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A ranking member of the Lunar Council, and Governess of the city of Krakkow. This noble is the matriarch of her house that acts as the keepers of the obscure mirror pool.
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This OC is part of a larger ongoing lore called 'The Mirror Dance' with others noble characters such as Tranquil Rampart, Rafa Dusk, Brenner Skye, and others. RP is generally on the more serious 'game of thrones' style. If you have questions or interest, please feel free to leave me a message.
History and Details:
<p>Victoria Vanity is a noble pony that comes from a long line of family with some spanish decent that was on the verge of collapse. Having been raised as a second child, she never was expected to inherit the responsibility of being the head of her family. Shadowed by her brother whom she loved, she enjoyed a wonderful family that was built on inner reflection and strength. All that changed with the return of Nightmare Moon. Being the only remaining member of her family, save her nephew, and loyal tough-love maid. Victoria now must take up the mantle of responsibility that she was ill prepared for. <br /><br />Finally, after years of isolating herself, she came back into the public eye, having drastically changed herself to better her chances at saving her family from crippling debt. Of those changes, she became the mare she is now, having originally been born a stallion named Viktor, because of very limited options for noble marriage as well as the fact that many houses are matriarchal and thus would be forced to merge her family name into another. Losing that name was not an option and she still occasionally has her issues with this change.<br /><br />While her heart is in the right place, Vanity is often inconsiderate and rude, preferring to get to the point and only really showing interest in things that further her agenda, such as ways to fix her financial situation before the bank takes her estate, and finding a suitor to wed and pay off debts. Being a little bit of a control freak, she hates it when things are out of order, being medically OCD in that sense. As much of a rude bitch she can be sometimes, her arrogance and hardheadedness is what she does to make up for the fact that she is not only inexperienced, but rather intimidated by the huge responsibility she has for everything that is left of her family that she loved so dearly. Having most her family killed off by Nightmare Moon, she was not terribly thrilled to hear that she was recommended to the Lunar Council with Princess Luna's recent re entry into politics. <br /><br />Traditionally her family served on the Solar Council, but after failing to take up politics for five years after her families 'setback', other Noble houses took their place to close them off, most notably House Horizon. For her family's sake, she accepted the position and is one of the few, if not only, Lunar Council members that is willing to be rude to her and provide tangible feedback. Fortunately she had acquired House Gallant as her allies and pushing her agenda with them supporting her. <br /><br />It was not until some time had passed that she fell in love with a vampire that offered her immortality with him, enticing her. She accepted, and not long after she broke away from him with regret, feeling the monstrous desire in her to drain the blood of the living. For a long time she struggled, denying what she became, until finally things began to give way, her personality darkening and her wants becoming greater. She desired more and nearly fell into the abyss that would mark her a villain to all life, but with the help of a select few close to her, she held on and came to a balance. She loved and hated what she was. <br /><br />Recently, her efforts in politics began to pay off. Being assigned Governess of Krakkow, she finally was giving the glory to her family name as she wanted to and collecting more influence and power. Now her struggle is to keep herself collected and slowly bring in Krakkow under her control.</p>
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