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Pinkamena Diane Pie Element of ḽ̛̫̬̼̥̲̯͍̜̖̰̗̘̜̖̕͝a̸̧̹͙̮̟̳͝u҉͏͓͇̙̞̲͢g̶̛̙̳̬͍͙͈̠̦͎̰ḩ̵̧̦̜͎̩̞͇̪̠͍̀͞t̳̥̲̳̼͓̰̟̭̦̞̙̤̳͘̕͠ͅe̛̤̣̪̝͉͍͚͕̩͕͓͟ŗ̷̛̝̣̙̥̣͓͓̤̯͙͞

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Earth Pony
Cutie Mark:
3 Balloons with strings hanging down. Yellow and blue in colour.
-Element of Laughter (Ex)
-Baker and Owner of Sugar Cube (Cakes Missing)
-Party Planner
Content Rating:
Mature & Violent
Pinkamena is essentially the opposite of Pinkie Pie. Both share the same body but both have their own unique touches. Pinkamena's mane would be long and straight, flowing almost uncannily as if it was suspended in water. Her coat colour also changes, from vibrant pink to a rather monotone greyish pink. Same with the mane, normally it's be a bright purple, now it was dark purple and no-longer could reflect light. Her normally beautiful blue eyes are now pale, almost bloodshot from stress and the like.
Misc Information:
- This is an Alternate universe Pinkie, remember this.
- I will do cupcakes with you but don't expect it to run exactly like the popular creepy pasta. You don't know how many times I've been asked for it. Don't expect the same thing everytime, I need to mix it up to keep it interesting for me.
- I am very influenced by Silent Hill when it comes to the madness so expect some rather F**ked up stuff!
- I also play Pinkie Pie normally ^_^
- Pinkamena will be mean, this is nothing against you but just expect her to be nasty, don't want her being nasty? go and talk to me when I'm playing Pinkie ^_^
History and Details:
<p>In terms of history, It follows Pinkie Pie's all the way up to of course, Party of One. Though this is AU so expect your head canon to fly out of the window. Pinkie never recovered from her breakdown and has since lost touch with the Elements. She was stripped of her Title of Element after she attacked another pony on the street of Ponyville along with disrespecting the Royals when they tried to see if they could help.</p>
<p>Jump ahead to present day and we have a completely different pony. She works at Sugar Cube Corner still but has been promoted to store owner and head baker. The Cakes haven't been heard from in months now and investigations are still going on. Rumour has it, Pinkie or Pinkamena as they refer to her now was behind it but can not find any evidence pointing to the mare. It's even caused some popular spooky tails amongst the ponies of Ponyville.</p>
<p>The only element she seems to still get along with is Fluttershy, never could she shout at her. Fluttershy would consistently try to bring her true friend back but like many others, she knew it was a lost cause. Yet Flutters still cares and will still say hello but most days Pinkamena is alone. So these days, Pinkamena keeps to her self, slowly loosing her mind piece by piece whilst still working away in the Bakery. She'd look out every now and then though, hoping somewhere in what's left in her heart, that the mane 5 returned to a mane 6, without her though.</p>
<p>- 4th Wall jump: She is able to read your posts and thoughts so bare this in mind. She will use everything against you if she can.</p>
<p>- Increased Speed: Pinkamena or even when she was Pinkie was known to be able to break the speed barrier at a whim, be it for comedic means or to keep up with her friends. She will use this to overpower you so be on your hooves.</p>
<p>- Blink: She can be here there and everywhere so bare that in mind if you ever intend on facing her. This can be combatted by fighting her within an open field, just make sure there are no holes or rocks she could hide under.</p>
<p>- Besserk: Get her really mad, prepare for a flurry of blows and deadly attacks. Best tactic, stay away from her when she is like this.</p>
<p>- Summon Vorpral Blade: Her blade is one of legend but it has it's weaknesses, look it up. Just stay out of its way.</p>
<p>//This may sound Overpowered but.. its Pinkie, though Pinkie if she wasn't held back by emotion. Be careful, plan ahead.</p>
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