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Pegasus Pony
Canterlot, Krakkow
Vampire, Noblepony
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Mature & Violent
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Power, wealth, sex. Arty is especially fond of Shank and Victoria. In every way.
Misc Information:
You are beautiful on the inside
You are innocence personified
And I will drag you down and sell you out

I am cold like December snow
I have carved out this soul made of stone
And I will drag you down and sell you out
Embraced by the darkness, I'm losing the light
Encircled by demons, I fight

What have I become, now that I've betrayed
Everyone I've ever loved, I pushed them all away
And I have been a slave to the Judas in my mind
Is there something left for me to save
In the wreckage of my life

"The external world could take care of itself. In the meantime it was folly to grieve, or to think. The Prince had provided all the appliances of pleasure. There were buffoons, there were improvisatori, there were ballet-dancers, there were musicians, there was Beauty, there was wine."

"The tastes of the duke were peculiar. He had a fine eye for colors and effects. He disregarded the decor of mere fashion. His plans were bold and fiery, and his conceptions glowed with barbaric luster. There are some who would have thought him mad. His friends felt that he was not. It was necessary to hear and see and touch him to be sure that he was not."

"But Arty was happy and dauntless and sagacious. When his dominions were half depopulated, he summoned to his presence a thousand hale and light-hearted friends from among the knights and dames of his court, and with these retired to the deep seclusion of one of his castellated abbeys."

"Somewhere in the pony mind, my dear friend, lies the key to our existence. My ancestors tried to find it. And to open the door that separates us from our Creator. If you believe... you believe you are gullible. Can you look around this world and believe in the goodness of the Harmony that rules it? Famine, Pestilence, War, Disease and Death! They rule this world. And very little hope I assure you. No. If a maker of love and life ever did exist... it is long since dead. Someone... something, rules in its place."

"Do you know how a falcon is trained, my dear? Her eyes are sewn shut. Blinded temporarily, she suffers the whims of her master patiently, until her will is submerged and she learns to serve - as Celestia taught and blinded you with light."

"Why should you be afraid to die? Your soul has been dead for a long long time."

"You promised me entertainment, I never expected this. Have such eyes seen sin? They will."
History and Details:
<p>Son of Keaton Reginald Vanity and Sinnie Horizon Vanity, "Arty" was orphaned at a young age during the return of Nightmare Moon. Keaton and Sinnie were slain in their attempt to defend Celestia's rule, cut down by Nightmare's forces. And so it was with some irony that the orphaned stallion found himself falling under the care of his aunt Victoria Vanity who, over his youth, became both a vampire, and a member of Princess Luna's Court. Both of these factors caused deep divisions between House Vanity and House Horizon, Arty being a sore point between both houses as they sought to take custody of him.</p>
<p>During a battle between House Vanity and their loyalists and House Horizon and their loyalists, Arty was struck by a "stray" arrow, though some debate just how stray it was. This had the effect of halting the battle, and sending Victoria into a fit of desperation to save one of her few blood relatives, and the child that had become so close to her. After appealing to Princess Luna, Arty was suspended in between life and death while Victoria debated her options; letting Arty die, or turning him into a vampire. Ultimately, Victoria chose to embrace Arty, and he rose again as one of the undead.</p>
<p>This was not without consequence, as the young stallion was driven by his changes to adopt many of the worst aspects of his personality, enhancing his cruelty, his lust, and his Machiavellian thinking. This caused many conflicts between Arty and Victoria, for Arty's sins reflected her own, and she often did not like what she saw. Arty unrepentantly embraced his inner darkness, even seeking to take Victoria as a mate, while Victoria continued to try and find balance within her life.</p>
<p>Ultimately, another issue between House Vanity and House Rampart brought another significant change in his life. In order to repay the debt of a lost life from House Horizon, Arty was taken from House Vanity, and made a ward of Princess Luna, living with Shank and Alona. It was hoped the Shank would bring some measure of discipline to the young stallion which Victoria had not been able to do. And while he -has- learned some self control over his impulses, Arty remains distinctly dark, arrogant, sinful, and some would call flat-out evil at times. Arty is not without his good side, though, and he is neither psychotic nor wantonly cruel. Gleefully amoral might best describe him.</p>
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