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LT Alona Flare Of the Lunar Guard


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Pegasus Pony
Military Rank:
Lunar Guard: Lieutenant (Lt)
Lieutenant of the Lunar Guard
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Mature (NSFW)
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Alona is a well toned and lithe pegasus mare with longer than average wings. She has a light smoky gray fur with multiple scars along her chest, throat, flank, and legs, navy blue mane of average length hair, one green left eye with odd tattoos under it, while sporting a blue right eye. Feathers share the smokey gray color as her fur.
Disclaimer. Alona is deathly allergic to magic. Please do not use magic on her unless you have my permission. Any other attempts will be considered deflected or ignored.
Stallions, mares, cigars, quiet starry nights, time with family and friends.
History and Details:
<p>Birth in fire 1804- 1814 AA (Anno Astrum) Hailing from the city of Stalliongrad after it was ripped apart by civil war, Alona was born to a mare by the name of Hazmat Flare, who was currently a prisoner of war at the time of her daughter's birth. Alona was stolen away from her mother at the time of birth, forced to suffer through the horrors of&nbsp; bizarre experimentation, using technology and materials stolen from a localized mirror pool, turning the filly into Russimane's very first genetically enhanced super soldier. Plans were made to replicate this technology, and create more super soldiers based off of Alona's original design, but this was thwarted when the facility was destroyed by the rebel mustang forces. Alona was spared only thanks to her magic suspension field which shielded her from the destruction. Being an infant and unknowing of her actions, Alona was found by a young but sickly mare in the wasteland of the ruined city, who cared for little Alona until she was roughly the age of 5. Upon that time Alona's caretaker, who to this day remains unnamed sadly died from leukemia. Alona was left there after to fend for herself for another year, until she found a small colony of survivors who took her in. Due to her timid nature, and skittish hesitance to trust other ponies she was mostly left to her own devices in the colony, on occasion aided by the kind kindred soul with either medical aid or with food and shelter even if only for a single night. After another 4 years of living off scraps and hiding in the shadows, young Alona would flee the colony while it burnt to the ground. She eventually found her way to another, albeit larger colony on the coast where she stowed away on a cargo container destined for Equestria. It would be many months before she would find herself in Ponyville, where she was then found by a gryphon who took her into his home and raised her until she could stand on her own hooves again. After just under a week of being in the town, Alona would learn of the Lunar Guard from Captain Shank who at the time became something of an idle to her. Days after she would beg an audience with the princess of the night whom in her benevolence would advance Alona's age by 9 years through specialized magical modifying, allowing the filly to join the Guard. Said transformation has had lasting affects on her, such as the occasional relapse back into her filly like mindset, but such is the consequence of becoming a mare through artificial means. But it is a choice she has not regretted. Not by any means.</p>
<p>From filly to mare 1814-1816 AA After several months of adjusting to her life in the guard and the town, Alona would be abducted by an unknown dragon, who at the time would bestow to her a son, who would be later named Aiedail, a dragon pony hybrid know as a kirin. During her pregnancy, Alona would be reunited with her mother, one she had thought had abandoned her, and condemned her to death in the broken shattered city of Stalliongrad, and after a heated, and lengthy confrontation, Alona would enter a state of shock, which would resulted in the premature birth of her son. However through the use of magic and luck, the foal was perfectly fine, and free of any life threatening defects or injuries. Even after this incident with her mother, Alona has retained a somewhat distant relationship with her. Though, they will on occasion speak with one another, albeit not for very long. There are some wounds that heal slower than others. In time Alona would come to met a mare by the name of Sturm Voltas, forming a fast, and some would argue reckless relationship, which would last for a few months before Sturm would be found dead in her home. Burnt alive by a fire as she slept. Alona would be left heartbroken for may weeks before finding companionship in one of her oldest friends, and surprisingly, her commanding officer Shank, who with his years of experience, would help the distraught mare through her rough times. In time, feelings would begin to develop as they aided one another through their individual trials to both Luna and the Lunar Guard as a whole, until one night the two would confess their inner most feelings for each other. These feelings would be solidified when Alona was kidnapped by the changeling Enigma and his accomplice. Shank would rescue her from their grip before returning with her back to the caste in Canterlot to treat and heal their own respective injuries. After months of training, both mental and physical, and surviving multiple trials both domestic and foreign, Alona was called into action as a close friends of hers met with a tragic fate. Upon arriving on the scene, Luna herself would arrive to intervene, drawing Alona and her comrades into the darkness, forcing her to face her deepest fears. Only through admitting what she was, giving into the darkness, and letting herself become consumed, would she break apart the horrors of her own mind and pass her trial. Even if it was just by the skin of her flanks. Only after would she receive a promotion to her current rank of Second Lieutenant for her work in only passing her nightmare trial, but saving the life of a close friend. Not long after, Alona would take part in a daring raid on the Equestrian Gryphon border, where although the details of the incident are blurred, Alona and those sent along would be responsible for the destruction of an advanced weapon under the control of the gryphon kingdoms.</p>
<p>1816 AA -1817 AA With the temporary suspension of the dream warden activity and the lull in overall activity within the borders of Equestria, (save the skirmish between noble houses within Canterlot) Alona and her team have settled into a temporary lull of relaxation, allowing them and herself a time of light entertainment. Though she harbors the feeling that the next large incident looms just over the horizon, and the shadows of darkness are growing ever closer. With the next year looming closer, the Lunar Guard prepare once more for the next great fight.</p>
<p>Winds of change-1817-1818</p>
<p>As of January 1st, on the anniversary of their first date Alona was officially married to her long time standing partner Sejanus Starsinger of over 5 years, marking the beginning of a lifetime commitment between the two ponies. Shank was recently sent to the hospital as a grievous wound inflicted upon him by a gorgan would lead to his near death, however thanks to the support of his wife and many of their friends Shank would eventually make a full and complete recovery. Much to Alona's relief. A few months later it was discovered that Alona has become pregnant with Shank's foals, and presently the pair await the birth of their twin children.</p>
<p>&raquo;Saddlepack Saddlepack No AP cost for obtaining items in inventory. An average pack containing several items including hoofcuffs, a days worth of emergency rations, a small firstaid kit containing the basics of medical care, 30ft of rope, a small blanket, flint, and the timber core.</p>
<p>&raquo;Standard cavalry Lance Although a normally impractical weapon to be used in combat, Alona lance has been specifically built for her, using premium combat grade steel, allowing uses seen in a variety of different weapon including, a club, spear, javelin, and in some cases, a shield, assuming of course the attack is non magical. The lance is roughly 6ft long weighting in at about 30lbs due to it's steel based construction. To be hit with this, impaling, or blunt force trauma is ill advised. Standard Cavalry Lance Short Range-Close Combat Range. 1d15 Damage +6 +Savage. This Lance includes a +1d10, 1d12, 1d20 damage bonus dependant on whether or not Alona is trotting, cantering, or galloping. Respectively.</p>
<p>&raquo;Lunar Guard Armor&gt; <img src="https://http//" /> A gift from Riverred Bloodcrest, while most guards strive for lighter and sleeker armor, allowing for much faster maneuvers, Alona's build, species, and augments allow her to use much heavier armors if they were that of a lighter variety. Heavy dark purple steel plated armor covering 90% of exposed flesh and fur, save for the neck, which is protected simply by a shirt of chainmail, and while will stop blades of the slashing type, will not stop thrusts, nor arrows. Weights equal to that of a medieval suit of plate armor, while providing equal amounts of defense, with above average mobility thanks to her augments. Lunar Guard Armour (modified) 1d12+4 Physical Defence. -3 to Dexterity Rolls. &raquo;Timber core After an unfortunate encounter with a timberwolf by the name of Doge, Alona was able to extract the still very active core from the dead timberwolf. Said core contains powerful magical energy that can be used to give herself a rather strong jump-start in case she becomes weak or fatigued from combat, or over exertion from her augmented abilities. Timber Core One charge of +10AP, +100 EP to the user. This takes 20 turns or 1 rest period to recharge.</p>
<p>&raquo;Longsword Simple, but effect, her longsword has been grafted with three runes in the hilt, allowing for faster swinging, increased stability, and the inability to be shattered, or corrode from cotangents. Longsword 1d8+2+Savage Damage. Close Combat. -2 AP for attacks.</p>
<p>&raquo;Hoof claws Simple fighting claws enchanted with runes allowing for deep bleeding wounds if they make contact with exposed skin or flesh, they are ineffective against armors stronger than chain mail. Hoof Claws 1d12+Savage Damage. Close Combat. So long as more than 5 Damage is dealt, the victim is dealt a Bleed effect, losing 10,9,8,7,6,5,4,3,2,1 health per turn until the bloodloss is stopped. Will stop after 10 turns. Regardless. Stacks.</p>
<p>&raquo;Oil Skin cloak Another gift from River, the cloak is inscribed with runes sown into the threading, runes that allow her to remain warm even in the most unforgiving of environments. Treated with oils, the cloak is effectively waterproof, while also resistant to slashing weapons such as longsword and katanas. Normally worn over her armor, held together at the neck by a small eye like jewel typically seen on Lunar Guards this cloak has become main-staple to her patrols of the Everfree. Oilskin Cloak +4 Armour.</p>
<p>&raquo;Medium Kite Shield And yet another gift from River, this shield is made of sturdy wood with steel bands binding it together. Like River, Alona has sharpened the outer edges of the shield allowing her to use it both as an offensive and defensive weapon, although unlike River, she will not throw her shield. Able to withstand blunt force trauma, most ballistic rounds, and basic to level 3 magic based attacks thanks to semi advanced magic alterations from the Lunar Guard mages, as a way to combat the ever increasing amount of other dimensional attackers and their advanced weaponry. Medium Kite Shield +1d8+2 Armour check. +3 to defending from Ranged attacks. +1d4 Magic Defence.</p>
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