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boring ass yellow pencil clip art
Manager/agent to PinkBow
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Mature & Violent
Character Image:

Gray fur, black/gray streaked hair. Bright yellow eyes that glow in the dark. Usually wears a white button up shirt and tie with sleeves rolled up to the elbows. Very tired and angry looking eyes, due to lack of sleep. Typically holding a mug of coffee.
Sometimes has razor sharp looking teeth and slit pupils when he's extremely angry.

Has purple blood that becomes highly toxic/acidic when it oxidizes. It WILL burn through any surface it lands on. Has the ability to shape shift, relies heavily on his tech.

voice headcanon: will arnett lol
plotting his 'son in law''s demise, causing destruction, breaking stuff
Misc Information:

Mostly made this account because Pank refers to this OC a lot, might as well have some basic info about who he is.

Literally the worst, ever. This character is EXTREMELY rude at times, please don't be offended if he's a jerk to your OC.

Pen is considered something along the lines of a sociopath, just a heads up.
History and Details:
<p>An evil, time traveling, shapeshifting alien that is currently taking refuge on this planet. While he initially had a wife and kids, he got divorced in the past couple of years. Now his current meatshield is a young, impressionable fashion model called PinkBow.&nbsp;<br />As of now he spends his days being a rival to some ice science horse. He's laying low, as there is a mighty bounty for his head due to the crimes he has committed.&nbsp;<br />Any sort of cop/justice based characters make him nervous.</p>
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