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Master of Mischief; Tyrant of Trickery; Sultan of Silliness; King of Knavery; The Boggart

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The Boggart is normally unseeable to the naked eye, preferring to stay completely invisible when out and about. Though when it does decide to make itself seen, it is never in its true form, which can not be comprehended by normal(or even extraordinary) means. Instead, it will shapeshift into something less conspicuous, the range being from a small mouse to a fellow resident of the town or city. It's not odd for the Boggart seen, however, as something it has come to call it's "default" form. This form appears as a floating creature with noticeably large ears, a feline-esque face with whisker-like features, a small compact body, the arms and hands of a gremlin, feet resembling that of a rabbit's, and a silky tail about the length of its body. The coat color consists of darker shades of mahogany, with the underbelly and inside of the ears being a dark magenta. The Boggarts eyes are more offputting than the rest of its body though, being comparable to those of an albino animal; Red in coloring.
Likes: Pranks, Subtle Mischief, Sweets

Dislikes: Annoyances, Killing, Broccoli
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That's right, peeps. If you're gonna want to RP with me, you'll have to read through a few rules I go by.

I'll try and keep them short. ^~^

Rule #1 This is my most important rule. If you are going to add me as a friend, KEEP IN CONTACT WITH MY CHARACTER! Nothing grinds my gears more than having a friends list that exceeds over 100 friends, and only have about a handful of them RP with me. e_e So if you're going to add me as a friend, be sure to send me a starter as well.

And that leads into my next rule.

Rule #2 I prefer to do narrative role playing. The length of which I write my paras vary, and normally depend on the person/people I am role playing with. Although, if you are one of those who likes to write five paragraph posts(good god, how do you do it???), I ask that we keep our RP via Private Message, since it'd be easier to send back and forth that way. Another part of this rule is that, if you do wish to roleplay with me, I only ask that you a) Read through a bit of my OC's information first, just so you understand that they are not entirely... "approachable". And b) Make sure that your starter is not a simple "Hi there!" or *pony walks up to chara and greets them* type deal. First off, that's impossible with this OC. (Unless your character is one of the few exceptions further below) And secondly, that's just poor RPing. At least attempt to make an effort, yeah?

Rule #3 Most RPs I do with people will likely fall into my own character's "canon" storyline, unless said otherwise. However, I do hold the power to decide what does and doesn't stay canon. As you'll(hopefully)read further down, my character has been around for quite some time, and at that time met with particular Canon characters. If you happen to have an account as said character, but wish to not know of my little Boggart, then simply state so. I will simply count the RP as an 'alternate universe', if that suits your fancy.

Rule #4 "What types of RPs I do?" While not really a "rule", per say, it's still something to know. I'm pretty open to any sort of genre when it comes to role playing. Now, that's not to say that I'm a master at every single one, so please give me a small amount of slack if I appear a bit clueless with whatever is going on at first. But I'm pretty flexible, and can normally mold right into anything. There is one type that I attempt to stay away from, unless it fits with my OC. Erotic RP will not be a starter. Ever. So don't try, kay?

Rule #5 I like to give out hugs... If you find that I've randomly given you one, it's more than likely I found you interesting, but couldn't think of anything to say. So... Hugs for you! Feel free to send one right back. Or, if you're feeling a bit more adventurous, send me a friend request! I can always do with more friends to RP with!

PHEW! You made it!

I thank you for your time in reading all that, and urge you to send me a starter.
History and Details:
<p>The Boggart is a creature as old as the world it resides in, though in saying that it is important to understand that the creature isn't truly 'old' to begin with. To say it was old, was to say that it could age. But the Boggart does not age, for it is amortal; pursuing of a lifestyle that defies the process of aging. Being a spirit, or demon, of great power, it possesses with it some great deal of ancient magic that allows it to perform many of the unthinkable feats. This Master of Mischief has taken upon itself to roam far and wide throughout the exceptionally long time of its existence. It had engaged in philosophical debates with Starswirl the Bearded, witnessed the building of the pyramids in Kahmelu, and even brought amusement to a certain two, young, alicorn sisters. While not having too much of an interest in history, that does not mean that the Boggart had not played rather small, overlooked, and forgotten parts in some of the world's most notorious chronicled events. And being the boastful bragger that it is, the Boggart would be delighted to share those stories with any it deemed worthy to hear. [</p>
<p>b]Known Aliases:[/b] Boggart; Bogg; Beastie; Kitty (Not it's favorite); That Vile Creature of Which We Do Not Speak</p>
<p>[b]Spells:[/b] The Boggart is quite the master of all sorts of spells, however, the two big ones that it uses most often are Transformation and Evasiveness. Another notable trick that the Boggart has up its sleeve is the fabricating of pure matter, not unlike what the chaotic entity known as Discord can do. However, when compared to said draconequus, the spirit of mischief's level of ability is a bit less dramatic.</p>
<p>[b]Talents &amp; SKills:[/b] The Boggart's main skills are that of hiding and transformation. Another notable skill that it holds it the ability to fabricate, as well as manipulate, any form of matter.</p>
<p>[b]Personality:[/b] To sum up the personality of the Boggart would take far too long... If one is interested in knowing what the little beastie is like, they should simply try to find them and ask them themself~</p>
<p>[b]Detailed History:[/b] Boggart is an enigma that confounds all logic, scientific reasoning, and even religious beliefs. There are many rumors, myths, and even legends to how the shapeshifter came to be, but the Boggart will simply tell you that it was "born from the first breath of Equus". In truth, not even the Boggart can remember it's own 'birth', only that it was here long before anything else ever was. Having seen many a civilization rise and fall, as well as traveled between more than a few of the alternate universes that are linked to Equus, the Boggart has made it a priority to cause all that it meets some form of mischief. This can range from simple pranks, elaborate schemes, to full-blown chaotic shenanigans(of whom a certain draconequus has been more than happy to join in on). However, it has always stuck with a code of never going too overboard with its tricks, especially to the point where someone might get seriously harmed, regardless of what some may say about it. Many, many moons ago, the Boggart had been traveling across the land of Equestria, updating itself on what had been going on since the last time it had paid it a visit several dozen centuries ago. On this particular drop in, however, a rather ceremonious event happened to be going on. Many far and wide all seemed to be celebrating the newest birth of the high-standing Alicorn Family. Knowing that Alicorns were indeed one of the rarest breeds of equine across the globe, the Boggart couldn't help but go and see the little bundle of joy for its own self. That was the first time it ever laid eyes upon the mare that would forever change the amortal's existence... the, at that time, small and rather insignificant Princess Luna. Fast forward half a millennia to an unforgettable night that would only start a chain reaction of events, the fable and very first 'Nightmare Night'; the night when the Boggart's dearest and closest friend would turn into the wretched monster that's only wish was to cover the entire world in eternal darkness. Events happen as they should, regardless of the spirit's intent to save its friend, and Nightmare Moon is imprisoned on the moon. It was then that the Boggart would spend the next thousand years trying to reach the once Princess Luna, even going to far as to plea to the Solar Princess for her return. But all efforts were in vain. Luna's sentence of solitary confinement was final, and she would not be released until her sentence had been carried out... Even though there was no clear definition at that time of how long that would actually be. Fast forward again to the near present day. The Boggart, having confined itself in its own form of 'solitary confinement', finally reintroduces itself with the general public. While visiting a local tavern within Canterlot, the shapeshifter actually comes to find that not only has its near given up on friend returned, but that she has been cleansed of her nightmarish form! Taking no time to try and rekindle their long lost friendship, it would not be long before the Boggart would begin to feel something it hadn't ever thought possible for itself. Love. However, due to rather personal circumstances, the Boggart's feelings would not be returned... However, this would not deter the spirit from still being good friends with the Princess of the Night. It still considers her the closest thing to family that it's ever had.</p>
<p>...Or so it thought. As things went on, the Boggart began to notice subtle, and no so subtle, changes going on around it. Friends that it had once had no longer existing. Relationships having never happened. It almost seemed like all the memories of the creature had become disorganized. Perhaps even... fabricated.</p>
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