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Crystal Pony
Cutie Mark:
An Ice Cream Cone
Owns an ice cream parlor in Canterlot. Is also the CEO of the crystal heart Ice cream corporation.
Content Rating:
Mature (NSFW)
Character Image:
Cherry is about average height for a mare with a curvy figure. Her bright red coat resembles a bright red ruby and her mane and tail tend to bounce a little as she walks around. Her eyes are a light pink and her blushes tend to show up as a pink tint on her cheeks instead of the usual red. She is fairly graceful in her movements but also often has a bubbly mannerism.
Ice cream, Baking, Plushies, Art, Pets, Dancing, Ice Cream, Travelling, Camping, Exploration, more Ice Cream.
Misc Information:
-No god modding. If you want to interact with my character, please try to use attempts whenever possible.

-I prefer to RP in IMs, but will use other formats if needed.

-I am almost always looking for a RP, so don't be afraid to message me!

-I only allow ERP if a RP leads there and Cherry actually likes and gets along your character. Please do not try to force anything.
History and Details:
<p>Cherry was born and raised in the Crystal empire to her mother, a crystal pony of noble blood named Amethyst Sunset, and her father, a simple baker named Cookiedough. After running away with cookie. Amethyst was disowned by her family instead of marrying the stallion her family had picked out for her, causing fighting between the noble families.</p>
<p>In her youth, Cherry was a fairly normal young filly, completely unaware of her noble heritage for a large portion of her life, She attended the crystal empire's public schools and was tutored by her mother. Learning about how to run a business from her mother as she grew older, she learned about her heritage and even took lessons on high class etiquette and the history of the crystal empire, however she was usually more interested in her father's baking, and ice cream in particular. Whenever she felt sad cherry would sneak into the kitchen and make ice cream for herself, using the cold snack to cheer herself up.<br /><br />As she grew older Cherry would decide to bring her ice cream to school one day after noticing one of her best friends had been feeling rather sad. Figuring that it would be a nice way to cheer her up, she didn't expect that such a simple gesture would change the course of the rest of her life. As each of the ponies in the class tried the ice cream, they all loved the treat, even the teacher telling her how much she adored it. Her cutie mark would appear in front of her entire class, solidifying her love for ice cream and all cold treats.<br /><br />As Cherry started to become an adult, turning from a filly to a full grown mare, her relationship had started to grow closer with another of her childhood friends, a young stallion by the name of Diamond Blaze. Before long, Cherry and Diamond were engaged to be married. Near their set date to become married, things took a turn for the worst as Sombra threw the empire into chaos, enslaving the crytal ponies to go work in the mines. Diamond at this point had worked his way into the ranks of the royal guard and managed to escape during the chaos, running straight to cherry before she could be taken away with the others. He took her into an old section of the mines, along with any others he could gather to form a resistance, although a very small one.<br /><br />During the years under the rule of Sombra, cherry worked with the resistance, doing what she could to bring food and water to the ponies being forced into slavery in the mines. There was little the resistance could do to resist the tyranny of Sombra, but they would do their best to lessen the suffering of those unlucky enough to be chained up with the rest of the ponies of the empire. Diamond taught Cherry to fight to protect herself, training her as an assasin and spy, But it was only a matter of time until they were found by Sombra. When they were captured by Sombra he decided to make an example of the diamond. As the leader of the group Sombra wanted to show what happened to those that crossed him. Cherry was unable to do anything as her fianc&eacute; was brought to the center of the city and publicly executed.<br /><br />With her spirit broken, Cherry spent most of her time over the rest of the years under Sombra's rule serving Sombra in the palace. During the times spent there, she planned an assasination attempt on Sombra, although it ultimately led to her having to flee the palace for her life. When she finally got the chance, her strike missed just short of her target, hitting Sombra barely to the side of his heart. Managing to barely escape capture, she made her way back to the mines, hiding out until the empire finally returned.<br /><br />As the Empire re-appeared, Cherry had lost a large part of her memories, repressing a lot of the things that she did not wish to remember. Every time she looked upon the beautiful city she called home for so many years, the only thing she felt was the pain and loss that sombra had caused her. Not being able to stand it any more, she returned home to retrieve her ice cream cart. A small wooden cart with fading paint, the cart wasn't much to look at, but as a gift from her father, it was one of the few things she had left in the world, along with her parents. With a brief goodbye to her parents, she took off with nothing but her cart and a few bits she managed to scrounge up.<br /><br />For years Cherry travelled around Equestria, stopping to stay at taverns, hotels, or sometimes just camping if she did not have the bits. She was often running low on bits, struggling to get by, but she still enjoyed herself as she sold her simple hoof made ice cream city to city. She managed to save up a small amount during her years of wandering, but she never came close to being able to afford her dream of opening an ice cream shop. It was not until years later that she recieved a letter from her parents. Her grandfather had passed away and had left the bulk of his fortune to Cherry. Her grandfather was a very wealthy trader from the house of Amethyst, one of the noble families of the empire. With her new found wealth, Cherry finally had the money to settle down. She decided to go to Canterlot, buying an old building large enough to house both her shop and living quarters. The building was quickly restored and turned into Cherry's Ice Cream Parlor.<br /><br />A few years after opening the shop, Cherry decided to expand her business, starting the Crystal Heart ice cream corporation, a larger scale ice cream business selling high quality ice cream. A large portion of all profits of the company go towards charity, although cherry still makes quite a bit off the money generated by the company. She no longer relies on the money from her ice cream shop, but keeps it open to keep her life long dream and hobby alive.</p>
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