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Lily Pad the Kelpie of Everfree

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Lily Pad Lotus Flower in teal shades
It's Complicated
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Muddy gray mare with blackened hooves and feather-tips. Long and wavy mane and tail with sprouts blooming at the ends matching the teal colors of the lily pad lotus flower upon her lily pad "hat."
Misc Information:
Hello dearies, please feel free to chat with me and ask if you wanna rp! I won't bite and will always respond as soon as I can. I'm sometimes very busy or random life stuff happens so I might not be able to be on as often or get to everyone at the same time. Here are some guidelines/rules that may be stretched under certain reasonings.

1. I typically go for narrative roleplays, but don't always expect paragraphs from me or from you. All I ask for is a reply that gives me something to work with, not just dialogue for most/every response. I need to know how your pony is reacting, looks, is doing, whats happening around us, not just "Hey."

2. I enjoy Romance the most in roleplaying, but need our ponies to build up to that level, not just automatically get right to it. I also am up for dark, angsty, and adventurous rps. I love it when Romance rp's have deep romance, where characters actually bond together and grow closer together over time and challenging situations.

3. If you have an rp idea that doesn't fit to what I mentioned above, PLEASE..PLEASE still tell me! I love being open/introduced to new ideas!

4. I'm for doing 18+ themes/things with those over that age. I also request talking about it before doing so.

5. I also request we always talk about the plan for the roleplay before doing them, otherwise I'll feel unmotivated and lost in the rp and will lose interest over time.

6. If I forget or miss the notification due to technology or just life in general, please feel free to tell me, you will not be bothering me! Just be considerate and nice about it.

7. I am also open to RPing on DISCORD! It’s much easier for me to see and respond on there rather than here, just cause I will get notifications and see ppl are trying to reach me. Whilst on here I can only cycle through my accounts and might miss something!

If you have any other questions please feel free to ask!
History and Details:
<p>Lily Pad is a kelpie, you know, the haunting spirit of the bogs and swamps of the Everfree Forest. Here she guards and lives off the land, the nature, the flora and fauna of the world around her.</p>
<p>Her mane is long and dark with sprouts of flora growing at the ends. Lily&rsquo;s eyes are pale white, from sclera to pupil in a near soulless or blind gaze, but can see perfectly fine. In fact, all her senses are heightened as a supernatural being.</p>
<p>She is a timid being, very shy and cautious. Lily defends her home and the creatures there and around it. She only attacks out of defense and has admittedly killed other ponies as a result of it.</p>
<p>Lily Pad is a kelpie/banshee; she has several abilities as follows:</p>
<p>1. Death Whisper<br />2. Death Sense <br />3. Death Inducement <br />4. Clairaudience<br />5. Immortality <br />6. Supernatural Detection<br />7. Hyper Awareness<br />8. Adhesive Secretion <br />9. Aquatic Adaptation<br />10. 360-Degree Vision<br />11. Enhanced Bite, Hearing, Leap, Smell, Strength, Flying<br />12. Prey and Predator Instincts<br />13. Night Vision<br />14. Nature Channeling<br />15. Spiritual Awareness<br />16. Plant Manipulation</p>
<p>Lily has flowers and plants that grow behind her along the ground as she trots upon it; caused by the plant manipulation. Her adhesive secretion means she has the ability to be slimy but also capable to absorb mud and moisture and things as well as being able to be furry like any other pony.</p>
<p>She has no idea that there is a previous life for her before this one. The only clues being in her nightmares she tries to escape from. Lily is dead and has no understanding of modern customs which causes her to have strange mannerisms. Such as her calling &ldquo;jars&rdquo; as &ldquo;mud-huggers.&rdquo; Lily makes the effort to make friends by giving them a glob of mud as a gift, a piece of her home.</p>
<p>Lily was found abandoned and was taken in by nurses that examined and studied her, but not long after Lily set out to be on her own. She lived off the land, scavenged, and made the best out of everything before finding comfort in her lonesome swamp.</p>
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