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Military Rank:
Lunar Guard: Private (Pvt)
Formerly in Arbor, now in Canterlot
Firebrand's Valor (Formed in 1810 AA - Disbanded in 1816 AA)
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Mature & Violent
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Galene is smaller than the average female Griffon.

Due to a battle that rendered Galene physically blind, she was forced to wear blindfolds and also drank from a special potion that enabled her to see her surroundings with magic.

Galene was formerly a guild member of Firebrand's Valor, a guild that recently dissolved after the deaths of Gideon and Linthari, causing disputes between some of the guild members. Galene blamed Ginthe for letting Gideon down, Oynx blamed Warden for not standing by their side when they needed his assistance, and Warden snapped at Onyx for not understanding the dire threat that occurred in his kingdom recently. Ginthe and Glade were the only members who felt sorrow instead of anger, and that they are hoping to bring Firebrand's Valor back together eventually.
Galene is always more than glad to assist her friends with whatever they need.

Galene is willing to sacrifice her own life to save both friends and innocents.

Galene idolizes Gideon, whom she looked up to and stood by his side until his death in 1816 AA.

Galene felt hatred for Ginthe after she made a miscalculation and wrong timing to attack Zaltharex, which led to Gideon's death. Despite Ginthe's deep sorrow and regrets, Galene angrily refuses to forgive her.
History and Details:
<p>Events from 1792 AA to 1817 AA</p>
<p>Hatched in the year 1792 AA, Galene was raised by a male Griffon named Gideon, her mentor and caretaker within the town of Arbor at the Mysterious South. Throughout Galene's years as a fledgeling, she learned her combat talents and lived a decent life in the town of Arbor until in 1810 AA, she joined Gideon and another female Griffon named Ginthe. Calling their temporary guild "Arbor's Firebrand", they would soon find an arena near Kludgetown where they met another temporary guild known as "Spear of Valor" that ended up being arrested after they were accused of a crime, being forced to fight in an arena to pay off their debt and regain their freedom. They were three individuals that consisted of an Earth Pony stallion (Warden Bulwark), a male Dragon (Onyx), and a female Deer (Glade). Deciding to win their debt and have them freed despite the insufficient bits, Arbor's Firebrand arranged to fight the Spear of Valor in the arena. After the battle, Arbor's Firebrand had freed the Spear of Valor and both guilds decided to come together as "Firebrand's Valor". For seven years, they adventured around within the Mysterious South, the Griffon Kingdom, the Dragon Lands, and even Equestria while protecting locals from monsters or bandit organizations that proved to be dire threats. During the seventh year of their journey, they encountered a young yet wise primeval dragon whose name is Linthari. She was the scion of Zaltharex, another primeval dragon who is known for his destructive nature and is known to be 1000 ft tall. Linthari told Firebrand's Valor of how she was once a lieutenant of Zaltharex but soon rebelled against Zaltharex after her mind was purified by an extinct race during a millennium ago. She knew Zaltharex needed to be stopped at this time, and Firebrand's Valor had the same goal. Joining together, they went to confront Zaltharex after battling through his corrupted minions and thralls. Though before the battle with Zaltharex himself, Warden Bulwark was called away to his own kingdom due to a renegade faction that endangered many innocents including his family. Even with Firebrand's Valor decreased strength due to the absence of Warden, Ginthe chose to battle Zaltharex at that time. Unfortunately, they had lost. Both Gideon and Linthari had been slain. Zaltharex had fled from the battle to spread his corruption somewhere else, and grief was expressed among the surviving members of Firebrand's Valor. Not only that, but there were intense disputes between one another. Formerly best friends but no longer, Warden and Onyx hated each other for a while after the battle happened. Galene was also enraged at Ginthe, blaming her for Gideon's death. Therefore, Firebrand's Valor disbanded as they went separate ways. Both Glade and Ginthe had no feelings of rage, but only sorrow and slight hope to bring Firebrand's Valor back together.</p>
<p>Events from 1818 AA to 1819 AA</p>
<p>A year after the disbanding of Firebrand's Valor, Galene soon traveled north to Equestria and became a Lunar Guard with Canterlot as her new home. Despite her attempts to move on while living a new life, Galene still held grudges against her former guildmates, especially Ginthe. At some point during a mission with her Lunar Guard allies/comrades, Galene was rendered physically blind in battle that forced her to wear blindfolds. With her physical vision damaged and irreparable, she drank from a special potion that allowed her to see her surroundings with magic, even with her blindfolds worn.</p>
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