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-Flashback to the Badlands Incident from 1812 AA-

"There's too many of them! Bronze, I'll hold them off. You must get back to Canterlot without me."

"Father, I can't! Not without you!"

"Yes you can, Bronze. It's okay, look at me... Even if I perish today, know that you're not alone. I will always be there with you, even if I'm not physically."


"Go, my child... I love you."

*Growls of Changeling marauders becomes closer before crumbling of rocks are heard, the growls were muffled on the other side*

"F-Father... Why did it have to come to this...?"

*Sniffling and then galloping hoofsteps are heard before it fades*
Bronze is open to having intimate moments with both stallions and mares.

When it comes to romantic relationships in canon roleplay, Bronze mostly prefers stallions. There are rare chances of having mares, which indicates that she is not 100% restricted to stallions.

Non-canon relationships are open to both genders.

Bronze always prefers to be the one protected and nutured by her partner, as she can be more emotional than her partner.
Misc Information:
1. I do NOT tolerate rudeness.
2. Godmodding is never permitted.
3. Do not kill my character.
4. Do not be too much of a jerk to Bronze Aegis in roleplay.
5. If I happen to not respond, please be patient or tap me! Sometimes I get too many messages or become occupied in real life.
6. I do not enjoy being compelled with long replies, so please do not expect too much from me when it comes to that. Depending on the roleplay, I will try to write the best I can as long as I am given time.
7. My default roleplay genres are slice of life, romance, and adventure. You may ask me for whatever you wish to add/remove.
8. Have fun!

Bronze Aegis voiced by Jennifer Hale:
History and Details:
<p>(Reminder: Storyline may go through updates, and it will go through each one from time to time.)</p>
<p><strong>1787 AA (Anno Astrum):&nbsp;</strong>Birth of Bronze Aegis. Bronze was raised by her father, Mythic Warden.</p>
<p><strong>1797 AA, Age 10:&nbsp;</strong>Bronze starts to learn basic combat from her father to use self-defense for future events.</p>
<p><strong>1803 AA, Age 16:&nbsp;</strong>Bronze completes her education.</p>
<p><strong>1811 AA, Age 24:&nbsp;</strong>Both Bronze and her father sign up for the expedition to the Badlands. The expedition group was tasked to investigate the strange activity within the Badlands. There were thirteen expedition members in total. Bronze receives her mace, a weapon made from iron material.</p>
<p><strong><span style="text-decoration: underline;">1812 AA, Age 25:</span>&nbsp;</strong>The expedition group travels to the Badlands and the Badlands Expedition begins there. During the investigation, each expedition group member disappeared one by one until it led to only Bronze, her father, and two others. The remaining expedition group was ambushed by Changeling marauders, having them engage in battle. The remaining expedition group was overwhelmed by the Changeling marauders, with Bronze's father sacrificing himself to give Bronze time to escape. Bronze manages to escape the Changeling marauders, but struggled to find her way out of the Badlands.</p>
<p><strong>1814 AA, Age 27:</strong> After two years of struggling for survival, Bronze finally reaches to safety in Canterlot and informs Princess Celestia of the incident. Bronze was mentally scarred by the Badlands Incident from the past two years and her struggle for survival, causing her to have PTSD. On the day before the Changeling Invasion in Canterlot, Bronze becomes part of the militia to defend the city if there was an assault. Their fears came true as the Changeling Invasion occurred on the next day. Bronze engaged in battle with the Changelings, but was mortally wounded as the battle went on until Shining Armor and Princess Cadence warded off the Changelings, banishing them from Canterlot. Bronze was in a coma for two days before she awoke. She gains brief constant tittinus, which occurs at times for a short while. Unfortunately, she needed to cope with it until it could be cured eventually in the future.&nbsp;</p>
<p><strong>1815 AA, Age 28:&nbsp;</strong>Bronze joins the Lunar Guard, seeing that there is no other career that would involve her combat experience.</p>
<p><strong>1816 AA, Age 29:&nbsp;</strong>When Tirek invaded Canterlot, Bronze reflected back to her father's sacrifice from the Badlands Incident, causing her to make the same actions as she gave time for a group of locals to escape before her magic was stolen by Tirek. Bronze regains her magic after the Elements of Harmony defeated Tirek</p>
<p><strong>1818 AA, Age 30 (Current year and before October 8 for 31st birthday):</strong>&nbsp;Bronze regains her social confidence after starting to attend at Club Abyss during every Monday. Bronze's PTSD remains, but she continues to hide it with best effort. Bronze went on a task with Wrought, Alona, and everyone in a group that led them to the Badlands, to place a halt to Diamond Dog thievery and bring them back as prisoners. Despite the PTSD that caused Bronze to struggle with her mentality due to being in the Badlands again, she managed to keep herself in control as she fought alongside with her allies. Bronze spotted a figure after the battle ended which appeared like Mythic Warden, Bronze's father who was deceased from six years ago. Wrought and Alona managed to grab Bronze's attention before she could fully zone out, now seeing the figure disappeared. Regardless, the prisoner Diamond Dogs were taken, resulting in a successful mission. At Canterlot during a brief meeting with Alona, they discussed about the fate of the Badlands Expedition and about zoning out during the recent previous task in the Badlands. Bronze accepted Alona's request to keep her focus away from anything that might trigger her scarred memories. This caused Bronze to be well prepared for anything that might trigger her PTSD while honoring Alona's request. Bronze's iron mace had rusted after six years, which will eventually require her to be given a new weapon.</p>
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"My former expedition group that were wiped out in the Badlands long ago... Their sacrifices will not be in vain. It is why I give my entire loyalty and service to the Lunar Guard, for the good of Equestria. I will make sure that the expedition group and my father's souls are at peace while Equestria's citizens are protected as well."