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Cutie Mark:
Military Rank:
RIA Anomalies: Operations Director (Op.D.)
True Occupation: Operations Director for RIA Anomalies branch in Equestria.

Public Occupation: Paranormal investigator, Monster Hunter and retired Solar Guard captain.
Content Rating:
Mature & Violent
Character Image:
A blue kirin with raspberry eyes and black mane. She lacks horns and whiskers, instead possessing a strong and hardy body. She is shorter than the average kirin, but taller than the average stallion and all known Equestrian Princesses. Her body type is known to be heavily stocky, possessing muscle yet holding feminine curves and a swinging gait. She wears a spiked collar and she constantly looks sleep/tired.
Coffee, Naps, stealing shiny things, sex, collars, adventures and that goth shit
Misc Information:
Possessed's "special talent" is clayorince, meaning she can see past changeling disguise, she sees auras of others(basically to see if they're a good creature or not) and she can speak and talk to spirits.

She does not have any magical anything aside from that that she can control. Any magic she has is beyond her control/manipulation.

She has a problem with seeing doors, and hates doors with a passion. Don't ask how, don't ask why, but it's a problem.

She used to be apart of the Canterlot Monster Hunting Agency and was working under Celestia privately through this agency as a high ranking senior agent, but was dismissed when it got disbanded, she was invited to work for the RIA shortly after in her current position along with a couple of high ranking officials.

RULES n shit:
Please understand that I have a life outside of this site. I have college and that pretty much murders any chance at a social life. So please give me at least two days to reply to our RP before checking up on me.

Ask before roleplaying with me unless it's a chat based RP or I come up to you.

Please note I can be fairly shy and sometimes I can get overwhelmed, so please understand if I don't talk in conversations or roleplay in awhile, I'm not ignoring you but taking a break(or I forgot to, I'm very forgetful)

Please note that all art of Possessed is made by me unless stated otherwise. If you're interested in my artwork please message me for my commission prices! I also accept art trades or trades/exchanges as well.

Please note that if our characters are in romantic relationship/dating it doesn't mean that we're dating in real life.
History and Details:
<p style="text-align: center;"><strong><em>Personality: </em></strong></p>
<p style="text-align: center;"><em>Possessed can be many things, it usually depends on how you meet her. She&rsquo;s usually kind to others while she can be defensive and reserved at the same time. Preferring not to talk about herself, because she would usually either be more interested in talking about that pony who she is talking to rather then herself.</em></p>
<p style="text-align: center;"><em>Possessed a frail heart when it comes to her emotions. She does not understand her feelings, and it&rsquo;s easy to make her cry. Possessed is emotionally unstable, and it is often easy to sway her emotions. So she prefers to keep herself at an emotional distance due it. She&rsquo;s willing to die for those who she cares for the most, and she isn&rsquo;t afraid to kill those who she doesn&rsquo;t have an emotional attachment to. Possessed can act like a child at times, but when things get serious her mood quickly changes.</em></p>
<p style="text-align: center;"><em> She is a quick learner, quick with her hooves, and generally has a large knowledge of monsters, undead, spirits and anything else that goes on in the bump of the night due to her career as a paranormal investigator. Having a connection to the dead, spirits are attracted to her more than any other creature she has met. She would often have to help them cross to the other side, either by talking to them, investigating what happened to them, or forcing them to go. </em></p>
<p style="text-align: center;"><em>Loyal to her friends, she will most often believe the word of a friend more than any authority figure. She will back you up until she finds out you&rsquo;re lying, but after that she would not trust you anymore. She often loses friends more than gaining them due to her paranoid nature. If she believes you&rsquo;re a threat then she will most likely leave you in the dust. </em></p>
<p style="text-align: center;"><em>This kirin lacks a respect for authority and anyone who she believes is "the man" and will do anything in her power to make sure that she gets what she wants in the end. Possessed is fairly sassy and sarcastic, often grumpy and swears like a sailor due to lack of sleep. When she angry at someone, she is willing to go out of her way to get back at them even if it results in her getting arrested...she's willing to do anything but murder.</em></p>
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