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Hunter Galene A.K.A Wielder of Whisperblade

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Military Rank:
Lunar Guard: Private (Pvt)
Canterlot or Celestial Sea
Former Privateer of the Ironclaw

Lunar Guard Pvt. and Hunter
Content Rating:
Mature & Violent
Character Image:
Galene is smaller than the average female Griffon.

Galene can be seen wearing her helmet, which she kept for a long while.

Galene wields Whisperblade, a short-sword that was forged out of meteorite.

Galene's voice:

Galene's hysterical giggles:
Galene is always more than glad to spend time with friends.

Galene is willing to sacrifice her own life to save any of her friends.

Galene is more of the little spoon type when it comes to cuddling.
Misc Information:
Slice of life and adventure are default roleplay genres.

ERP is an optional roleplay genre for the roleplay partner to decide.
History and Details:
<p>Born in the year 1792 AA and raised in the Griffish Isles by her adoptive family before they were sunk by the G.K.S Juggernaut, Galene was a privateer of a sea-sailing frigate ship called the Ironclaw during 1809 AA, sailed with her captain and crew within the Celestial Sea as they hunted down pirates that attacked and harrassed passive sailors. For years, the Ironclaw crew had intentions of protecting whoever they can by eliminating any pirate that brought harm to them. Galene's most notable talent was stealth, which proved useful to infiltrate, tail, or even assassinate. During Galene's time with the Ironclaw, the Ironclaw captain gifted her a short-sword forged out of meteorite, having Galene calling her new weapon "Whisperblade".</p>
<p>One day during the year 1817 AA, the Ironclaw was sunk down by the G.K.S Juggernaut, the same ship that sunk Galene's adoptive family. All crew members of the Ironclaw had perished, including the captain. Galene was the only one that survived the sinking, but suffered amnesia in the process, only remembering her name and skills in combat. Her short-sword Whisperblade was lost as well, leaving her with a common axe to use. She was washed up on the shores of Equestria's east coast, remembering nothing of what happened.</p>
<p>Galene traveled around in Equestria for a year to find her purpose, until she settled in Canterlot during 1818 AA. There, she earned friends and allies that she may consider her new family. Soon eventually, Galene would start to recover her memories and finally remember who she once was, as well as her past life in the Griffish Isles and also the tragedy that occurred before her amnesia during a year ago.</p>
<p>Galene would decide to continue to hunt down the unknown murderers of her old adoptive family and the Ironclaw crew, assuming that those murderers were pirates. Thankfully, she was not alone as her new friends in Canterlot are willing to support her in any way that's possible.</p>
<p>Galene soon discovered a horrific dilemma that made her feel completely and utterly disturbed; she has a biological brother who is a crew member of the G.K.S Juggernaut. It seemed that there was more to her biological family than she thought, which she found it difficult to ignore at this time. When Galene began to reflect on her past hatred for pirates, she realized that the crew of the G.K.S Juggernaut are to entirely blame and not any other pirate that wasn't involved. Ashamed of her own cold blooded actions, Galene initially planned an honorable sacrifice of herself eliminating the G.K.S Juggernaut, but a Feline named Jozlyn convinced Galene otherwise and promised her a place of healing for her regrets. Galene accepted Jozlyn's offer and went to meditate at the Silver Cathedral with her, finally ceasing her regrets.</p>
<p>Eventually while searching for clues and info in a few islands of the Celestial Sea regarding the G.K.S Juggernaut, Galene was injured in combat with a few pirates that were associated with the G.K.S Juggernaut, until another Feline named Caster Fasterpaws rescued Galene by stealthily eliminated the hostile pirates. After gathering some clues, Galene learned of the associates that know the crew of the G.K.S Juggernaut well. With a stealthy and unpridictable personality, Caster offered his assistance to Galene but with no promises. Galene accepted before sailing to the borders between the Griffon Kingdom and the Dragon Lands, where the associates were assumed to be located.</p>
<p>Galene arrived at her destination and took the chance to tail some pirates entering a warehouse and she would eliminate the pirate guards quickly before interrogating the last surviving pirate in the warehouse. She would learn that the G.K.S Juggernaut's crew were no mere pirates, but cultists that worship a Primeval Flame Dragon, a dragon of the old world unlike the modern dragons today. The cultists called themselves the Cult of Zaltharex. Knowing now who to spare and who to eliminate, Galene spared the surviving pirate's life and allowed him to go home to his family.</p>
<p>After learning of the Cult's next destination and accompanied by Caster, Galene sailed to the south borders of Equestria and docked before she witnessed while eavesdropping a brutal execution caused by her brother, Gideon. His appearance had a very familiar resemblance to Galene's, and was called an Archon of Zaltharex. The victim was supposedly a deserting cultist that raised Gideon's ire, his execution showing the other cultists an example of such consequences. Deciding to keep up with the Juggernaut, Galene and Caster snuck aboard into an empty and unpopulated cabin, where they remained hidden from the cultists until they arrived at the Dragon Lands. Soon, Galene and Caster would track down each cultists within the Dragon Lands and eliminate them one by one, until Gideon was the last cultist remaining. After failing to convince Gideon to turn away from Zaltharex, Galene faced him alone in single combat with little hesitation and ends up slaying him. Moments before his death, Gideon realized the error of his ways and requested for Galene to fight on for their lost family while stopping Zaltharex from causing further destruction. Galene took her oath with mourning tears, and gave her deceased brother a pyre funeral alone before proceeding back to Canterlot, making preparations to fight Zaltharex and his thralls before they awaken from their dormant sleep.</p>
<p>Galene eventually recovered her old unique short-sword, Whisperblade, which she found at one of the isles in the Celestial Sea. She now wields it once again, promising herself to never lose her grip on it again.</p>
<p>Galene and a stallion from the Lunar Guard named Hush would fall in love with each other as this also led to Hush recommending her to join the Lunar Guard. Galene accepted the offer and went through recruitment procedures in Canterlot before becoming an official private of the Lunar Guard.</p>
<p>Rumors were heard that there were large lava-like scorpions with molten armor, residing in a cave of an unmapped island. After Galene traveled to the unmapped island to investigate the cave, she would be ambushed by the Flame scorpions that confirmed her fears; Zaltharex had awakened, and his thralls had begun to slowly spread corruption. Galene had slain most of the Flame scorpions within the cave, but was wounded in the process by the deadly tail stings from the Flame scorpions as she was outnumbered. With some left remaining, Galene took her chance to flee the cave and reach her ship. Unfortunately, the Flame scorpions flung fireballs from their stingers as the ship was immediately lit on fire and crumbled into pieces. Galene attempted to make her last stand against the Flame scorpions, but was fortunately saved by Agent Bonbon after an arcane bomb eliminated the Flame scorpions. Bonbon administered her first-aid kit on the unconscious wounded Galene before carrying her to a boat that Bonbon brought, where Galene would soon awaken back into consciousness. Galene and Bonbon answered each other's questions, with Galene giving detailed info about the primeval dragons and Bonbon telling about the agency that she works for.</p>
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