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Pegasus Pony
Cutie Mark:
Anubishead with Ankh
Content Rating:
Mature (NSFW)
Character Image:
I will not hesitate to block you if I've warned you several times already to quit with something unpleasant. (unfriendliness / hate speech)
Misc Information:
I will accept most forms of RP with Nawa
- Please keep in mind that I work and cannot always reply
- Do not expect ERP right of the bat, Nawa will not trust you right away.
History and Details:
<p>Nawa has two sides.</p>
<p><strong>1. The normal pharaoh</strong></p>
<p>The normal pharaoh is a being shy of nature yet careful and caring, she will do anything to make sure her people are doing fine and will often help with anything. her coat helps her withstand the heat and sandstorms. She has two pet dogs and always wears her headgear. This headgear contains ancient magic and she will use this to protect herself and her city. She is often around in the city to help her people. If she's not then she's out and about helping ponies learn more about the language they speak and giving them secret guiding through the tombs aswell as secret archives only she has access to, does this keep them from danger? Hell no. Nawa will try to interact with the ponies and will do her best but often she also has to pull back to rest, everything might take it's toll.She herself may want to travel one day but she cannot leave the palace unprotected for long. Nopony else gets to be on her throne. This Nawa is a lot nicer than the mummy one but even she has her limits and is not afraid to use her headgear, even she has a dark side and will destroy a city if need be.</p>
<p><strong>2. The cursed mummy (pharaoh aswell)</strong></p>
<p>This pharaoh pony can only be found in her tomb far, far away in the egyptian desert of anubisia. There she was put to rest with all of her treasures aswell as her pet dogs, this pharaoh had been cursed by an evil yet powerful sorceress and has doomed her to one day rise up again when ponies that she knew have been long gone. The headgear that she used to wear is floating above her tomb. <em>Every night when clock strikes 12 this pharaoh will rise up from her grave to haunt the tomb</em> that ponies will often come to search through, if they dare touch any of her belongings let alone the most precious one they will be in serious danger until they've found the cure to either bring her back to life fully or to let her rest in peace at last. This pharaoh's father was Anubis. She has some powerful tricks up her sleeve but she is not unbeatable, she is mainly a lost being that has to live through a horror show every single time the clock strikes. If ponies dare touch her headgear she will rise up fully and will be sure to attack whichever pony tried touching it. This pharaoh has empty eye sockets! The mummified pharaoh can change for the better depending on how one treats her.</p>
<p>1.Nawa can summon the Plagues with her headgear <br />2.She can summon a small army of the dead (mummy rp) <br />3.She can make the ground open from underneath them but this is only to summon either a god for some reason or send something bad back to where it came from <br /><br /><strong>Nawa likes (version 1. Normal)<br /></strong> Cuddles, hugs, making new friends, discovering new things, going on adventures, being a guide, water, taking long baths, being pampered. <br /><strong>Nawa dislikes (Version 1. Normal)</strong> <br />Thieves, being complained at, cold weather (Like at night), fighting <br /><br /><strong>Nawa likes (version 2. Mummy)</strong> Using her power, Scarabs, has a desire for love but cannot obtain it due to her condition but still likes love. <br /><strong>Nawa dislikes (Version 2. Mummy)<br /></strong> The curse not being lifted, being disturbed, her looks (if one shows her with a mirror even though her eye sockets are empty, she can feel it by their fear and sense mirrors)</p>
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