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Earth Pony
Cutie Mark:
A Cookie
Owner of the Sugar Shack building
Part Time Maid
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Mature (NSFW)
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Cookie is a young mare of 23 years old. She has a goldish tan coat and a mane that looks that of the brown crisp ends of a perfectly baked cookie. It is rumored by many that her mane actually smells and tastes of cookies. She is very ambitious and focused. She does have a tendency to overreact to situations but she always seems to come out on top. As a hard working pony goes she somehow finds time to just relax and do what makes her happy. Well.. What makes her happy is to see her father smile so working is really all she does.
Bar tending, mares, stallions, and baking
Misc Information:
No Anthro.
History and Details:
<p>Cookie was born to her parents Lucky Cloud and Feather Drop on November 17 of the 981th Year of Celestia's reign. To her parents' surprise she was to be an Earth Pony instead of a Pegasus. This held her back in many aspect. First of all her family was forced to move from Cloudsdale, being that it was unsafe for their child to live there. Secondly her father always wanted to own and run his own bar. So he wanted a son to do that but he got her instead. While growing up she was never good enough for him and he seemed really sad. She was home schooled until the age of 10 where she attended Hoofdale Elementary and Hoofdale High. In High School she discovered that her talent was baking and began to take baking and cooking classes in which she excelled greatly at. Her father didn't seem to take joy in any of her accomplishment and it caused Cookie to feel like a failure despite her great achievements. She had discovered over the years of her father's long lost dream. She told herself that she would make his dream real! She just wanted to be the daughter he would be proud of. The daughter that he would love. She started to come up with ideas in secret for the bar, after work at the local bakery. She decided to name the bar the Sugar Shack. It had a sweet but rough kind of contrast to it and it made her smile whenever she thought about it. The day finally arrived when she confronted her father about her plans to make his dream a reality. Her father loved the idea it was the first time she felt like she did something right in her life. Sadly her father soon became very ill and passed away before she even got a chance to begin executing his dream. She told her mother that she was going to move away to a town called Ponyville to realize her father's dream. Her mother protested but there was nothing that could stop Cookie now. She had come too far, she had to make her father proud of her. To be a Mare of her word. The Night of her 18th Birthday she set out to Ponyville to face the adventure before her. <br />After a few years of doing almost any job imaginable she finally saved up enough bits to purchase a small building on the edge of town. Thanks to generous donations by friends and family, she was able to transform the building into the Sugar Shack Bar; bringing her father's dream into reality.<br />Unfortunately it was not to be.. After almost 2 years of running the little bar they came upon a flurry of expenses. As the place became more popular, bar fights and damages became more costly. Regulars stopped showing up to the place as it had lost its small community charm. That along with different alcohols being requests. The Sugar Shack had to close its doors to the public. It now serves as the sister's home as they seek other employment oppertunities once more. Reality struck the two hard as the dream was crushed to ash. Cookie is using her savings to just keep the place open for friends and wanderers as they come to seek refuge from the elements.<br /><br /><br />Parents: <br />Father(Deceased): Feather Drop <br />Mother: Lucky Cloud <br /><br />Notable Talent / Skills: She can bake a near perfect cookie. She is extremely hard working She is very kind, sweet, and fun She has been known to adapt to situations very well</p>
<p>Downfalls: Being a hardworking pony, Cookie finds it hard to set time aside for herself to relax or make friends. She would rather work towards her father's dream then take care of her own body and social needs. At times she can be quite awkward and shy. <br /><br />Education:</p>
<p>Home Foal Schooling</p>
<p>Hoofdale Elementary</p>
<p>Hoofdale High</p>
<p>University of Hoofdale</p>
<p>Cooking 101</p>
<p>Cooking 201</p>
<p>Baking 101</p>
<p>Baking 320</p>
<p>Business and Management 251</p>
<p>Official Spa Pony Training</p>
<p>Housekeeping Training</p>
<p>Foal care CPR Training</p>
<p>Life guard Training</p>
<p>Bartending Training</p>
<p>Assets: <br />One Sided Saddle Bag: <br />Deed to the Sugar Shack Bar <br />Journal <br />Spa pony hair band and neck cuff <br />2023 bits in savings<br />Maid outfit<br /><br />Data:</p>
<p>Gender: Female</p>
<p>Skin / Coat Color: Goldish Tan Mane /</p>
<p>Tail Color: Dark Brown</p>
<p>Eye Color: Light Brown</p>
<p>Species: Equine: Earth Pony</p>
<p>Cutie Mark: Chocolate Chip Cookie</p>
<p>Birth town: Cloudsdale</p>
<p>Hometown: Hoofdale</p>
<p>Current Home: Ponyville</p>
<p><br />Occupation Experience: <br />Spa Pony / Delivery mare / Personal Assistant / Foal Sitter / Life Guard / Waiter / Maid / Bartender / Cook</p>
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