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Pegasus Pony
Cutie Mark:
Wooden planks in the form of a marionette handle.
Lorne is a puppeteer and toy-maker. He creates most of his toys from scratch and sells them through a kiosk. Though, he most enjoys putting on puppet shows for nearly anyone willing to watch.
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With ash-colored fur and spiky blue hair, Lorne definitely stands out of a crowd. His eyes are purple and his cheeks are peppered with small freckles. He's in noticeable good shape, with a bit of added definition to his muscles, but he's by no means "jacked." As if his love for puppet wasn't already obvious, he has a black necklace bearing the same shape as his cutie mark: an X inside of a circle, meant to represent his beloved marionette paddles and the silver rings he keeps on his wings.

The easiest word to describe Lorne would be... naive. He doesn't know much about the world, but he is aware of how cruel it can be to others who are seen as “different”. Having been bullied in the past for liking puppets, Lorne has grown a cautious of revealing his talent to just anyone. He prefers to keep his interests under wraps in the beginning of a new relationship, and usually tries to downplay his love for puppets. With the stigma surrounding puppets, Lorne finds himself being alone quite a lot, and pretends his puppets are alive when no one's around. He knows they're not real. This is purely for his own amusement.
Lorne's a big softie around kids or anyone who's stuck inside of their shell. He'll act a goofy, like a class clown, and do nearly anything to get a laugh. To those around his age or older, Lorne's not all that different. He's very casual about about how he talks, often addressing others as those he's unfamiliar with as "dude" or "miss". He's not that confident, and ends a lot of his statements with an offhanded "I think" or "Probably." He's weary about showing off his talent to those he doesn't fully trust, and will only do so once he's certain they won't laugh at him.
Puppetry, construction, performances, big meals, sweets, and social hotspots.
Misc Information:
This profile is under a little bit of reconstruction! If things seem a little rough around the edges, then that's why. Don't let that stop you from poking me, I love chatting!

-I really only have one rule when it comes to interacting with me and that is: Don't be creepy. I have no problem with ignoring you if all you're going to do is spew innuendos and "cuddle" me. I've got no beef with you if that's your thing with others, but I'd really appreciate it if that were just kept away from me. I prefer a real conversation or even just idle chit-chat.

-With that in mind, don't ever think you're bothering me by shooting me a message! If I'm online, then that usually means I'm in the mood to talk. I love talking with people, making friends, stuff like that. That's what we're here for, right?

-Also, I've had to clarify this in the past so I'll just say it now: If you've encountered me in the Gen. Chatroom, just know that Lorne in there is a lot different from how I choose to RP as Lorne. Any and all RP in that chatroom is considered non-canon and everything in there is purely for laughs. Thank you! <3

-Romance with Lorne is possible. Honestly, if those are your intentions then I'd like you to be upfront about it. I won't say "yes" immediately, as I like buildup to something like that, but out-right telling me you want to ship with him greatly increases the chance. Lorne's perfectly fine with a FWB situation, too.

-The piece was done by Snow Storm, and it's still one of my favorite drawings I've ever received!

-Just so y’all know, I’m a big fan of narrative, multiple paragraph roleplay, thought I ask for at LEAST one paragraph.
I like nice, detailed and story-driven tales, so I love the taste of action-adventure. SoL is also fun for me, too, so long as there's a little bit of substance!

-One little peeve of mine is when a roleplay goes on waaaaay too long. I love RPing with the same people, but everything has to have an end, y'know? There's no rule saying we can't start another one immediately after, with a fresh setting, new scenario. That's very refreshing.

Anthro RP and a few AU's are also available. I have some neat little ideas floating in this empty brain of mine, feel free to ask away!
History and Details:
<p>On the surface, the Kontarnette's seemed like the perfect family. Unfortunately, Lorne's mother, Azure Pixie, left very early into his childhood. An affair with a local baker had turned public, and she couldn't live with the shame. Azure fled her family and began life in a different town, never to be heard from again. Gipetto, Lorne's father, was distraught to learn of this news, but nothing pained him quite so bad as the knowledge that his own son may not be his flesh and blood. Lorne would never learn of his mother's infidelity, as Gipetto just couldn't accept that they may not be blood related. To him, it was simply easier to ignore the problem. When Lorne asked what happened to his mother, Gipetto would do his best to deflect his questions. None of that deterred Lorne, as that only made him want to know even more. He'd ask more frequently, no matter how inappropriate the timing was. Gipetto didn't believe in himself enough to conjure up a fake story, and he was running out of excuses to not answer, so he'd do the only thing he could think of: by ignoring his son. He would purposely lock himself away in his toyshop, or hide when Lorne wandered around the house. After weeks, Lorne would finally get the hint. But with no answers coming from his father, he had no choice but to delve into his own young mind for a solution. It didn't take long for him to jump to conclusions. He began blaming himself for his mother's disappearance, as it only made sense to him.</p>
<p>Over the years, Lorne would begin to accept his father's neglect, and even find ways to justify it. Once he began blaming himself for his mother leaving, and his father's abandonment, Lorne saw himself in a new light. He felt like a parasite, mooching off of his kind father's money and food. At the young age of ten, all of Lorne's self worth had been thrown out the window. Gipetto would come in and act like a parent once in a while, they'd spend a full day together on their respective birthdays, and Gipetto would still come home to cook a meal for him and his son, but once he became old enough to cook for himself, Lorne grew used to eating alone. The Lorne at school was a much different Lorne than the one at home. Home Lorne was a very quiet and introverted stallion. He kept his room spotless and always made sure he was busy with chores. Each night he'd cook dinner, big enough for two, in case Gipetto walked through those doors and joined him, which would happen occasionally. School Lorne was more impulsive, disruptive, and outgoing. He wasn't neccessarily a trouble-maker, but he did periodcially bother his classmates, all in the attempt to make a friend. He was the kind of colt to assimilate himself into a packed table at lunch and attempt to join the conversation, much to his classmate's chagrin. There were a few who tried befriending Lorne, only to be stunned by his overwhelming personality. Soon enough, he'd lose the friends he made, leaving him alone in the world yet again. Until the group of bullies decided he'd make a unique target.The bullies were very aware of Lorne's gullible nature and desire to make a friend, so they started getting chummy with him, calling him friendly nicknames like "buddy" or "pal." This was Lorne's dream come true! All they asked in exchange for their friendship was for a couple of favors.</p>
<p><br />It started with him stealing a single apple from the local market. Lorne obliged without many questions, but once the deed was done, he felt horrible. The bullies made Lorne steal twice a week. His reputation for being such an innocent soul made it that much easier to steal."But none of us can afford an apple and our moms don't cook us nothin' at home, Lorne. You're gonna let your only friends starve?" Of course, he couldn't argue with that. Lorne would lower his head and simply do as he was told. Over time it bothered him less and less, because he still had his friends. Eventually, they asked for bigger and riskier targets. One apple turned into an entire bushel, until eventually they had him snatching cakes from the counters of bakeries. One day, his friends decided to spice it up a little. Their target this time was the answer key to an upcoming test, which was safely locked under their teacher's desk. Despite Lorne's best attempts, him and the others were caught and their parents were called to meet with the principal. Once Lorne's turn came, the principal gave him a brief ultimatum. "Steal anything else and you can consider yourself expelled." Short, sweet, and impossible for Lorne and Gipetto to ignore. Something about that meeting had woken Gipetto up from his stupor. Gipetto had switched gears, now realizing that Lorne's future was at stake. He kept his son under his watchful eye at all times. It began with him being at the house more, and checking up on Lorne, who had still confined himself to his room. Over time Lorne would grow out of it, believing that his father had finally wanted to start spending time with him. Their relationship grew each day, and its peak began when Gipetto would have his son helping out at the toyshop he owned, which Lorne has had a mild interest in since he was in diapers.</p>
<p>It didn't take long for their mutual interest in toymaking to spark the relationship that Lorne had been desperate for these past few years. It was in that very shop, Monstro, that Lorne had found his first friend. A single puppet sat in a rocking chair, unpainted and unnamed. Lorne was amazed that his father could craft something that looked like a tiny pony! Just when he couldn't get wowed any more, his father demonstrated a few tricks with the puppet after attaching the marrionette paddles. It would walk with his father, mimic conversation, and wave to Lorne. The little pegasus couldn't believe it, the wooden pony moved just like a real pony! He asked his father if he could try, and he allowed it. Once Lorne's hooves were in control, it became like a different creature. It was slow, robotic, and hard to control.. Gipetto patted his son on the back and said, "It's alright. First time's always tough, all you gotta do is practice," and practice he did. He spent day and night with the puppet, working on their movements, mannerisms and anything else he or his father could think of. Lorne proved to be a very quick learner, as he quickly became as good as his father. Over time, Lorne would add little details to the puppet, to make it more lifelike. At first it was just a simple change of color, a dull, drowned out blue that would be painted across its whole body. Then, Lorne stopped referring to the puppet as "it" and instead, "her". Then came the wig, with medium-length, straight, platinum blond hair, and a red hairband that kept the bangs out of the puppets freshly painted blue eyes. Once she was completed, Lorne started taking her around everywhere. He stopped using his hooves to hold the bars and instead opted for his wings, which provided more subtle and life-like movements to the doll. At first, Gipetto thought nothing of it. All kids create an imaginary friend, and he was simply happy to see a smile on his son's face, but the closer he looked at Lorne's new friend, who he had recently named Murgatroyd, a sudden realization hit him:</p>
<p>Lorne had modeled his "best friend" after his absent mother. Whether it was intentional or not, it was clear as day that the puppet bared a striking resemblance her, the way she acted, the way he talked about her, all correlated with the image that Lorne had associated with his mom.</p>
<p><br />~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~</p>
<p>Years passed and Lorne's obsession with his marionettes only grew. He dropped out of public school and opted to be home taught instead of subjecting himself to the cackles and taunts of his classmates. He'd recieve hours of torture nearly every day for his interest in making puppets and sewing their clothes, which they'd purposefully mistake for playing with dolls. To the parents of younger kids, Lorne was a saint. He began setting up puppet shows in some areas of town, usually outside of the schools or around the market area. His young audience soon became infatuated with his goofy antics and fun stories, and soon enough he was known as Baltimare's Babysitter. On the weekends, parents would drop their kids off at his shows. Lorne was trusted by the community to keep a watch on the foals attenting his shows, and watch he did. Parents were pleased that such a responsible young stallion was watching their kids while they peacefully shopped, and Lorne took his job seriously. He packed extra food and juice for those who looked to be from an impoverished household, and he'd take it upon himself to sort out any discord in his audience. Unfortunately, those he grew up with found his shows and heckled, threw eggs at him, whatever they could do to force Lorne off-stage. Enough became enough, and Lorne would later understand that moving to another town was the best thing to do. Canterlot seemed like the best place. It was big, had an astounding artisinal scene, and it was far from Baltimare. Sure, the snooty unicorns would be a bother, but Lorne has never been one to care about class differences. It broke his heart to leave his father behind, but they both agreed that moving was the best thing he could do if he ever wanted to improve himself.</p>
<p>His travels to Canterlot would bring him to a peculiar alchemist, who would grant him a special gift after Lorne had saved his life. Originally built for a griffon, these rings were meant to synchronize with their owner's thoughts and shoot out silver wires that would attach to whatever the owner desired. There were limits, of course. They couldn't extend any farther than eight feet away from their rings, they could only hold about as much as their owner can, and they needed to be charged in the moonlight at least once every week. What this alchemist had given him was indeed an interesting tool, and it was exactly what Lorne needed to improve his puppetry. With the alchemist's help, they were able to modify the rings to fit perfectly on the base of Lorne's wings, much like how they would slip on a griffon's talons. It took quite a while for Lorne to grow used to the adjustment, and the added weight of the metal didn't exactly help his flying speed, but he was pleased with the results. Attaching to his puppets on demand, their range of movement increased, more subtlely to their actions, and he didn't have to worry about fiddling with those confounded paddles!</p>
<p>After his run in with the alchemist, Lorne moved in to a small home near the outer area of the city. It was small, cozy, and had just enough land for Lorne to justify building a workshed. Here in Canterlot, he was now free of being judged for what he likes, yet he still chooses to be a bit more cautious of what he reveals to others, only deciding to show off his "friends" once he's comfortable with them. After all, no matter how many puppets he makes, or how many times he pretends to converse with his wooden friends, there was simply no imitating the magic of friendship with a real, live being.</p>
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