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Was and still is a Bootlegger within Abyssinia, If there is something that isn't entirely easy to get, she'll find a way to acquire it and flip it for a slick profit. However, what she does specialize in is Bottled Love, an almost sickly pink swirly Stimulant and mild Depressant in a vile that goes for a pretty bit to the rich.
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Violent (No NSFW)
The easiest parallels to pull would be to Capper, in that she is one of those weird looking large cats that walk on their hind legs. But that is beside the point. She looks to be a grey tabby and her near-black hair is typically done up in a bun to stay out of the way if things start going a little downhill.

Yes she wears clothes, there are pants of sorts and a shirt+jacket combo. She does have dresses as such, but there is little reason for her to wear them.
Money, pretty dresses, her 'mob', Airships, those lesser fortunate, the rich and herself in a mirror.
History and Details:
<p>It should be obvious that back long ago, this cat started as only a little kitty, now, this is a tale of living on the streets, obviously not from birth, but her parents were not the richest, thus when she was small, had to give her up. So yes, she grew up on the streets, scrounging and begging, with big cute blue eyes and a fake sickly cough, practically as well as actually stealing from those that helped her.&nbsp;<br /><br />She did go on this way for a while, one she had become nearly a young adult, she had met a lovely boy cat, this lovely cat boy actually got under her skin, but in a good way, it made her re-consider when she was doing, but that didn't stop her from sometimes even taking from him. They ended up growing up together, even as young adults, and sadly, fell in love.&nbsp;</p>
<p>It was hard for them to stay apart, as different as they were, his family had a successful business, with shady dealings behind closed curtains, and she was a no one, a peasant, a thief, but feelings were mutual, she is pretty and cunning, he was sharp. To them, to her, nothing could go wrong.&nbsp;<br /><br />If it isn't obvious enough, things went wrong.&nbsp;<br /><br />Jasper, or Jay as she called him, ended up in a bit of a pickle a few years down the line. While the family business was nice, it wasn't enough for him, and the shady dealing grew out of his own flawed greed. And he very much so ended up getting shot, wasn't clean, wasn't pretty, and to believe that he had proposed to her just the month prior. But, she was party to blame for his pursuit of gold, she typically wanted more from him, more clothes, more jewellery, and more affection, and most of that came from money. Jay just couldn't say no to his love.&nbsp;</p>
<p>Sylvea was lucky to get the bulk of her fiances will, again against the wantings of his family, seeing as she was some street cat. But, due to his belief in her. From this point, she was already loyal, and took up bootlegging in his name.&nbsp;</p>
<p><br />Sylvea, what she does specialize in is Bottled Love, an almost sickly pink swirly Stimulant and mild Depressant in a vile that goes for a pretty bit to the rich. <br /><br />TBA She does have a small air-ship though. Just a small one. Enough to get the job done.</p>
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