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Cutie Mark:
Potion Pony.
Content Rating:
Mature & Violent
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Name: Svarlet Batfire

Nickname: Svar

Age: About 20

Race: Batpony Alicorn (Baticorn)

Height: Average Pony Height (3.4 Feet)

Relationship Status: Married

Talent: Potion Making.

Destiny/Purpose: N/A

Cutie Mark: N/A

Occupation: Potion Pony.

Hometown: Small side of Cloudsdale.

Lives: Everfree Forest and her island (Keeping temporarily hidden for copyright purposes.)

Family: Has a husband, a son, and 2 daughters.

Pet: (Keeping temporarily hidden for copyright purposes.)

Canon or Non-Canon world: A bit of both.

Special Markings: N/A

Skills / Notable Talents: Can make potions, Can fly, Slightly good with magic, Good at potions.

Education: Homeschooled up until parents died and one day of public schooling in between.

Likes: Making new friends, All races.

Dislikes: Bullies,

Other: Fangs only come in every once in awhile.

Detailed Personality: Emotional, Strong willed, Creative, Kind, Stubborn, Self-Deprecate.
Misc Information:

-You do need to realize I have a life too. I may not answer for long periods at a time. It does not mean I hate you. It may be because I have no internet at home. It may also be because I have too many role-plays to keep up with. I will answer when I can.

-I do run out of thoughts sometimes and will tell you if you need to send another/different reply or change the role-play to something else.

-I try to be me. My OC will most likely act like my OOC. The only thing is it is not my ponysona. There are a few things different (not myself).

-I don't have any preferences. I love to write anything from fantasy to horror. I also read a lot of romance books. So when you ask to RP please do not ask what type I want to do. I Love all.

-If we do romance it does not mean it carries out a relationship in real life.

-I am always looking for new friends. So do not hesitate to friend me.

-I only post pictures of my art. So please do not steal it. And do not mistaken then for someone else's (if they are someone else's pictures, they will only be of my OCs and I will always credit my work.).

-The peoples OCs that I have drawn I got permission to draw them or they were commissions/requests for them.

-I have over 250 OC's total.

-If you have any questions as in to what the other OCs look like or what they do and there cutie mark, Send me the word "Regime".

-If you would like to RP with one of my other OC's or use one, send me the word "Renegade".

-If you do want to use my other OC's then you must credit me where it is needed or necessary and I will be charging $1 for 2 days per OC.

-Discord: Svarlet Batfire#9075

-Twitter: Svarlet Batfire

-Instagram: svarletbatfire

-Facebook: Svarlet Batfire

-DeviantArt: Svarlet Batfire

-Please feel free to check out my current YouTube channel:
History and Details:
<p>Svarlet lived in Cloudsdale with her parents. She accidentally got her parents killed by trying to make a surprise for her mother's birthday. She decided to try and bake a cake while her parents were sleeping. All of a sudden the fire started and blocked off her path to go upstairs. She ran outside and tried to call up through the window. She cried and cried as her parents never answered back. She watched as the house burned down. Ponies came and went for water. The pony police and mobs of ponies came around to ask her what happened. Most of them were Furious. But there was still a small number that believed her when she said it was an accident. She tried to fly away and hide. And in doing so she broke her wing when she fell. She only had half of her homeschooling done. The rest she learned from others that she watched from a distance. She made friends in the Everfree Forest and found a small shack that she used as a hideout. Until she got on her hooves again she stole food. She put a hoodie on and would travel into Ponyville. Soon she had enough junk that she could sell and make money. She would never show her face unless she knew that she could trust the pony she was with. She then made special tunnels under the Everfree Forest and Ponyville to get around easier. Soon she made more and more friends. Later she thought about everything that had happened and decided to make a fresh new start to her life. Her friends wanted to help and they set out. Svarlet found a new undiscovered land and decided to make it her own. There she met new creatures and became friends with Spoof who is her new pet. There she lives with her friends.</p>
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