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Pegasus Pony
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Wanderer, collector
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Fur Color - Caramel brown with cream and chocolate patterns.
Mane/Tail Color - Chocolate/Brown
Braycen is a fairly athletic Pegasus, standing tall and with a purpose, though this habit of his is slowly slacking as he breaks away, and he sometimes corrects himself into a more natural, common stance. This noble attitude leaks into the pony's speech as well, causing him to talk at times with large, meaningful words and powerful, often over the top tones while other times he will slink into his natural accent, which is closer to a Manehattenite due to his exposure among his few early childhood friends.
Rare sights, exotic species, common pony life.
Misc Information:
RP Rules:
- Most every genre is accepted, just ask if you have a concern
- Send starters at your own discretion, or discuss with me first. Either is fine
- AU ideas welcome, including R63 and total conversions
History and Details:
<p>--Origin--<br />Braycen is a Pegasus born into a family that sought familiarity with the reigning Equestrian Regime, hoping to profit by grooming one of their offspring to take the seat as diplomatic representative of the Pegasus race in government. As the choice for this task Braycen was given a unique name at birth mimicking that of old Canterlot nobility, as well as being raised as a member of high society to prepare him for his role. However, Braycen is a free spirit and quickly rejected these ideas, content with seeing the world from the skies and experiencing all he could, eventually leaving home to live his dream.</p>
<p>---Vampony Timeline | Currently alt-canon, may become canon--<br />At some point Braycen mingled amongst a Vampony colony, his ruby eyes gaining favor among the community. He soon willingly gave himself over, the gift of life beyond measure outweighing the risk of needing a new sustenance and an aversion to light.<br />-----</p>
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