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Unicorn Pony
Cutie Mark:
A small butterfly like shadow surrounded by light pink ovals, the largest at the bottom with smaller ovals splashed about around the shadow.
Military Rank:
She works in a small self owned shop near the edge of town. There's nothing much to it, just a small little store, but she enjoys going out and giving treats to just about anyone.
Content Rating:
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Character Image:
She’s a relatively well mannered pone with a loving personality, especially toward animals, colts, and fillies. Her spare time when in a town is, more often than not, spent giving sweets and hoof crafted toys to anyone whom looks like they could use some.
Her coloring is relatively simple, close that of a young doe in design and shades. The majority of her fur is a slightly darkened white, with a gold-shaded tan underbelly. The mane and tail on her are fluffy and wavy, like most of the rest of her fur, with a burgundy coloring with blue streaks woven into it.
Upon her muzzle and front hooves are oval like spots. From the center of her face out under her eyes are these marks, running in a swirling line, just a few shades darker than her normal fur, each growing smaller as it gets closer to the center point on the swirl. Starting from the bottom center of each front hoof, the swirls and spots are much the same, running up each side of her leg til a bout a third of the way from her shoulders.
Her eyes are a light blue tone with a nearly always present sparkle of happiness to them. The tips of her ears have a bit of extra fluff to them, giving them a slight sharp look at the tips.
Fidget’s build is rather tall and slender, standing from hoof to horn at a bit over 5ft tall, leaving her taller than the average mare. Her horn itself is the color of her belly with a soft whispy shade of orange when in use.
Misc Information:
*No Smut
*She’s talkative if you get her going

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