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Earth Pony
Cutie Mark:
A cheddar cheese wheel with one slice taken out of it
Currently the owner and cook for Cheddar's Cheese Emporium
Content Rating:
Mature & Violent
Cheddar Cheese is (nearly) an all-yellow pony on the outside, though depending on where you're pointing to on his body, the yellow may be a different shade. His coat has a distinctly sharp-cheddar colour, while his hooves and mane are much lighter, and nearly beige, in hue. His eyes, on the other hoof, are a dark emerald green, perhaps giving the only break from the rest of his extremely uniform body. His head is shaped much like a Clydesdale, but with a slightly curved angle, which makes him, at least at first glance, look a bit more like a pony than a horse. His body, though, is perhaps his most stunning feature, as not only does he stand two heads over the average horse (a bit taller than the princesses, perhaps), he is as beefy as they come, which adds up to give his figure a rather intimidating look. Still, he's rather timid, and a complete pushover, so he never really runs up to anyone. At least that will keep somepony from crapping themselves.
Cheese, cheese, cheese, cheese, che- alright, fiiiine
Books, quiet spaces, long walks, the market, and old Equestria - he finds the older architecture fascinating
Misc Information:
Please, for the love of all things holy, at least be competent in your typing abilities. If your responses take a while to come through, I'll understand! Just don't send anything half-baked, or the responses will get shorter. That's how RPs tend to devolve, unfortunately.
History and Details:
<p>"Namasse! Am nama Cheddar Cheese."</p>
<p>Most people haven't heard of the island of Katara, just north of the Philippine coast, but it is important! Why, you may ask, is it important? Well... uhh...</p>
<p>I mean... Cheese is from there?</p>
<p>Cheddar wasn't born Cheddar Cheese. He was born Dudha Sati - literally, Strong Milk. Though, because that name doesn't exactly translate well into Equestrian, he changed it to Cheddar Cheese when he immigrated. He's practically a native now! Though, he does have a slight accent that gives away where he's from.&nbsp;</p>
<p>In his late teens, he travelled to Equestira, along with his mother and father, so that he could finally follow his dream of starting a business off of the island. He didn't exactly do much, really, in terms of backstory. He came to Equestria, improved his English, learned that the library is the absolute most wonderful place in the universe, and opened his shop. He's a kind, quiet stallion that doesn't particularly get out much, so it's no wonder why he's so 'pure'.&nbsp;</p>
<p>He's usually at his shop, on a walk, at the library or at the gym. Come say hello!</p>
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