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Earth Pony
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A large Macintosh Apple, split down the middle
Sweet Apple Acres
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A tall, honest, gentle giant of a stallion, usually in a oaken yolk. Sun dyed mane and tail, straw in his mouth, and a kind smile.
Thinking, Reading, Working, Caring for his Family, O&O (Ogres and Oubliettes,) Listening to others, and all around being a quiet stallion. The Honest and Simple way of life.
Misc Information:
Things you need to know:
- Mac isn't very talkative, and more often then naught, he'll be focused in on his work. However, he will give you his attention out of respect if you do wanna talk, so feel free to say hello!

- I'm a Narrative RP'er, meaning that I've got a lot of detail to pack into a few paragraphs... now, considering the fact above this says "He doesn't talk much" you're probably wondering how I do this. Well, simply put, I describe things. Important things.... You're gonna just have to see for yourself if you want to know more.

- I like to plan out RP's just a bit before we do anything, talk just a bit to get our different opinions and views on what we both wanna do. People like to beat around the bush with certain aspects of RP, so I'll tell you right now that I'm not having none of it. Tell me what you want, and I'll tell you what I want in return. Otherwise? Let's just have fun.

- Be honest, and upright with me, and I'll be the same way with you. I don't like it when people message me and try to do a Romance RP, only for things to go straight into a bedroom- not that I was any better at one point. But I am now. So please. A little respect.

- I'm friendly, and I prefer to OOC in the Instant Messenger! Please talk to me there! Otherwise, that's it for the 'rules' I suppose.

(FYI: I'm using this song till Bethesda releases their "In-House" version of the song. Until then, you get Jason Owens version.)
History and Details:
<p>A Simple stallion. A Simple life. A Simple way of living. .... Was that too much to ask for? In Ponyville, it certainly is- but for Big Macintosh Apple? It's never quiet that simple.... With his Sister constantly leaving the farm to go on adventures with her friends, and save the country on more than a dozen occasions, the Barn's been booming, and he's been having to work on picking up his sister's slack. Big Mac is best friends with a Dragon named Spike, and a Chaotic God named Discord- both of whom he meets every weekend for a game of Ogres and Oubliettes. For all purposes? This account is fairly cannon, however, the only small change I shall have to ask you forgive me for- is that Mac never dated Sugar Belle. Never even met her. If there's a Sugar Belle out there who wants to RP with my Mac, feel free to talk, but as far as Mac's personal Canon goes? He's got someone else.</p>
<p>Art is not mine- and belongs to these people in this order:</p>
<p>Cover Image: <a href="">Viwrastupr</a><br />Background: <a href="">SambaNeko</a> (Aka SpaceKitty)&nbsp;<br />Profile Picture: <a href="">SpainFischer</a> (Aka SophieCarba)&nbsp;<br />ALSO Profile Picture: <a href="">KetSketch</a> (Aka KenKet)&nbsp;<br />Description Image: <a href="">GSphere</a></p>
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