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Pegasus Pony
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Guardian of equestria and the world
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<p>So my oc is Starlightmoon, I came up with the idea a few years ago of her and have loved the character ever since. Backstory: She is literally the soul of the moon in physical form, she came to equestria a long time ago inside of a moonrock that had for wolf the moon when a meteor hit it, it fell to equestrian and landed deep in the everfree forest, star woke up in the crator to see two creatures standing above her, it was kid discord and his brother who was a unicorn that wanted nothing more than to be an alicorn, the draconoquis race wasn't a fan of pony's so no one liked discord brother and they went gonna be a fan of another pony coming home to them so discord disguised her as a draconoquis and took care of her for a few years till a war broke out between pony kind and draconoquis, the pony's made a deal with the windagos to help on there side, with an avalanche they wiped out the entire draconoquis race leaving only discord who managed to hide in a cave, he tried to save star and his brother but they had fallen in the avalanche, discord was alone while they were able to escape, after escaping equestria star and mania (discord brother) went on adventures for years till star and mania went to the moon,got together, and had a child, her name was luna, there was a war going down to destroy the moon and kill star, the three of them went to earth and fought in a war between dark spirits, mania was killed in battle to save her and kill the rest, star met up with her brother (the sun) who had lost her life in the war as well, but he had the child Celestia, they both found starswirled who they then left Luna and Celestia on his doorstep, the moon and sun could no longer care for there children. Sun went back to the sun and star went to the crater that she crashed into equestria with,<br />&nbsp;<br />&nbsp;<br />&nbsp;<br />she turned the place into her house and protecting it with a magical boarder so nopony would ever find it, only her and her wolfs may enter (she's the moon and wolfs praise the moon so she is basically queen of wolfs) and there star trains and waits for another battle to fight to save the world from any threats. I left out some details but this is the basics of my oc</p>
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