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The Crystal heart in between two golden frames
The Crystal Empire
I am the ruler of The Crystal Empire, a mother, a wife, a step sister and a Princess. Those occupy quite a lot of my time.
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I am a mare, slightly taller than the average mare and I am an alicorn. I have a light pink coat with a long yellow, pink and purple mane. I have a daughter, and a husband.
My interests include Sewing, knitting, my husband, my beautiful daughter, strawberry ice cream, cotton candy and helping ponies.
Misc Information:
Like many others, I have some rules that need to be followed in order to Roleplay with my Cadance.

Firstly, I am a narrative roleplayer, I like detailed responses and I will try to respond with the same amount of detail. I do not roleplay with asterisks and I doubt I ever will.

All my roleplays will be feral, I don’t do anthro.

I can be rather picky on who I roleplay with, I don’t roleplay with Alicorn OC’s, but if you can think up an interesting way that Cadance and your alicorn would meet, I may change my mind.

I am open to most genres, it really depends on what I’m feeling for, I am open to NSFW roleplays, but I would like for them to have a story to them.

I try to keep my Cadance canon, so all NSFW and romance roleplays will be non-canon. Unless of course, if it's with Shining Armor.
History and Details:
<p>When Mi Amore Cadenza was just a filly, she was just a Pegasus. She was found by earth ponies in a forest far, far away. The earth ponies took her in and cared for her as if she was their own.</p>
<p>As she grew up, the natural love and compassion she had for others filled everypony with warmth and the urge to protect her. In the small village, an evil pony enchantress names Prismia lived alone nearby, She rarely came out of her cottage because she felt nothing but jealousy for the other ponies in the village, the way they loved and took care of one another. And yet, she had nopony who cared for her.</p>
<p>Prismia always wore a powerful necklace, which she cared for more than anything else in the world, and it served to amplify the evil and jealousy within her own heart. When Prismia&rsquo;s bad feelings and the power of her necklace finally overtook her, she cast a spell on the villagers the leeched all the love from their homes. She hoped to capture some of that love for herself. Everypony was distraught and sad.</p>
<p>Cadance decided that she couldn&rsquo;t let that happen, so she went to see Prismia. Luckily the enchantress&rsquo;s powerful necklace also amplified the power of Cadance&rsquo;s love, and she soon defeated Prismia with her incredible gift of compassion. Once Prismia changed her horrible ways, Cadance was surrounded by magical energy and transported her to a strange place, a place that nopony except Princess Celestia had ever been! When Celestia discovered cadence in that mysterious location her fate was sealed. The Princess brought Cadance back to canterlot to raise her as her very own royal niece.</p>
<p>Princess Cadance&rsquo;s special talent had always been her amazing ability to spread love wherever she went, settling conflicts and bringing ponies of all time together. In her final exam at Celestia&rsquo;s school of magic, Cadance was even able to make to known rival pony families of Canterlot become best friends. She spent a long time in Canterlot resolving conflicts whenever she was needed and helping other ponies find love, but never experienced it for herself, even though she did have a crush on Shining Armor.</p>
<p>After becoming closer to Shining&rsquo;s family, Princess Cadance offered to foal sit Shining&rsquo;s little sister, Twilight Sparkle. The two grew closer and closer, even making a secret hoof shake! Cadance and Shining eventually became a couple and were about to get married when a strange creature named Queen Chrysalis disguised herself as Princess Cadance and hid the real Cadance deep in the caves beneath Canterlot, where her magic would be unable to break through the caverns. The Queen changeling used Shining&rsquo;s love for Cadance to grow stronger while making him weaker. All the ponies were too busy with planning the wedding to notice that Cadance wasn&rsquo;t acting normal, all except Cadance&rsquo;s old friend, Twilight Sparkle who confronted Chrysalis, leading her to the same fate as Cadance, to be sent down to the caves beneath Canterlot, Twilight was able to break through a part of the caves to find the real Cadance, and together they escaped just in time before Chrysalis was wed to Shining Armor. It didn&rsquo;t take long for Chrysalis&rsquo;s drones to break through the protective barrier that Shining had created and soon the drones began to slowly take over the city. Once Celestia realized she had made a mistake, she too confronted the creature, using a spell to try and stop her, but it was no use, the love Shining had for Cadance was too strong and Chrysalis overpowered her. Twilight and her friends tried to reach their elements of harmony, but were captured by Queen Chrysalis&rsquo;s drones. Once Cadance had a chance to reach Shining Armor, she used a love spell that would break free Shining from the Changeling&rsquo;s spell. Together, the love both Cadance and Shining had for each other was so strong, it was enough to banish Chrysalis and all her drones far away! Cadance and Shining were finally able to have their wedding, celebrating with music and dancing and it was, &ldquo;The best wedding ever!&rdquo;</p>
<p>After some time had passed and the ponies of Canterlot were in the process of getting over the attack, news had come in from northern Equestria, the Crystal Empire had returned after being banished for 1000 years! Princess Celestia knew of the last ruler of the Crystal Empire, Princess Amore. When Princess Celestia found Cadance, she could feel a connection, it turned out that Princess Cadance is a very late relative of Princess Amore.</p>
<p>The first thing Princess Celestia did upon hearing news of its arrival was to send Cadance and Shining Armor. With the return of the Crystal Empire, came the return of a dark shadow by the name of Sombra, who enslaved the ponies of the Crystal Empire and was the cause of its Banishment by Celestia and Luna. Once Princess Cadance arrived, she used her alicorn magic to create a large forcefield to keep the shadow out, but her magic wouldn&rsquo;t last forever. While Shining cared for Cadance, Princess Celestia sent Twilight and her friends to help. After some deep research, Twilight sparkle figured out that in order to restore the empire, they needed to find the Crystal Heart. After many tricks and turns left by Sombra, Twilight Sparkle eventually found it, together they placed the heart in the centre of town and restored peace to the Empire while destroying king Sombra.</p>
<p>Princess Cadance and Shining Armor remained in the Crystal Empire as rulers. A few years later, Princess Cadance and Shining had their own filly, Flurry heart! They begin preparations for &ldquo;The Crystaling&rdquo; The Empires way of introducing the filly to Equestria. Flurry heart, after being separated from Pinkie Pie after having fun, let&rsquo;s out a very loud cry right in front of the crystal heart, causing it to break into pieces! A panic ensues as the Empire begins to get covered in snow as the heart no longer protects them from the artic weather.</p>
<p>Starlight Glimmer and her friend sunburt, together with Twilight figure out a way to get the Crystal heart back together. They go forward with the Crystalling and use on of the Crystallers crystals to gather the love from the ponies as they bow to the new filly. That Crystal together with the crystal heart, causes it to be mended and working again!</p>
<p>Now Princess Cadance, and Flurry heart continue living in the Crystal Empire.</p>
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