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General of the Wintherian Legions
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Mature & Violent
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Valkyrie is a Warborn War Horse of Wintherai. Known by many as Wintherians.

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Misc Information:
*Steadfast: Unwavering loyalty.
*Stoic: Pain and hardship is not something taught or learned in the Legion.

*Authoritative: Valkyrie's strong voice and reasoning overcomes more obstacles than fighting.

*Dislikes Equestrians: Due to past incidents and near death experiences caused by some of the Equestrian Guards, she has deemed them a personal liability to her and her legion. This is particularly a general distaste to some of Equestrian Armed Forces, not Equestrians as a whole.

*Cunning: Throughout the years of being more strategical and out maneuvering her enemies, Valkyrie has become extremely cunning.

*Motherly Figure: From time and time again, Valkyrie looks out for her subordinates and will always be the first protector and guardian for them.

*Neglected: Due to feeling neglected by those she wishes to care for, she grew a tendency to be quite paranoid and wary of others she attempts to become close to.

*Betrayed: Having been betrayed in more ways than one makes one more paranoid as well as betraying before betrayal, or extra cautious.

*Cold Heart: Lack of love or compassion shown to her has made Valkyrie into a monster who would burn a village down if it meant teaching someone a lesson on disloyalty.

-Additional Attributes-

Aspiring to be a mother: Despite all of the battles and warfare that Valkyrie has gone through, she aspires to become a mother and live a life as one. Both to care for a family and to live the rest of her life peacefully. However, she hides this behind her mask in fear that life and fate would not allow her any sort of luxury to have such a destiny to live out her life as planned. So she does not pursue it actively.
History and Details:
<p>-Background Details-</p>
<p>Home - Wintherai (Win-thur-eye)</p>
<p>Populace - Wintherians (Win-there-ians)</p>
<p>Primary language - Wintherian</p>
<p>Location - South of Equestria, across the ocean. Mistaken for being Northern given the nickname 'Winterlands' by Equestrians because of the snow capped mountains.</p>
<p>Diplomatic Stance - The Wintherians as called by other countries, are known for war. They are a Military Country and resort to more militaristic advances in technology and focus on the Legions of Wintherai. Commonly trade with other countries such as Equestria. At war with other War Countries.</p>
<p>Political Stance - The Wintherai's political system is run by the Three Houses of Power or Tribus Domibus Imperium (Three Houses Government): House of Aegis (Growth) House of Sirus (Military) House of Cyprus (Diplomacy). The House of Aegis worried more about the economy and non-military progressions of the country. House of Sirus coordinated who they would go to war with, plan alliances with, moving the legions or even military advancements in technology. House Cyprus worked on trade and making good impressions with possible allies or trade partners.</p>
<p>-Recent Civil War has caused this to turn back to an Empire. The old Republic is now demolished as well as the Senate-</p>
<p>Belief Structure - The Wintherians believe in the 7 Guardians. Many whom lived and shaped Wintherai to what it is now.</p>
<p>Comparison to reality - To compare what Wintherai is like from today's history. It would be a mix of Medieval and the Roman Empire.</p>
<p>--Quick Summary--</p>
<p>Valkyrie was born in the season of Aegis. The guardian and founder of Aegius, capital of Wintherai. Because of this, she would be sent to the legion to be raised as a soldier. These were known as Warborn and were not allowed to be outside of military life unless they were in a reserve legion in between campaigns. Warborns made up the backbone of the Legions.</p>
<p>Valkyrie began in the 4th Legion of Wintherai under Captain Zirria. During the Skirmish of Veletii and Battle of Veletii, Valkyrie had made a name for herself in battle after Centurion Calibris was killed. She was put in charge of Calibris Cohort, name changed to Valkyrie Cohort of the 4th Legion.</p>
<p>In time, the 5th Legion would be founded by Valkyrie, making her the Commander and Captain of the 5th Legion of Wintherai with ten cohorts and ten specialist divisions.</p>
<p>*Gains trait of "Authoritative".</p>
<p>--All other History presented in Roleplay--</p>
<p>(All Events taking place after Act I of the Wintherai Legions: Story)</p>
<p>Varakshi from Northwest of Equestria threaten to invade Equestria to get to the ports and invade Wintherai. Military alliance is established between Equestria and Wintherai. The 4th, 5th and 6th Wintherai Legions are sent to the North into Equestria from the ports of Veletii.</p>
<p>Forward fortresses are made in the Frozen North to encamp the legions. Supply lines were negotiated to keep the legions replenished.</p>
<p>Kadai, a Lunar Guard during this time, is sent to assist against the Varakshi Skirmishes. Losing multiple soldiers and guards to arrow fire in the process due to lack of shields and organized fighting. Wintherian Legions deny further support from the guard due to casualties from this point on. Valkyrie herself takes full blame for their deaths and is haunted by them.</p>
<p>The Varakshi presence is subdued and the 5th and 6th Wintherian Legions are sent back to Wintherai to fight against the Uhonians. Facing many losses, the House of Sirus began to think of army reformations such as the formations, tactics, and arsenal. The old Legionary armor that consisted of some steel and leather was ditched for a newer version with chain mail and steel plate armor. The design was also changed and made default for all soldiers.</p>
<p>A Mercy Guard Captain by the name of Ezekael Camdon was sent over to Wintherai assist in medical reforms and training the use of medicine and surgery to the legions. Valkyrie had been injured in battle and suffered life threatening injuries. Ezekael was able to save her life as well as teach her more about the idea of independance outside of a legion. This caused moral conflict between Valkyrie's loyalties to her nation and to what she felt was right. It would forever shape the way she thought. One story was that of a Gryphon whom went against fate and became a hero.</p>
<p>A Lunar Guard, Gilded Oak, is sent by Princess Luna to assist in sabotage and frontline assault. Proving herself, Valkyrie and Gilded find themselves close in terms of fighting together. Gilded's fighting style influenced the 5th Legion's brutal tactics and allowed them to fight more openly and more effectively. Valkyrie and Gilded grew closer in the coming days.</p>
<p>The 5th Legion adapted a military tradition of unrelenting force, no fear, and fierce brutality. Becoming a commonly feared name to many Uhonian Armies.</p>
<p>The Campaign against the Uhona is completed and the 5th through 9th Legions were put on reserve. Valkyrie stays in Equestria during this time.</p>
<p>Word has it that the faction of Elverni was attacking by sea. Wave Buster and Valkyrie make their way to the Southern ports of Equestria where the 2nd Navy was waiting to have the legion board.</p>
<p>During this time, the 4th Legion the was kept in Equestria was heading further North towards the Luna Bay where they found a fortress occupied by another faction whom were thought to be defeated years ago by the Vigil. The 4th Legion took heavy casualities along with the 3rd and 4th Navy.</p>
<p>The 5th Legion was then brought back to Equestria to assist in the siege of the Luna Bay followed by the 2nd and 3rd Navy along with the last of the 4th Legion. A Warband led by an old comrade of the Vigil, Airborne Noire, would fight alongside the 5th and 4th Legions.</p>
<p>*Battle of Luna Bay*</p>
<p>*Gains trait of "Dislikes Equestrians" during siege.</p>
<p>Ezekael Camdon and Valkyrie meet again, a year after their initial meeting back in Wintherai.</p>
<p>Valkyrie resigns as Captain of the 5th Legion until further notice after a near-death experience.</p>
<p>After the Siege, the 5th Legion stayed in the Frozen North to hold the North West of Equestria. A Solar Guard Lieutenant by the name of Aurelius shows up upon the invitation from Valkyrie personally. He trains with the 5th Legion. Valkyrie takes up the title of Captain once more.</p>
<p>Aurelius and the 5th Legion set sail to Veletii. Under siege by their own Chain towers and defense walls taken by the Elverni, the legion takes down the towers and besiege their own city. Valkyrie gains respect for Aurelius.</p>
<p>*Capture of Veletii*</p>
<p>There is a 6 month period of peace in Wintherai with the occassional skirmishes along the outskirts of the region. Valkyrie and Aurelius train and share tactics, ideas, and weapon ideas.</p>
<p>Equestrian influenced magic and weaponry technology is shared with the Legions that participated in battles on Equestrian Soil. 3rd, 4th, 5th and 6th Legions. These are then weaponized and mass produced.</p>
<p>Word had it that Wintherai was in the midst of Civil War. Those fighting for the change of the military tradition and fate of the Warborn, and those for the tradition. Valkyrie and her legion stay on the fence for some time until it is decided what direction they will head. Either way, fighting against any of the other twenty legions was inevitable.</p>
<p>Valkyrie is in Aegius, Wintherai when an ambassador comes by. Ezekael. They negotiate support to assist the establishment of Winter as the Empress to bring the Wintherian Peace and avoid dragging Equestria into a state of War with Wintherai. Despite personal conflict, Valkyrie accepts.</p>
<p>The Civil War ends. The Republic falls and an Empire is formed once again. Military reforms are put into place with the addition of newly invented war machines and use of gunpowder cannons.</p>
<p>Wintherai begins with rapid aggressive expansion into Sarthani, Sargathi, and Jualcovi territories under Emperor Tylis.</p>
<p>Emperor Tylis dies without an heir. Many speculate it was an assassination by Tarus himself. Civil War begins to brew. Candidates both Tarus and Winter Zevenia fight for the claim. Tarus wishing to expand upon the military and the expansionism of the Empire. Zevenia wishing to focus on current territories and proseperity in all regions of the Empire.</p>
<p>Due to Winter Zevenia's (<a href="memberlist.php?mode=viewprofile&amp;u=123">;u=123</a>) absence in Equestria, Tarus self-proclaims the title of Emperor. Pitting Wintherai against former allies. Including Equestria. Causing massive invasions against Equestria's borders.</p>
<p>*The Invasion of Equestria*</p>
<p>The campaign against Equestria has caused many despressions and issues amongst the Legions who invade. Having going against their own allies both formally and personally, the will to fight the Equestrians fade slowly.</p>
<p>Many Legions such as Valkyrie and the 5th Legion along with many other Legions and Navies that operated in Equestria desert the Empire and grow in Equestria for a couple months.</p>
<p>The Wintherian Legions invade Veletii against the Empire and hold the town before moving into Aegius and holding the city and creating a foundation for the reformation of the Empire.</p>
<p>During most of the fights, other Captains and some Generals had different ways of going about the campaign. Despite her own morals and values, the General for the campaign had ordered decimation of the cities and towns as they presumed they were supporters of Emperor Tylis. Innocents were slaughtered and the towns were looted and razed while the populus was executed. Empress Winter would find this out later but only after half of the cities in Wintherai were sacked. The General at the time was executed by Valkyrie herself by orders of Winter Zevenia Sirius.</p>
<p>*Siege of Aegius*</p>
<p>Ambassadors from Equestria come in secrecy to support the rebellion against the Wintherian Empire. Reluctantly accepting the support but denying bribes from Equestria. Winter Zevenia meet Valkyrie for the first time.</p>
<p>After a year of fighting, the Rebellion gain victory against the Empire and overthrow Tarus, executing him and proclaiming Winter as the new Empress of a new age. Wintherai create peace treaties with all allied factions and trade begins once more.</p>
<p>*Valkyrie Gains title of General</p>
<p>The Wintherian Peace begins.</p>
<p>During the time in the Equestria for the Wintherian Peace, Valkyrie checks on the 5th, 6th and 7th Legions stationed in Northern Equestrians. A fight against the Varakshi was coming back up and Valkyrie sent a letter to Branwen, the Captain of the Celestial Guard, for guidance and assistance for setting up ambushes and navigation through the Northern and Western part of Equestria.</p>
<p>--To be continued--</p>
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