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Crystal Pony
Cutie Mark:
Pencil with snowflakes
Canterlot or Crystal Empire
Artist; Magic User
Content Rating:
Mature (NSFW)
Character Image:
Species: Crystal-Unicorn Pony

Winter is a very enthusiastic and loving unicorn. She enjoys being by herself, but also wants constant attention. She has a pet fox named Rose and loves to collect gemstones. She really loves cold winter days and rain. When not painting, she loves to practice magic. She NEVER likes to take anything seriously and enjoys making jokes of every situation possible.
Likes: winter, autumn, spring, rain, storms, animals, cloudy days, gemstones, magic, sleeping, ART, food, cherry blossoms,

Dislikes: large bugs, vegetables, rude ponies
Misc Information:
Hello lovelies! Feel free to come message me and say hi! I'd love to make new friends and RP with anyone :3
Here are some rules though about RPing :3

1. I tend to/ try to do more narrative rp's. I love a good story! But don't just message me with a one word!

2. I love to do romance/nsfw in most RP's. But please, if you want NSFW in our RP, you must be 18+ Overall, im okay with any type of RP as long as there is a good story.

3. Introduce me to new RP ideas too, I don't mind trying something different :3
History and Details:
<p>Winter is a unicorn-part crystal pony. She was raised in the Crystal Empire, before it vanished for a thousand years, which makes her actually 1020 years old. As a young filly, she earned her cutie mark by winning first place her school's art faire. During King Sombra's rule, Winter was forced to work as one of his personal slaves. She lived in the castle, but had no idea what was happening to her parents or if they even knew what was happening to her. She didn't find her parents again until after the Empire had returned. Today, a couple years after the Empire had returned, Winter switches back and forth from the Crystal Empire and Canterlot, pursuing her dreams of being a famous artist. She has a gallery in both cities, hoping to expand more throughout Equestria.</p>
<p>Winter was born a mixed race, her mother a crystal pony while her father was a unicorn. She was born and raised in the Crystal Empire well before it vanished for a thousand years, this fact making her actually be 1020 years old as her body didn&rsquo;t age during this time. As a young filly she found her special place with art, finding herself make as much art as she could though it wasn&rsquo;t long after she got her cutie mark that Sombra became a corrupt and ruthless leader. Leaving destruction and anguish in his wake. Winter would have been 19 at this time, having just been engaged to the stallion of her dreams with a soon to be child on the way. Life for her had been everything a filly could ever dream of up until that point. Sombra had taken away the love of her life to do slave work but left her as she was pregnant and the foal would give him more numbers.</p>
<p>As time went on her anger grew toward the tyrannical ruler and she demanded to have her lover back so that he could at least be around for the delivery. That&rsquo;s when the king proposed something she would never forget. He said he would grant her wish as long as she would give herself up to him. A personal sex slave, to breed with him until death. The mare had to decide whether to keep her child and have the child not know their father or to keep the child and to not have a mother. When she agreed, little did she know she sealed her fate to something far worse then she would imagine. Not too long in she miscarried due to how rough he was with her, treating her like a rag doll. Filled with anger from the loss of her baby she demanded he&rsquo;d stop and let her go. Instead he treated her outburst with a public execution of her fiance. Having watched the love of her life die and losing her child something broke inside the mare.</p>
<p>The reign of Sombra could not end sooner for her and when she came back after thousands of years, she did her best to suppress the horrors she saw. She worked as hard as she could to make her own art gallery in Canterlot and the Crystal Empire as she tries to forget everything that seemed so fresh in her mind. Today, a couple years after the Empire had returned, Winter switches back and forth from the Crystal Empire and Canterlot, pursuing her dreams of being a famous artist. She has a gallery in both cities, hoping to expand more throughout Equestria. For now her art galleries are doing well and life seems to progress as normal.&nbsp;</p>
<p>Mother: Calliope Doodle - actress - Crystal pony</p>
<p>Father: Virtuoso - Composer - Unicorn pony</p>
<p>Older Sister: Muse Doodle - actress - Crystal-unicorn pony</p>
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