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Look behind you.
.E.E., M.D., Ph. D.,
...B.V.D., R.S.V.P., C.O.D....
...P.D.Q., Q.E.D.
It's Complicated
Content Rating:
Mature & Violent
Character Image:
Discord is a draconequus, a creature with the long head of a pony, the body of a grizzly bear and the red dragon-like tail of a snake or other reptilian species; he has two horns that sit atop his head, the right being a deer antler and the left being that of a blue goat horn. With large eyes bearing yellow sclera and red different sized iris', and and a singular snaggle tooth. Today. Yesterday he looked different. And you should see him on the holidays. Discord can appear quite insane; always seeming to have just woken from a fit of madness only to dive back in when one would least expect it. With a snake tongue, the beard of a goat with white bushy eyebrows. Discord has the right arm of a lion, the claw of an eagle, the right leg of a lizard, the left leg of a goat, the right wing of a bat and the left wing of a pegasus. Although he can shapeshift willingly, this is his primary form. Even when shape-shifted Discord often retains some of these features.
Disorder, disarray, disorganization, confusion, mayhem, bedlam, pandemonium, havoc, turmoil, tumult, commotion, disruption, upheaval, uproar, maelstrom; muddle, mess, shambles, free-for-alls; anarchy, lawlessness, entropy; hullabaloo, hoopla, train wreck, trickeration, all hell broken loose.
Misc Information:
Discord is powerful. Vastly, stupidly, powerful. Don't play with him or engage him unless you're prepared for him to come out on top most of the time when it comes to contests of power.

I may or may not accept OC draconequus characters as cannon depending on how well they are played.

Other Discord accounts will just be treated like other splinter selves. "Oh, I have no idea what I'm doing there."

DIscord is kinky as fuck.
History and Details:
<p>Discord is a male draconequus and former antagonist introduced in the season two premiere. Princess Celestia explains that Discord is the spirit of chaos and disharmony who once ruled over Equestria in a state of unrest and unhappiness, until she and Princess Luna used the Elements of Harmony to imprison him in stone. However, after the sisters lost their connection to the Elements, the spell was broken and Discord broke free. Later in the series, Princess Celestia decides that Discord should be reformed so his magic can be used for good. [b]EEA History:[/b] In the realm of EverAfter, Discord has had a few notable interactions: Rust - Discord encountered Rust shortly after he was first released from his petrified prison. When she attempted to get in his way, he "Discorded" her, similar to what he did with the Mane Six. This caused a permanent, life-changing, personality shift for Rust, though Discord barely remembers it happening. Shank - When Shank was trapped in the spirit world, Discord rescued the guard captain, mostly because it amused him to know that Shank would "owe me one". Ryker - Turned Ryker into a pickle. Hey, he asked for it! You - Yes you. Do you remember when you were a young little pony, hiding under your covers, worried that I was waiting for you under the bed? AND I WAS!</p>
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