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Alchemist, pseudo Royal Advissor.
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A little Colt of darkened coloration. Crystal Unicorn in nature, doesn't shine upon showing emotions. Roughly of Celestia's knee in height, a hoof and a half in width and of a physical age of seven, posseses a long, pitch-black Mane, usually combed towards his back. No cutiemark, long tail. Piercing Emerald eyes, and an oh so subtle scar upon his left ear.
Energy Crystals, the Umbrum, Dark Magic.
History and Details:
<p>Shattered Onyx, a little Colt from the Empire up north. Raised on his very first years by a loving couple of Crystal Ponies, he had very little time to develop fully untill an event changed his life, forever.</p>
<p>Before the Empire's vanishment, he was too young to have a propper contiousness -He was nothing more but an innocent, little Foal, even after King Sombra's raise and fall. During his raise, he existed for a mere, rough four years before Sombra did his thing -Skipping a thousand years in vanishment alongside the rest of the Empire after his first defeat. On his second, however, is when he got directly, undirectly affected.</p>
<p>During the mere moments when Sombra's magic was stripped from him due to the direct exposure to the Crystal Heart, it didn't vanished. Instead, it transferred that essence onto the nearest viable entities; Onyx, being one of the closest ones. As the young Foal he was back then, his own essence was overwritten by Sombra's more powerfull magic, alongside the faint memories of his existance, and even his behaviour from before his second defeat.</p>
<p>With the follow-up blast of Love magic, the now changed Colt was directly affected too, being sent a few hundred kilometers away during the blast due to his overwritten magical essence, surviving the landing thanks to a well-placed bulk of soft snow.</p>
<p>After regaining contiousness, the little Colt, now believing that he was the King, made a theory that the blast of Love didn't killed him -But rather prived him from his power, and his adulthood.</p>
<p>Thus, he swore to recover, become stronger, and end what he began a few too many centuries ago; Free the Umbrum from their ethernal curse... At any cost.</p>
<p>After having a few individual adventures -Some ending well, others not so much, such as the one time he almost had his ear cut off-, Onyx finally had caught the attention of one of the Royal Sisters. Celestia. After coming into a temporal areement, where he would not cause issues, and Celestia wouldn't banish him to the moon, Onyx now moved onto Cantelot, leaving behind the life he thought was his.</p>
<p>After roughly a year of sharing space with the Princess, in the form of him acting as the opposite of what Celestia represented, though having little to no contact to Luna, Onyx was soon to find out who he was. A Colt, affected by a case of extreme magical transfer, pulled away from his family, and assumed dead. This was a moment of realization, as the little one now fares with who he is, who he believes he is, and who he used to be.</p>
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