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Thestral Pony
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Rainbow Falls
A hobbyist conspiracy theorist and artist. She'll dodge the question if you ask about an actual job.
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Mature (NSFW)
Character Image:
Newt is a light cream bat pony mare, with a bob of pink hair, a longer tail, and similarly coloured leathery wings. She has darker, more saturated pink eyes, and she's always seen in a dress shirt with a sweater vest over it, a ribbon tied around her neck to balance it out. She wears glasses, the same colour as her vest, and she has little star shaped yellow earrings, too. She has no cutie mark, but she doesn't seem to mind.
Josh Groban, art, conspiracy theories, yo-yos.
Misc Information:
I was here previously as Bean - yes, the mod one - and you know, if you have beef with me previously, which I totally understand, I'm willing to let it go if you are. If not, totally get it, no hard feelings if you just bounce and ignore this.
History and Details:
<p>Newt is my ponysona, so a lot of this is just me but ponified, so if you're not okay with that, that's fine! We can always find other OCs to RP with!</p>
<p>Newton - often shortened to Newt - is a gentle little bat pony who is soft in both appearance and personality. She is, however, equally off the shits. She's known in her friendship circles for her absolute adoring love of the colour pink, yo-yos, and soft, cuddly things.</p>
<p>She's generally seen as a goofball in her group, though she's known to also have a pensive and thoughtful side. She's a textbook Sagittarius. She's an academic, loving to study and spend time accruing as much knowledge to do with her chosen passions (acting, comedy, law and psychology) as much as possible. other than that, she enjoys taking taking time out to enjoy the comedic works of Ivo Graham, or listening to Bridges. She likes to watch The Good Cop, too. She loves Josh Groban a whole bunch! She wants to smooch him because he's wicked sexy and it's real, real good to look at.</p>
<p>Newt loves stars. Nobody's actually sure when her love of stars started - perhaps as a parallel to her best friend's heart motif, but she loves the stars and she loves the way they sparkle. She dreams of being a star in her own right someday. You can see stars in... pretty much everything she does! She's also got a pretty strong paw motif, and she thinks yo-yos are pretty cool too.</p>
<p>Newton has a tenuous relationship with her entire family, where she lives in a constant state of loving them extensively and wanting to break free of them forever and never see them again. She's still deciding which side she's gonna go on permanently when she moves out.</p>
<p>Madly in love with her boyfriend, Duck, Newt has resolved that someday, if circumstances allow, she'd like to start a family of her own someday. With him, if that wasn't obvious.</p>
<p>Newt has a pet rock. His name is Bartholomew.</p>
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