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Earth Pony
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Mature (NSFW)
She is a timid quiet mare with a gray coat, white mane and tail with a pale mint green streak through it, her eyes are a tad bit darker than the streak colour but show no focus, as if they're always out of focus.
History and Details:
<p>This simple, but complex, pony is Deca. She is blind, and has been for her entire life, her world is one of smells, sounds, taste, and touch, and that's the way she likes it. She started her life simply, with a simple family. Her father was the village Doctor, he prides his work and how healthy he kept everyone, and took the best care of his family. Her mother was a simple baker, her treats would bring ponies from all over to try, winning her many awards. She didn't have any siblings, which was just fine with her, she had a few friends at least. At the age of 16 she left her home with a friend, and went on an adventure, met many new kind ponies, and some not so kind ponies. But by 18 she kind of got stuck in Manehattan, where having been talked into getting a loan from a smooth talking Loan Shark, she sort of ended up unable to leave until she paid it off working for this boss, the good news was she was only made a Maid, and not one of his... Escorts. Furthermore she kind of got attached to the place, finding the community she got involved with actually quite nice to her, even if they were seen as the scum of Manehattan. They saw her as just a simple pony who needed help, and were willing to let their good sides shine through to help her.</p>
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