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Exiled Princess Momoka

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Owner of White Lotus Tea shop
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Mature & Violent
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A short and elegant looking kirin. She possess various shades of grey, with pale black mane tied in a bun with chopsticks. Her mane often hold various flowers in them, most commonly forget-me-nots.
Tea, stallions, books and flowers
History and Details:
<p style="text-align: center;"><strong><em>Personality:</em></strong>&nbsp;</p>
<p style="text-align: center;">Momoka is a mild mannered and kind natured kirin. Although her voice is monotone and certinly does lack emotion, her smiles and kind nature seems genuine. She often finds herself unable to feel strong emotions such as love, happiness and laughter but she is able to fake it enough for ponies to believe she does.&nbsp;<br /><br />Only during certain events, when she is around things she truly enjoys, that she feels these emotions. Often either in private or somewhere at peace. She craves and longs for attention. She finds herself clinging emotionally to others for support and fears abandonment as well as rejection from others.</p>
<p style="text-align: center;"><br /><strong><em>History:&nbsp;</em></strong><br /><br />Born within a large kirin town far beyond the dragon lands. She was born to the village chief, being the last foal of a noble line and the only daughter. She was born when the trees bloomed their flowers and the land sprang to life, giving her the name of Momoka.&nbsp;<br /><br />She lived a peaceful life among her kind, enjoying nature and all of it's bueaty. She is considered a beautiful kiriness, so she had many suitors who wanted her for not only her power but for her beauty. She lacked many emotions, often seen as 'blank' or 'unfeeling' which drew many possible friends away from her. She lived a lonely, lonely life and often felt isolated from mothers. While she was not in line for the throne directly, due to fights between rivial villages she was trained otherwise in case any of her two elder brothers were to pass.&nbsp;<br /><br />When her father, the village chief, died at the age of fourteen a civil war began within her village. Both brothers wanted the position, and many different villagers took to different sides...finding the young Momoka too young to take such a position.</p>
<p style="text-align: center;">While her brothers were fighting, young Momoka feel inlove with the lead samurai of her eldest brother's small but growing army. It was the first time she felt emotions so pure and raw. It was like seeing color for the first time. Her whole world changed to be wonderful and perfect despete the growing tensions. Their courtship lasted for years while the two brothers tired to figure out who would lead the village privately. The samurai had one request of her: posion her younger brother so that her elder brother would rule, and they would lead a wonderful life together.&nbsp;<br /><br />She went through the process, stricken by love. She willing to do anything for him...even kill her own brother in order to stop an incoming war. Momoka went through the plan they had in mind, and posioned her brother. He was killed by sickness slowly, many of his servents trying to figure out what was wrong. They had not been able to find the posion, and her brother died in his sleep.&nbsp;<br /><br />The village and her eldest brother mourned his death, while she celebrated it. She would wed to the stallion of her dreams, and live the rest of her life with him. She couldn't wait for it...until he told her eldest brother that she posioned him. Momoka being beloved in the village was given a private trial. They found her guilty, and sent her to exile.&nbsp;<br /><br />They staged the whole thing...the young and beautiful princess being wed off to a chief in another village for peace when it was all lies. The guard took her far enough that no one would follow them and left her there to die. She was only sixteen, and she was out on her lonesome.&nbsp;<br /><br />Her beauty attracted the kindness of others. She braved the wilderness using what she knew from her training and her knowledge of plants, promising herself to never allow another stallion to hurt her like how he did again. She would slowly heal from the kindness of others, and find a new love in tea.</p>
<p style="text-align: center;">Everywhere she went, each village held a different kind of tea which she enjoyed heavily. She traveled for years, honing the craft of her tea making and watching the world unfold. When she got to Equestria at the age of twenty, she didn't know what to do.&nbsp;<br /><br />She had open her own tea shop in the city which she fell inlove with...which was Canterlot oddly enough for the nature loving kirin. She had worked for five years working for different kinds of resturants and odd jobs. Never having enough time to sleep in order to open that shop of her dreams and having a place to call home.&nbsp;<br /><br />Very recently, she got enough, just barely enough for a shop house in the more historic district in Canterlot. She opens her shop, and often opens it as much as she could serve the tea she fell in love with to others within The White Lotus.&nbsp;</p>
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