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Earth Pony
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Ponyville Time-Keeper, but does quiet a bit of "traveling" whenever he finds himself with enough time~
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Physically: The Doctor is stallion by nature, tall and on the 'thin but tone' side of things, befitting the looks of a olden day "Bachelor" really. He would be best described as "built like a running horse" which fits his current occupation quiet well. He has a chocolate brown mane and tail, with chestnut brown fur that looks quite nice on him. He is almost always seen wearing some form of green necktie, weather that be the more "Official Business" green tie, or the "Out on the Town" bow tie he so dearly enjoys. His mane can be described as the opposite of "well kept" but still rather handsome, so "roguishly charming" would be a better term for him. And his eyes.... His eyes are the deepest, bluest eyes you will ever know- they show age and wisdom, and a kindness within them... But there is also a distant flame burning with those eyes. Tears have been shed from them- so many tears. So much sadness.... It is easy to confuse the young looking Bachelor for an older man just through his eyes alone.

Mentally: The Doctor is a brilliant man- he doesn't know everything, but that doesn't mean he isn't the smartest man in the room, that just means he doesn't know the first thing about magic. Which, isn't his fault, he is only an Earth Pony after all. He is Clever beyond description, a bit oblivious at times to others, but genuinely only seeks to help those in need of it. He is kind. Kind beyond recognition- some might even call him as kind as Celestia herself.... if only they knew how much in common those two had.... Like how old he is... Mentally, he is old. He is so very, very old, that it shows away when you truly find a way to upset him- which some would tell you is nearly impossible to do. His patience is a deep wellspring, and his understanding and desire to teach and help others is truly commendable.... You would be hard pressed to find his personality 'Displeasing' on the surface.
Misc Information:
First things first, I'm labeling the Nitpicks that tend to aggravate me when it comes to RP'ing with people sometimes- then I'll get to a short list of rules. These first things though are just... "Nitpicks." Small things I've developed overtime that get on my nerves when playing this character across multiple sites for so long.

First Nitpick: "The Doctor" doesn't like to be called the Doctor when he is working in town, or anywhere else really. He considers himself to be 'undercover' for the most part, living life like a normal stallion. He prefers the surnames he has given the townsfolk; Time Turner, Clock Smith, Mister Smith, or to just simply "Doc" (despite his best efforts otherwise.) The only times he will ever have you call him "The Doctor" are the times where you know him, or when your life is in mortal peril.

(CRITICAL) Nitpick: When you meet the Doctor, you will either address him as "Time Turner" or "Clock Smith" or simply ask for his name. You are NEVER going to know who the Doctor is off the bat. You will never come up to him, and proclaim yourself to be some knock-off River Song, and you will never. Ever. *EVER!* Try and convince me to play along that your character will SOMEHOW know the Doctor is an Alien Time-Traveler, with a Big Blue Box. There are only a few Characters on this site whom I would ever allow to say they know the Doctor's true identity, and they are as follows:
- Princess Celestia
- Princess Luna
- Shanks
- Alona
- Wildcard (and some of his ponysona's which only he knows which would know)
- Master Plan
- Senior Staff of the RIA Anomolies Division (Master Plan -Cough Cough!-)
- Pinkie Pie (because it's Pinkie Pie, and she knows everything)
- Any other Doctor Who crossover Characters who have personal History with the Doctor, including Villains.
- And Discord. (Leaving him off of any list is asking for trouble in my book.)

1 ) The Doctor always lies. Do not expect him to speak the truth to you- ever. He will lie to keep you distracted, so he can work more freely and do what he likes. However, in casual conversation, he shouldn't have any need to lie to you- not usually at least. Especially not if you earn his respects.

2) Expect Lengthy Responses and waiting time- The Doctor can wait forever for a response from you, so I suspect you should be able to do the same.... However... if you notice that I am taking an ESPECIALLY long time to reply, do message me when you see me online. It's possible I've run out of fuel for certain RP's when they seem to go nowhere, or I hit a brick wall- and if you wish to continue then by all means. Feel free to reach out and try to help me. I am not a perfect man, so I do need such help from time to time.

3) I am a "Narrative Role Player," meaning I like to READ responses that have a bit of girth to them. "Details" are NICE and plot-lines are exciting! I personally call Role Play "Co-op Storytelling" for these specific reasons, so do forgive me if I seem to bore you with it all, or take a long time to respond- sometimes up to or over an hour even. I just prefer to write a story with someone to get there reactions over it and my own strange and bizarre ideas....
3.5) (However, I am keenly aware that sometimes you can't pack in a lot of detail to every responses- I do and I think it gets a bit cluttered sometimes. Also- it ruins the pacing of the RP, which some people here are quiet use to apparently. So, if you think I'm packing in too much. Again. TELL ME SO. Hit me up in Instant Messenger and I'll be certain to to try my best to strike the even temper we both need.)

4) I don't RP much in IM for the reasons listed above, so consider this a big neon sign: <INSTANT MESSAGE IS FOR OUT OF CHARACTER CHATTING ONLY!!!!> (unless in a group chat.) It gets annoying when people just start sending me a single question for a starter- and yes! I like to do small RP's from time to time, but I personally don't crave them like everyone else seems to around here! I like telling BIG, sprawling, adventures to grab the attentions of my companions and make them see things in new lights with new perceptional points of views. It's what I've come here to do. Scorn me for it if you do not like it.

5) ... I'll think of more as time goes on. But, for now? Consider this the current and up to date list of rules and such.

Art Credits: (WIP, I shall add these as I add the art.)
Profile Picture - Saturnspace -
Character Image - Tony Fleecs -
Cover Image - (I give up, there is no way to make the stupid Cover Image work on this site. UGGGHHH!!!)
Background Image - Spacekitty
History and Details:
<p>History is not something the Doctor likes to dwell on personally- it brings up too many bad things, and loud voices. He'll talk with you about it all personally if you can get close enough to him, but for now? All you need to know is, he calls himself "The Doctor." And that he is here to help.</p>
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