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Still figuring it out
Professional actress. Pastel started off rather mediocre in her career but then, as if by some miracle, became rather extraordinarily good at her job, being incredibly flexible doing her part in all sorts of roles and voices.
It's Complicated
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Mature & Violent
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Pastel is a late teenage unicorn mare, looking rather beautiful and eye catching. She looks almost always perfect, putting a fair bit of thought and work into her appearance, near impossibly well which really helps with her job as an actress.

While Pastel can be flirty and playful, she may go a bit to far sometimes when she doesn't mean to and disappoint some. Her emotions can be a bit out of her control at times, being a teenage mare, but she realizes this usually not long after it happens.
Acting, diary, looking pretty, having fun, being called freckle butt.
Misc Information:
In this continuity, I am assuming that not all changelings reformed, and it is highly illegal to not only not have an official public identity, but very illegal to assume the identity of another.
History and Details:
<p>Work in progress! <br /><br />Not every changeling chooses their form. Sometimes it happens. That was the case for Caterpillar. Due to circumstances not entirely out of his control, a mare by the name of Pastel Pastiche died before him. In a moment of panic and fear of being found, he assumed the identity of the young mare, fully intending to give up the disguise once he got away. Of course one thing led to another, as he met her family and friends, and felt their love, that Caterpillar stayed as Pastel, both out of guilt and because of the need to survive. <br /><br />Born a changeling and educated in ponies to a degree, adjusting to life as a young mare unicorn proved to be a bit of a challenge. Caterpillar learned that Pastel was an actress, and a mediocre one at that. Fortunately now, as a changeling, that changed, and soon Pastel was becoming quite the flexible and talented actress, able to fill any role and part extraordinarily well, all the while keeping her identity a secret. It was difficult for her to settle in to her new role but it was quite an adventurous one. She just needed to be sure no one found her out.</p>
<p><a href="viewtopic.php?t=1043">Fun diary of hers I recommend you read!</a></p>
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