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Earth Pony
Cutie Mark:
Three Balloons, two blue one yellow
AU version of Pinkimena Diane Pie

Element of Laughter once upon a time, perhaps now she should be known as the Element of Slaughter? cuz you can't spell Slaughter without laughter.

Now she plays a number game and keep the populations from growing too big.
It's Complicated
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Character Image:
She is toned from the lugging of bodies around, long gone is the pudge of the overly happy party planner, it has gone and been replaced with a lithe and toned mare with long hair and faded blue eyes.
Clearly something had changed within the mare than just a physical difference as well, sometimes those features grow distant and somber.
But then again, if you had been through what she had gone through then you would be the same as well.
Misc Information:
So, this version of Pinkimena is from my own personal head cannon for the darker character. She is burdened with a task given to her by the Goddesses of Sun, Moon, and Love to keep the pony populations from growing far too numerous, and it's not a task that she takes lightly.

As far as RP rules go, well, I dont have that many.
All I care about is if you put heart and soul into your posts and don't hound me for replies please.
I am a rather busy person who uses RP to relax after long days.
I will RP just about anything, but we can talk it through first if you like.
History and Details:
<p>A book lays open on the ground;</p>
<p>Once upon a time there was a happy little mare who would do anything for her friends.</p>
<p>She was always happy and she enjoyed playing with everyone around her, she liked to cook for them, and bake for them.</p>
<p>She would throw parties as well, such grand parties and everyone would laugh and sing and play games!</p>
<p> was such a lovely thing!</p>
<p>And then. One day.</p>
<p>The Three Goddess appeared before the happy pink pony and they looked down at her, they asked her to do them a favor.</p>
<p>A favor? The pink pony was so confused, these three were all powerful, they could do anything with the sweep of a hoof what could she possibly do for them? She asked.</p>
<p>They answered. And at first, she was confused, what they were asking her to do it was unthinkable, the words that tumbled from their lips, the request that they gave to her was so opposite of what she was.</p>
<p>Too numerous the equines of the world were, there were far too many of them and the Goddesses had made something, a lotto of sorts, a game they said for the pink pony to play, she would choose a number every other week and the number of that pony would be invited to a special party, there the pink mare would end their life.</p>
<p>The game would go on until the population stabilized. She did not want to say yes, but she couldnt say no.</p>
<p>And here we are, four years after.</p>
<p>She is no longer happy. ( Killing your friends would do that to you)</p>
<p>She no longer feels anything.</p>
<p>She just knows her job.</p>
<p>And she will continue to do it, alone, until the goddesses tell her to stop.</p>
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