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Dire Wrath
Pegasus Pony
Cutie Mark:
A somber gray crystal, over a black moon, eclipsing a blue sun.
Presently a wandering mercenary, previously a commander of guards loyal to King Sombra during his reign over the Crystal Empire.
Content Rating:
Mature & Violent
Character Image: ... 6k6rg7.png
Dire is a gray/green pegasus, large and muscular, with sharp eyes, a razor-thin smile (when he does smile), and is quite often seen in a set of unique metal and crystal armor created for him and other high-ranking field commanders by Sombra. The crystal shard in his headgear makes him appear as an alicorn from a distance, though up close it is clearly not a natural horn.
Misc Information:
A person’s character is very important to them no matter how silly that sounds. You should never just assume that doing something you haven’t warned them about is okay.

Do not force a relationship. It’s okay to ask, but try not to get disappointed if they say no.

No godmodding.

Someone’s original character is very important to them. They have created their own person, animal, etc. that they relate to in some way. Chances are they feel very protective of that character as well. Respect each other’s characters.

Text roleplaying is two or more people creating entirely fictional situations for entertainment. Villainous characters are fun even if we don’t agree with what they’re doing - and would never do those things in real life. Anyone looking to interact with a villain needs to understand that they’re going to see sensitive/problematic content and that content does not represent the villain’s player in any way.

Share the (in-character) drama. Take turns. Your friend’s OC gets his leg cut off in a freak accident. Cool, focus on that for a while, let take center stage.
History and Details:
<p>Formerly of Sombra's Crystal Empire, Dire endured the seeming death of his emperor with detached pragmatism, and an attitude of "What's next?". Many of the actions he undertook during Sombra's reign would be considered war crimes, or at least barbaric in nature. While not wantonly sadistic, Dire feels that it is only right that the strongest and most powerful dominate the less powerful, though he is, again, pragmatic about this: It's not brute power, but brute ability. The strongest administrator should run the empire, the strongest warrior should be at the head of the armor, the strongest tactician should lead the army, and so on. And, thusly, the strongest overall leader is the one who can bring together a coalition of power to run an empire. In Sombra, Dire found an emperor both strong in terms of raw power, and as a ruler. In some more modern villains (Discord, Tirek) he would see power, but no ability to run things. In others, such as Chrysalis, he would recognize a powerful leader and chessmaster, though not a better one than Celestia. <br /><br />Note: And in this, the player of Dire prefers an idealized Equestria - Things we see as tactical flaws, questionable decisions, and so on... these are heroes and villains in a kids show. Let's give the benefit of the doubt and assume that Sombra, Luna, Cadence, Chrysaliss, Celestia all had better leadership skills that may be sometimes displayed on a kid's TV programme. This might-makes-right philosophy is also Dire's justification for any liberties taken by those in power. The greater the power, the lesser the need for morality, taboo, or conscience. Such things are crutches for those who need them, but true power, and thus true freedom, is the ability to do what one wishes, because they want to, and for no other reason, with no other justification. Yes, Dire is not a good pony. He is not a psycopath, nor a true sadist, but he will kill if it pleases him, hurt if it amuses him, and take because he wants. But he also knows the world. Friendship and harmony have proven strong, and we know how he feels about strength. As such, he follows the rules, keeps a polite face on, and takes liberties when he can get away with them. <br /><br />[b]Dire's Horn:[/b] As previously indicated, Dire's "horn" is actually a crystal-forged horn mounted into his helm. The horn has been charged with dark magic, and is able to perform a number of spells based on how it was configured by the last unicorn spellcaster to load it. <br /><br />In its present configuration (which is as Sombra configured it), the horn has a basic blasting spell, and some utilities spells useful to a warrior. While Dire himself cannot change the spells, he can recharge the "mana battery" of the horn by using it to drain emotional energy from creatures in a manner similar to a changeling. The horn has a few other tricks reserved for private RP where we can get away with a little bit more latitude. This is not meant to be OP! I feel it well worth stressing that the magic of his helm is a special effect. <br /><br />Everything it does could be replicated by bow-and-arrow, grappling hook, etc. When adventuring, anyone running the adventure has the option to inform me that the helm has low power, or is out of power for that session. I have no problem with any of that. The horn is there to be a cool special effect, not to make me better than anypony else. <br /><br />Artwork for Dire is by "foxinshadow" at: whose work is available for personal use if you give credit back to her, per the details on her main artist page.</p>
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