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Pegasus Pony
Cutie Mark:
Marionette handlebars.
Baltimare. (The woods near Baltimare, specifically.)
Lorne is a puppeteer and toy-maker. He creates most of his toys from scratch and sells them through a kiosk. Though, he most enjoys putting on puppet shows for anyone willing to watch.
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Lorne's a touch shorter than most stallions, though his ash-colored fur and spiky blue hair make him stand out from the usual crowd of eccentrics in Baltimare . His eyes are purple and his face is peppered with freckles around his cheeks. He's also athletic, to some extent, with most of his exercise coming from flying and woodworking.

Lorne is a naive, but kindhearted and hopelessly optimistic stallion who only wants to make others smile with his stories. Those who know Lorne know his love for puppets has become a borderline obsession, a habit that's made keeping friends difficult. When around those he's not comfortable with, he'll try and downplay how much his wooden friends mean to him, usually by referring to them as "it". Though he likes to act tough, Lorne suffers from autophobia, a crippling fear of being alone. Thus, he'll do nearly anything in his power to make a friendship stick.
Likes: Puppetry, crafting (such as woodworking or sewing), exploring the woods, big meals, and sweets.

Dislikes: Plush toys, bitter tasting foods, and termites.
Misc Information:
PLEASE if you read nothing else on this page, at least read this section! This profile is under a little bit of reconstruction! If things seem a little rough around the edges, then that's why!

-First and foremost, I just wanna have fun! Whether your version of fun is a silly one-off with no rhyme or reason, or a story-rich novel, I'll be happy to oblige! Like everyone, I have my preferences. The easiest way to find out what they are is to simply ask me. <3

-I love talking to people, but PLEASE stray away from the pervy talk. It gets real annoying real quick.

-What happens in the Gen Chat stays in Gen Chat. The way I RP Lorne in Gen Chat does not represent the way Lorne acts IC. All shenanigans in there are purely for shits and giggles.

-While I'm not actively seeking out a ship for Lorne, I probably won't deny it if the characters seem to be a good fit. All I'd ask would be some build-up in the relationship. If your intentions are to ship with Lorne, then I'd prefer it if you were up front about it.

-The piece was done by Snow Storm, and it's still one of my favorite drawings I've ever received!

Anthro RP and a few AU's are also available. I have some neat little ideas floating in this empty brain of mine, feel free to ask away!

Profile Song: DND (Do Not Destroy)
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<p>//WIP! Check back soon!</p>
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"Who says we ain't puppets, just doin' what the strings tell us?"