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Cutie Mark:
When he's using a pony for his cutie mark is a red river
He has no official occupation but he considers himself a demon hunter.
Content Rating:
Mature & Violent
Red's main form in a dark grey unicorn with a messy red main and tail. He's about average height for whatever creature form he's using. his eyes are also crimson.
Misc Information:
He's a little bit of an edgelord. He has self esteem issues and most of the time if something goes wrong, he thinks it's his fault. He's a very straightforward kind of creature. He tries to avoid situations that would make him angry or aroused like the plague, however he's highly susceptible to these emotions. He likes being alone, practicing magic, and meditation. he dislikes other creatures, loud noises, and people who express their beliefs too much. Red's education doesn't really exceed that of a high school education in most fields. In a couple select fields he's rather very smart. These fields include biology, basics of magic, rune magic, and blood magic. He owns a small shack in the Everfree that has a couple books in it on blood magic, biology, rune magic, and the Equestrian language. He only has a few bits. He also has an ornate red dagger. His most notable talent is his ability to perform blood magic and rune magic. He's also able to control biology he's able to "reach" (not on contact but not completely absorbed) including his own. This extends far enough that he's able to control the iron in his body. He also has the ability to steal the lifespan of those who have died by absorbing their flesh and blood (if someone could have lived for another 50 years before they died by natural causes but they were killed by unnatural ones then when he absorbs their blood he has 50 years added to his life). The ability to turn his lifespan into blood that he can use for whatever purposes that he needs (example: if he needs to perform a spell that requires more blood than is in his body, he can go from 50 years to 45 years to make enough blood for the spell.). He always knows where his spirit dagger is. The spirit dagger identifies Blood Sea as blood construct. The spirit dagger can only be broken by soul magic. Through the use of rune and blood magic he's able to cast most spells except for those who's rune is unknown to him. He's also able to use his blood as an explosive by releasing all of the energy from it at once. He can also mix his magic and biology manipulation. Red's body is also inhabited by 4 distinct psychic entities. 3 of them are other creatures. 1 is a psychic phenomena born of his powers.

Dago: he possesses Red Sea when he becomes unable to control his body. This can be because of mind control, fainting, being rendered unconscious, or having his soul sealed somehow. Dago can also possess Red Sea when Red Sea dies, however he can only possess Red Sea if his releases the seal before he dies. When this happens Dago and Red Sea “switch places” and Red Sea must attempt to possess Dago and change the seal back if he wants his body back. not much is known by anyone other than tartarus and Blood Sea and even Blood Sea doesn’t have the whole story. Only those with a large sum of knowledge in ancient lore or demons know that this ancient demon is to be feared. What is known of him is this: He is an ancient demon who been around for no one know how long. His powers are strange and he seems to know more than he lets on. His thirst for destruction is rivaled by nothing, not even his fear of his own death. He was trapped in Blood Sea by his parents as a child and they sacrificed themselves to do so. He has The ability to summon ghosts. The ability to control ghosts that he’s summoned. The ability to consume souls for nourishment and to add to his ghost army. The ability to take control of wandering ghosts. The ability to control a black slime that has mental and physical corrosive properties. The ability to create black slime creatures. The ability to summon creatures that live in black slime. The ability to open portals using the black slime. Certain soul and soul based magics. The black goo to corrupts those it touches.

Phoenix: he possesses Red Sea when his anger reaches a pitch or if Dago can’t possess his body when he loses control. Because of him Red Sea’s temper can be somewhat explosive and is hard to quell. Red Sea is unable to remove his ability to feel anger. Phoenix is a simple creature. All he wants his revenge on whoever has wronged him or Red Sea. Those fools that think that they can get away with being so foolish just MAKES HIS BLOOD BOIL!!! Phoenix came to Red Sea in his time of greatest anger and desire for revenge. He helped Red Sea punish those who would be fools but Red Sea captured him when he tried to leave, saying that he had to contain Phoenix. SUCH INSOLENCE IS UNFORGIVABLE!!! But it’s been a fun ride, so Phoenix will stay a bit longer. He has the ability to control and create fire, heat, plasma, and electricity. The angrier he gets the more powerful he becomes and he can always get angrier.

Blood Quarts: she can possess Red Sea when he becomes incredibly aroused or Dago and Phoenix can’t possess his body when he loses control. Because of her he can be very passionate about whatever he’s doing and he can be very stubborn. He can’t remove his ability to feel arousal and can’t remove his sexual organs. Blood Quarts was created by a scientist obsessed with creating a creature that could be the perfect slave. When he created Blood Quarts by sacrificing a large city to give her the power of all of its citizens, he thought he’d been successful. She obeyed his every whim. When he was thirsty she made water for him. When he was hungry she turned grass into bread for him to consume. However, one day the scientist needed to “relieve some stress” and he called Blood Quarts into his room. During that act of orgasm Blood Quarts felt pleasure for the first time. She knew that the scientist wouldn’t let her have more of this sensation so she killed him and took his lifeforce to add to her power. Ever since she’s been an insatiable pit of lust, willing to lay with any and all who ask. Red Sea captured her when he went to her latest spot and she managed to seduce him. Just before she was able to finish him he was able to use her vulnerable state to capture her. She has the ability to manipulate mater on the atomic level. The ability to be able to sexually arouse anyone if given enough time. The ability to steal the lust of those who die near her. Anyone she brings to orgasm will start to crystallize. When fully crystallized their power and lust will be added to her’s. The crystallization will be immensely pleasurable with an average of 24 orgasms a day until complete crystallization. Complete crystallization takes about two weeks. If the victim is able to resist orgasm the crystal will start to recede until it disappears. As the crystal starts to disappear the pleasure will continue to increase as time goes on. Her form is indestructible, but not invincible (you can cut her in half but you can’t vaporise her). She doesn’t have a soul.

Red Madness: Red Madness occurs when Blood Sea starts to draw on too much of his power at once, when he gets too into a fight and starts to increase his effort in order to win the fight, or when he releases his restraints on his powers. inside all blood constructs is a power that they suppress every day, every hour, every minute, every second of their lives. This power is something that is with them from birth. Inside all of them is this desire, to kill everything will reckless abandon. Very few have ever fallen to this madness. Those who have were responsible for some great historical tragedies. This is what lead to them being hunted by all other races. Very few have been able to comeback from the madness. Even less have been able to control it. Blood Sea is one of those few, but just barely. This madness is tempting for a reason. With it comes great power, at the cost of the loss of sanity and care for one’s safety. Any who know of it are the ones who know to run far away. Red Madness has Red Sea's powers but amplified in strength.

(I'm up for most things. I usually won't turn someone down unless I have a real problem with what they want me to do. However, you might want to expect just I bit of grammar hounding. If I can understand what you say it'll be fine but if it's something like "an thn u fnd a tresser chst." I'll probably ask you to write it again. I usually like to do RP with a plot but I'm not limited to that. The worst you'll probably hear out of me is I have a problem with trying to maintain a bare minimum of detail. so if you just put "he attacks" I'll probably ask you how he does that.)
History and Details:
Red Sea was born to two blood mages that lived deep in the Everfree forest. He would later find out that during his birth that his parents sacrificed themselves to seal the demon Dago inside of his body and for his younger years they locked his body as a unicorn so he could get along with ponies. During his early childhood he mostly stayed inside of his parents home which had books that allowed Red Sea to learn about language, biology, blood magic, and rune magic. To sustain himself Red Sea would occasionally go out and hunt the animals in the area. He quickly learned how his powers worked and was able to adapt for the most part. One day he followed his prey to a pony town. He went into the town to look around. Eventually someone asked if he was looking for his home. He told the pony where he lived and the pony ran. That night someone tried to break into his home and kill him. They failed and that was Red Sea’s first murder of a sapient being. It was also the night he discovered the power of Dago. Ever since then he’s constantly been hunted by religious nuts, monster hunters, and bounty hunters that want to kill him. He’s also been visited by many evil entities that have wanted to use his anger and sadness to get him to try to help them kill or invade Equestria. He never agreed because he just wanted to stay in his home. After a while a rune set by his parents activates and a box appeared in front of him. It had the instructions to make a special blade that would unlock his powers and it was signed by his parents. After making the blade and unlocking his powers he decided to try to make friends again. The first town he visited was a small religious town, dedicated to those who worship Celestia. After a little bit the village is attacked by a small bandit group and Red Sea helps defend the town. In doing so he reveals his true nature and the entire town turns on him. He’d never been so angry in his life. In that moment a creature entered his body and used him to burn the town to the ground. When the creature was finished Red Sea’s seal activated and trapped the creature inside of his body. He would later find out that the creature was called Phoenix. After helping a few more towns he comes across a town filled with pink crystal statues of ponies in ecstasy. Eventually he finds a creature that looks like the statues but is moving around. The creature manages to seduce Red Sea and just before she can kill him the seal activates again and captures her. Blood Sea decides that he needs to recuperate and train before he even tries to put any more strain on the seal. On the way home he learns that the creature’s name was Blood Quarts.
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