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Earth Pony
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Braille TypeWriter
Writer. Forever Free For Everfree is her highest series.
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Eye colour: Milk white.

Coat: Grey

Mane/Tail: White-Grey

Physique: Below Average, but not quite frail.

Residence: Manehatten

Unique Traits: Born with sight, but it degraded over her childhood. Her blindness gives her writing a different emphasis and what references to colour she gives are usually based off the qualities associated with the colours as well as her memories from her childhood.

Character Personality: She is quiet and calm, but inside her mind are worlds of imagination.

Character Summary: Vella is a Quiet and calm pony who seems somewhat disconnected from reality. She doesn't really seem to pay much attention to her surroundings unless she's actively travelling.
Misc Information:
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History and Details:
<p><em>"The Day I went completely blind, I knew it was all imagination from then on."</em></p>
<p>I wasn't always blind. For years my sight required a bit of correction, but it wasn't severe, but around the age of 12, it started fading away. There was nothing they could do. I had to watch it fade away, or perhaps the opposite, I didn't watch it. I had to make more compensation everyday until it was all black.&nbsp;</p>
<p>I wasn't surprised, it wasn't so sudden, I knew it was coming, maybe not that soon, but in that week. I actually got an early start on preparations. Braille doesn't take as long as you would think, it's not a different language, it's just kind of a different alphabet.&nbsp;</p>
<p>I started writing before then, but it was after that I really started getting into it. My mind is the only place where I still have it. All the colours. All the details. I can come up with anything, and if it sounds creative and fun, then who cares if it's realistic?</p>
<p>But I'll still never truly get used to it.</p>
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