commerce in seeking updates to maps requested, as well request for extracting particular resources.

During downtime from his work, he does find himself taking other activities. One being Rock climbing, even runs paid group or private instructions in Appleloosa.
Content Rating:
Mature & Violent
Character Art:
Character Image:
Wolfbane is apart of a subspecies of ponies that resign in the regions of The Old Kingdom, commonly known as Quilladons which are descendants of the Pillar Gods, Clandestino and Barbatos, The Feral Huntsman. These beings bare the blood of dire wolves, and whilst Quilladon civilians cannot perform Lycanthropy or drastic transformations, they are granted the passive powers possessed by them. In strength, and survival quirks of the wolf. These traits and abilities are stronger depending on the individual as well as genetics. With height equivalence to Saddle Arabians with more defined muscle mass, many parts that separate them from the usual appearance of standard Equestrian ponies are as follows.

Ω Defined withers and back, double pleated with loose skin and fur around the neck. Ideal in combat situations and protects vitals around the neck and shoulders.
Ω Deeper chest, in addition to muscle growth, gives off the athletic, intimidating appearance.
Ω Subtle canines, Omnivore mouth structure and large jaw gape due to their ability to break rock and SOME metals. Originally the race were herbivores, yet, over the course of the species slow evolution to the ecosystem and lack of vegetation in high and cold climates, developed the digestive system that can break down the protein enzymes found in meat.
Ω Will occasionally emit growls, snarls, and roars.
Ω An acute sense of taste.
Ω Shoulder Cutie Mark: Both males and females obtain a mark onto their shoulders instead of hindquarters, making it easy to spot and differentiate. The origin of this trait is unknown, only by rumours speculate the possible result of the Ley energy radiation in the region are to blame for the race and its offspring's mutation.

In addition to other minor features, he commonly wears a feather earring on the left side of his ear. A Keepsake as a gift from his mother, Afterimage.

[b][color=darkred]Alpha and Omega Arc[/color][/b] After his adventures lead him to return back to The Breach to confront the looming threat of Empress Jehuty, he resulted in obtaining major injuries that resulted in 5 years of recovery. One predominant feature would be the array of scars along both his frontal hooves. This was a cause of attempting to rescue his biological father from the demise of being trapped into the depths of The Echo; which has body ripping capabilities. Unable to rescue Almanac, he suffers from now permanent laceration markings.

[b][color=darkred]Bane's Oddworld Arc[/color][/b]Over the years after his rehabilitation, Wolfbane's adventurous spirit has led him to wear a variety of decor, mostly wearing this attire on long journies. Laced around his neck, he wears Large Wooden meditative beads. Depending on the climate of his journies, he can be spotted from afar either wearing a Cloak either made from the pelt of an Usra Major or a Black Wolf.
Misc Information:
[b]Ω Rules No One Likes Ω[/b]
Since 9/10 of you have attention spans of a firecracker, I'll make it easy for you to follow.

-[NEW] I will no longer give out my Discord username, under any circumstances. Sorry, but not sorry. If you want to get in touch with me. This is the place, you got the IMs and the Inbox mailing system. No reason you CANNOT get in touch with me.

- [NEW] NO PREMATURE SHIPPING. Even talking about it in the early stages of communication. If you want to run me off in a hurry, that's a sure-fire guaranteed way. Unless characters are developing within a story(YES, that means you HAVE TO WRITE). Then sure, Not because we talk on the regular bases, buddy-buddy, whatever. No story development, no shipping between characters. Period.

-[WARNING] I have moments I will roleplay pretty effortlessly. Or, days, even a week or so when I'm in a creative depressive rut. If that's something you cannot handle. Don't bother requesting a roleplay. That goes in hand with rapid-fire Roleplays, do not expect I will be able to whip out 50 replies in a day.

-If you do manage to request a roleplay. Please, make the effort in brainstorming ideas. Rather you are good at making a plot or not. Try, give me anything to help fill in the holes of your ideas. It's the only way you will improve your creative repertoire. It also shows me your interest level and alertness. (Will indeed be on my good side)

Note: That all the art consisted of this page, I have drawn are made by me. Commissions, Request, and even fan art will be appropriately credited to the original artist/animators, if not of my own creation.

Inspired by the Fanfic, Where The Worlds End; Map located here..
History and Details:
<p>Beyond the territories of Equestria, four ancient floating isles known as The Breach exist in the far West. Home to the most ancient fable creatures of folklore. The territory has evolved over the thousands of years in its existence, in hopes of the world to know and recognize its prowess in the eye of the newly crowned princesses, Luna and Celestia. Life was still, peaceful for all races that lived there for the time that millennia of peace blessed The Old Kingdom. Of course within a barrel.. There are bad apples. A young Unicorn mare by the name of Jehuty, a close friend to Wolfbane and even romantic interest, was the adopted heir to the Old Kingdom throne, under Barbatos lineage. In hopes of the region would be accepted under the eyes of Equestia's influence deemed a failure. Jehuty felt this 'change' needed to accelerate- and thus an aggressive approach to form a coup d'etat began years after her crowning. This sends the region in a sudden and bloody civil warfare, beheading the former emperor, Calcifer and executing anyone whom would follow to his teachings. The land was in mass evacuation, provided by the surrounding countries in aid to save as many residences as possible. As for Wolfbane, being forced onto the last air flag ship, is where his travels would lead him to Equestria. Devastated he wasn't able to help fight off the swarm of the Eden army, a wave of guilt overwhelmed him; feeling that the cause of the bloodshed was his fault in some aspect in attempts to save his friend.</p>
<p>As years pass, the longing need to return to whatever lay remain of The Breach still was a lingering thought. As well a goal that needed to be achieved. Eventually, he does return. His mother, After Image and father, Infinity were well and alive but enslaved as working drones. The once rural lands were now towering buildings of steel mills, coal mines and smoke factories, For what? Analyzing in his investigations from island to island, and monstrous colossal encounters after another; with the help of his new found friends in Equestria lead him to facing the evil tyrant ruler of The Breach, Empress Jehuty. A battle that needed to happen, to declare that her actions came with consequences. But to slain a friend. Lover none the less was hard, and mental straining which left him defeated and upon near death by the wield of her 'Tools', provided by the isles resources and labor to make stone golems with the use of Leyline energy. The last memory before being throw from the floating isles was Jehuty thanking Wolfbane for his father and his discoveries of his understanding of the Leylines, leaving with the final words.... "Thanks to your dead father, the manifesto of Barbatos will flood this world! Never again will we be cast to the side as the minority. That will be Celestia's final mistake for scorning the Old Kingdom." After that confrontation, leisurely thrown into a corpse chute began the expeditious fall from the sky, Wolfbane was severely injured. Luckily, the armor's resistance and landing into the sails of the low flying airflag ships, prevented his instantaneous death. His recovery was a long three years, but what was prevalent during this time and till this day is discovering the unearthing realization that Infinity wasn't his biological father, but the Legendary archaeologist, Almanac G. Banty. Returning to Equestria, Wolfbane returns into deeper investigation to unravel the connections with the Empress's intentions the The Old Kingdom, The Pillar Gods, and the Leylines.</p>
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