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Pegasus Pony
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Wooden planks in the form of a marionette handle.
Lorne is a puppeteer and toy-maker. He creates most of his toys from scratch and sells them through a kiosk. Though, he most enjoys putting on puppet shows for the local children.
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With ash-colored fur and spiky blue hair, Lorne definitely stands out of a crowd. His eyes are purple and his cheeks are peppered with small freckles. He's in noticeable good shape, with a bit of added definition to his muscles, but he's by no means "jacked."

The easiest word to describe Lorne would be... naive. His work primarily focuses on children, seeing as they're the target demographic for puppet shows. When making his toys, he often places himself in the mind of a child, just so he can add a little touch of magic to the joy his toys provide for the colts and fillies.

Though, this doesn't mean he's always peering through a child's eyes. Lorne does have a serious side when the situation calls for it, and he's not afraid to put the puppets down and get his hooves dirty.

When Lorne's behind his puppet stage, he's the life of the party. He has no problem acting silly for the entertainment of his patrons. Yet, when he doesn't carry the burden of the stage he's a much quieter and polite stallion.
Puppetry, woodworking, sewing, any form of crafting. Sweets, the cold, long days, enjoying the quiet.
Misc Information:
Hey, I hope you like my profile! I like to think I'm a pretty nice person, so don't hesitate to message me. I promise I don't bite. <3

**Please read this before talking with me**
Don't be creepy. I have no problem with ignoring you if all you're going to do is spew innuendos and "cuddle" me. I've got no beef with you if that's your thing, but I'd really appreciate it if that were just kept away from me. I prefer a real conversation or just idle chit-chat.

Yes, this is the same Lorne from PS. Same admin and everything. Please, excuse my poor picture quality, I desperately wanted to bring this character to life, yet the only picture I had of him was a screenshot from an old phone.

The piece was done by Snow Storm, and it's still one of my favorite drawings I've ever received. Please, be patient as I set up this account! <3

Just so y’all know, I’m a big fan of narrative, multiple paragraph roleplay. That’s my preferred method. I'd also prefer not to keep RP here, on EEA. PM is best, it's just easier for me, since I'll almost always be on my phone.
IM is perfectly fine for talking, or through one-shot, not-so-serious stories!

I've made Lorne with the intention of him "growing up", so to say. Right now, he's a bit of a blank slate, a young stallion with no end-goal, just letting the fates plot his course. I want every experience Lorne has with someone to influence him in some way, just like it would with you or me. Who knows? In a few months Lorne could turn from a lovable goofball to a shut-in with trust issues. It all depends on how his experiences shape him. So, all RP with Lorne will be considered canon, except of course certain AU's. <3
History and Details:
<p>Ever since Lorne was little he sought the approval of others. His mother left very shortly after having him, leaving only his father, Gipetto, and Lorne to fend for themselves. Gipetto believed it was his fault and wanted nothing but to keep his son happy. When Lorne was good, he'd shower him in praise and buy him anything he wanted for his birthdays and Hearth's Warming, but he never truly had time to sit down and talk with his son.</p>
<p>Despite his father's endless praise, Lorne never thought that much of himself, as he too thought it was his fault that his mother left. He believed he was a parasite, mooching off of his father while he contributed nothing to keep the family afloat. In school, Lorne was known as the kid who'd do anything just to make others happy. His classmates would always ask him for favors, sometimes as simple as asking for a bit of his lunch, other times he was asked to steal the test answers from a trusting teacher. He wasn't proud of himself, nor was his father when he eventually found out about Lorne's crimes. Gipetto was furious, sure, but he knew how easily his son was to trick. From then on, he promised to keep Lorne always under his watchful eye, day in and day out, Gipetto would watch Lorne's every movements. Lorne didn't know any better, he simply assumed his dad was trying to spend more time with him. He was happy to recieve the attention, and whaddya know, that was just the spark these two needed to have a true father/son relationship.</p>
<p>Lorne and Gipetto were practically glued to the hip from that point on. During their many hours together, Lorne learned how to build the toys his father was so proud of. He'd make wood carriages, toy guards, even dive into the realm of model airships, but nothing got Lorne's blood pumping more than the art that was puppetry. The little pegasus loved the marionettes his father made, so much so that he begged his father to teach him how to create one himself. Gippetto obliged, and with a few rough drafts and Lorne's natural talent they were able to crank out a marionette that Lorne couldn't be prouder of.</p>
<p>His first puppet was a girl, a round, wooden unicorn with pure white fur and curly pink hair tied up with a little blue bow behind her ears. Lorne named her "Elly" and started carrying her around everywhere, sometimes treating her like she was alive. Children who frequented the store loved seeing the pair walk around together, and Lorne loved that the kids enjoyed the goofy little skits he'd make Elly do. While a lot of ponies still liked Lorne, his reputation for talking to his puppets did cause some weird glances from others on the street. Lorne didn't mind. Neither did Elly.</p>
<p>Years passed, Lorne grew and his abilities only grew with him. He's added new friends to his puppet family, and even performs on the street with a portable stage that he made himself. Though he was well-loved in his neighborhood in Baltimare, Lorne decided to branch out to the bustling capitol of Canterlot and eventually open another branch of his father's toy store. During his travels he met a peculiar alchemist who gifted him with magic-infused silver rings that could be attached to his big feathers on his wings. The rings would shoot out wires that attach and detach from a target at the owner's will. In the wrong hooves they could be a very dangerous weapon... luckily, all Lorne saw was an easier way to manipulate his puppets. Those magic rings were much easier than messing with those confounded paddles!</p>
<p>Lorne now lives in a very small house with a workshop in the middle class area of Canterlot. He's happy, the population loves his shows, and he has more reasons to add more puppets to his ever-growing family. Though Lorne won't deny the occasional taste of adventure, and his gullible nature may put him in hot water from time to time, this little puppeteer is more than ready to tackle whatever troubles are in his way!</p>
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