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Earth Pony
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Flaming horseshoe
Gap Year. But maybe, just maybe, there's a certain job out there.
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Violent (No NSFW)
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Eye colour: Milk white

Coat: Orange

Mane/Tail: Short red.

Physique: Muscular

apparel: Black Shades that make her look 21% cooler. She has also recently acquired a scarf resembling a flame.

Personality: Loose Cannon can look intimidating domryimrd, but she can also be quite nice. To be a part of the guard, you have to look strong and act like it but also be nice to the ones you protect. She can sometimes be over-sensitive, but she's learnt to think of her lack of sight as a gift.

She was born blind with Equine Recurrent Uveitis. Around the age of eight, she taught herself Echolocation based off a semi-fictional character. She fights with an unpredictable art style. Her hearing has given her the unmoral habit of eavesdropping.
Misc Information:
(( Loose was made before I even found out about Daredevil, but yeah, she basically is like him. ))

If you ask for a roleplay, then you're probably not going to get a clear answer. I'm never sure if I want to roleplay at that moment so it's best if you just do it.
History and Details:
<p>(( This was written a while ago as a base canon. In other canon's, Loose doesn't become a part of any royal guard. That may continue into EEA canon. ))</p>
<p>Loose Cannon was born Blind with Equine recurrent uveitis. As an Earth pony, Her parents didn't think she was going to have that great of a life as they thought. But none the less they tried to give her a full filling life. After moving to Ponyville from AppleLoosa, they learnt braille and taught her Braille as well, but they were still unsure of sending her to school.</p>
<p>It wasn't long before she was sent to school. She made some friends, but she was bullied quite often and even with her friends around, she couldn't let go of the fact that she wasn't normal.</p>
<p>It wasn't until she came home one day that she realised that she didn't have to be that different. She thought she read every braille book she had, but there was one book she seemed to of skipped. The story of Zatoichi, a blind Guard from olden times. She read through the whole story several times and loved it. She realised that all she needed to do was adapt her other senses.</p>
<p>It was not long before she managed to teach herself Echolocation. Her parents were amazed at this feat and they thought there may be lots more potential in her after all.</p>
<p>Inspired by Zatoichi, she started training in many martial arts. She never mastered a single art, but used many together and used her own tactics as well.&nbsp;</p>
<p>She's currently having a gap year, but maybe, there will be an offer out there.</p>
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