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Cutie Mark:
Drawn on egg with a heart
"here and there, brah"
-Lover of birds
-Shady potion maker/seller
Content Rating:
Mature (NSFW)
Character Image:
Female presenting: A fluffy, yellow buffalo. She looks like a pony, but is (mostly) buffalo. For some reason the one time a pony mingled with her bloodline, the genes came out strong in her.
She's average height for a pony, on the more chubby side. It's hard to eat healthy being on the road all the time! Eggi has red-ish brown hair with turquoise dip dyed on the ends, she's contemplating getting the rest dyed. She has THREE horns, a unicorn looking one, and two smaller curved ones framing it that remain hidden under her bangs.
Has freckles and feathered hooves! Red coloured eyes.

Typically she has heavy eye makeup, with winged liner sharp enough to kill a man, and shiny neutral coloured eyeshadow. She's quite a fan of accessories as well, having various ear piercings (including thick black gauges!), a choker (tattoo style or solid), and a variety of interchangeable bracelets.
As of late she has become a fan of wearing black thigh highs on her hindlegs, they're cute.

-Laid back, very mellow. Typical stoner/hippie vibe.

Male presenting: Essentially the same (makeup included usually) but with a slightly taller build and sharper muzzle. Usually ditches the socks in this form though.

Misc Information:
*Eggi is Two-Spirited, presenting as a female or male depending on the day. Don't waste your time sending any rude/transphobic comments to me about this.

*Eggi is a Mlpsona, aka: a representation of the admin with creative liberties for her story/personality to make her different enough as a character. Her culture is heavily based off admin's (Native American).

History and Details:
<p>[Img]<img src="" />[/img]<br /><br />Born as ᓇᓈᑕᐃᐧᐦᐃᐁᐧᐤ or Nan&acirc;tawihiw&ecirc;w. ("S/he heals people")<br /><br /><br />Once an insecure young one amongst a colony of buffalo, she always stuck out amongst them. Not looking quite like her family and friends, she used to stress out quite a lot about this. However, she has grown to accept identity as a buffalo, especially after a few years of being on her own in the world traveling. Sometimes she goes back to her colony, to share the stories and experiences she's had so far with her family. She is quite skilled at making potions and natural medicines, thanks to a relative being a medicine man. (medicine bufflo? medicine..'fflo?) Eggi travels around aimlessly and casually, with no real direction or plan for herself. She like to live a laid back life free of pressure or stress. She lives simply, but makes an okay amount of money selling potions that she conjures up for just about any use or purpose. She is very spiritual and in tune with the universe itself, being able to have direct contact with spirits and other paranormal beings. Her spiritual animal protector is a black bear. Does not like to fight or get in conflict, will likely excuse herself from negative situations, as she is *extremely* sensitive to different energies. More negative inclined characters are a bad time for her, as their energy can literally make her sick. For this reason, she likes to stick with others she can vibe with. Typically you can find her nearly anywhere, especially markets selling her potions, or in natural environments like forests! She is someone who also enjoys spending her time in bars/pubs. Don't be afraid to approach her, she has many friends from all over and likes meeting new beings all around.</p>
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