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Corporal Guardian Flare Of The Equestrian Solar Guard

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Pegasus Pony
Cutie Mark:
Red Shield, White Wings, Gold Sword, and Small Blue Stars
Military Rank:
Solar Guard: Corporal (Cpl)
Canterlot, Equestria
Corporal in the Equestrian Solar Guard
Content Rating:
Mature & Violent
Character Art:
Character Image:
Flare's a crismon red stallion, with nice blue eyes, and rustic brown hair. He's barely taller than the average stallion, maybe half an inch. He is of a slightly slim build, somewhat strong, but not beefy.
The Guard, Drinking, Weapons, Fighting, Cuddles, Meeting new ponies, Tinkering, Knowing useful and useless information and skills
Misc Information:
1. No ERP. Besides the fact that I, as a person, do not find that kind of role play appealing, Flare is currently in a relationship. Please don't try it.
2. All other standard RP rules apply.
3. Prior to starting a RP, everything is assumed to be non-canon unless there is a mutual agreement made stating otherwise.
4. Good grammar, punctuation, and what-not is a must! Also, I don't expect a novel, but at minimum I need one good paragraph. However, if it's obviously a super casual RP, I don't mind the shorter replies,
Flare first and foremost dedicates himself to being altruistic and respectable. He takes pride in his duty as a royal guard, and he isn't one to be easily swayed from his duty. When needed, he is brutally violent and efficient. As much as he dislikes to admit it, fighting is what he's good at. Socially, he is soft and amiable, though he can be somewhat shy and bashful at times, especially around new ponies and strangers. Once you get to know him though, he becomes much more talkative and jovial. He usually maintains a polite, well-spoken tone, unless he's in a more casual setting such as a bar or in his apartment. He speaks with a very, very light southern drawl, inherited from his father, as well as a colorful vocabulary of swears. Flare can be very easily shattered, should his PTSD ever trigger. If he ever believes he has failed his duty and his actions directly resulted in the death or injury of another pony, he will essentially shut down and crumble. To try and remedy this, he has turned to drinking, in order to dull the pain and drown the memories. Despite this, he still carries a motivated smile on his face that always tells others that life is pretty good, and he is in mostly good health, not taking into account any injuries he likely has at any given time.
History and Details:
<p>Guardian Flare was born on May 31, 23 years ago. Born to a sailor and a buisnessmare, Flare had a reasonably comfortable foalhood, along side his sister. He was the baby of the family, which meant he could be sheltered at times. This caused him to seek independence at an early age. He would often explore the streets of Canterlot alone in his spare time, which exposed him to many things, some things amazing and other things frightening. One of those things was the Royal Guard. From the moment he first laid eyes on them, he admired everything about them; the shiny armor, the beautiful weapons, even the discipline and authority. He decided that he would devote himself wholly to becoming a guard someday. He trained himself physically, put more effort into school, and even bought a couple books about the Guard. After years and years of preparing, the day came for Flare to enlist: his 18th birthday. There was one small problem. His birthday fell on the same day as his high school prom, where his friends all expected him to be. He thought for awhile, and decided to skip prom, as he felt enlisting was more important. To this day, when asked if he ever regretted his decision, he will reply,&rdquo;No.&rdquo; After months of basic training, Flare finally achieved his dream of becoming a guard. He performed his duty to the absolute best of his ability for a little over two years, and after than is when things began to go south for him. A few days before Flare turned 21, he was a only Lance Corporal, and he had been doing patrols outside of the castle for a short time. One night, he heard a mare&rsquo;s scream coming from an alleyway. Upon investigating, Flare found himself in the middle of a mugging-turned-hostage situation. Despite doing absolutely everything he could to persuade the muggers and save the mare, he was incapacitated in the process. Though he killed one mugger, he was forced to watch as the other one murdered the mare. Fortunately, another patrol passed by right as the last thug was going to kill Flare. With the criminal arrested and Flare bring en route to the hospital, things looked okay from the outside, but Flare was a whole different story. He would develop PTSD from the experience, afraid that if he failed again it would mean the death of not only another pony, but himself as well. There was a bit of good news in the aftermath of the event, though. The two thugs happened to be drug dealers with more than a few warrants out for their arrest. For his help in the arrest of one dealer, at the expense of his own safety, Flare was promoted to Corporal, and on the day he turned 21, too. Today, Flare still does his best to be a good guard, though that's not to say he doesn't have his flaws. One of which, is his alcoholism. Flare sought refuge from stress, depression, and his PTSD in drinking himself to the point of blacking out. Somehow, he manages to relegate his drinking to weekends and days off. Another flaw is that he can not only be reckless, but he will completely disregard his own safety if it means ensuring another&rsquo;s. While this may not seem bad, Flare has very little thought of self preservation, which lands him in the hospital somewhat often. Despite his rough history as a guard, Flare loves his job.&nbsp; Most ponies don't notice his tougher exterior, as he can be a very caring and amiable stallion. He wants what's good for every pony, and he'll do anything to protect that freedom.&nbsp;</p>
<p>After a drunken night at Club Abyss, Flare met a bat pony by the name of Gold Eye. The two hit it off immediately, and after a few stab wounds and an ungodly amount of teasing later, they began dating. On January 26th, 1819AA, they were married.</p>
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