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Unicorn Pony
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An eye with two purple and pink tilde like lines under and above it
Foresight is one of the various ponies that would dare call themselves a wizard, rather than a mage. She often acts as an advisor for various nobility, when asked to and sometimes the military. Otherwise she typically funds her own magical research. She at times hunts out anomalies, should they be in the area.
Content Rating:
Mature & Violent
Foresight is a cerulean mare. Her mane is a mixture of seafoam blue and a darker blue to toe.. Her mane is rather short, ending at her neck. Her bangs are long and hides much of her face above her snout, which doesn't help as she typically wears the appropriate robes of a diviner, a gray robe with a purple inner lining.

As a pony, Foresight is typically very mild-mannered and docile, and it is rare to see her speak up unless she feels the need to, often choosing her words cautiously. She can even be a bit of a coward, often entirely avoiding confrontation rather than facing it. Even so, Foresight is quite a wise mare and has many experiences and stories for those willing to listen. She can be soft-spoken, but just as well quite blunt in her tone.

Foresight has something of an obsession with rare or anomalous magical phenomena, items and creatures and can often find herself getting unnaturally giddy about them.
Foresight's interests include bird-watching, tinkering recklessly with arcane items, tending to her herb garden and teaching young students in the art of divination.
Misc Information:
Honestly, just try and avoid one-liners, communicate and state your intent clearly and I think we'll be just fine.

If you ever have any questions, feel fully free to just ask away. I'm not shy ;)
History and Details:
<p>Foresight, as a character, is not built for combat. She is frail, cowardly and lacks any real offensive spells, but makes up for this wth many utility based spells.<br /><br />Among her spells, painted in broad categories, Foresight excells in the use of divination magic and can more often than not predict future events with only a slight margin of error. Of course, it takes a lot of time before she can accurately and decisively decide which way a event will go. Otherwise she's rather talented in the field of illusion and enchantment, with some very basic evocation, transmutation and abjuration spells.</p>
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